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  • Dom Colson, 74lb, Co's Point, 1.7.17
  • Michael Hurst, 43lb, Bob's Beach, 1.7.17
  • Colin Haynes, 27lb, Stock Pond, 1.7.17
  • Lee Hayes, 37lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 1.7.17
  • Stephen Hurst with The Black Eyed Linear at 34lb 5oz from Treeline 1.7.17
  • Dom Colson, 23lb, Alcatraz, 1.7.17
  • Michael Hurst, 29lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 1.7.17
  • Stefan Rodowicz, 22lb, Pole Position, 1.7.17
  • Lee Hayes, 37lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 1.7.17
  • Stefan Rodowicz, 30lb, Pole Position, 1.7.17
  • Stephen Hurst, 30lb 8oz, Treeline, 1.7.17
  • What a Great bunch of lads we had at Gigantica this week.

Dom Colson, 74lb, Co's Point, 1.7.17


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/07/2017

A new week brings along new challenges, and with the blistering heat set to continue the lads where still very optimistic of a bite or two. The weather started of overcast, then on Monday the weather turned really hot with daytime temperatures averaging around 28 Degrees, and the lake temperatures was 24 degrees.

Over in Co’s Point this week we had Dom Coison.  Dom fished all three rods at 22 wraps to a clear spot, an area that has been producing the goods of late and this week was no exception!  For the week Dom landed Three fish, the biggest being The Queen of the pond Fudgys at 74lb.  This was backed up by 2 x 20’s to 25lb's.  For the week Dom used 30kg of boilies and baited with around 4kg every evening just on dark.  Rig wise a IQ D Rig with a size 4 Kurv proved to be the downfall of Dom’s Three fish.

Lee Hayes went into Alcatraz.  His left hand rod was wrapped up at 23 wraps and cast in-line with Scotties Corner, with the other two rods were cast in-line with The Stink at 27 wraps.  Monday morning, he had a take on his left hand rod and after a short battle he lands a 37lb8oz mirror which goes by the name of The Leather.  The next morning Lee was in again, this time with The Leney at 37lb8oz.  He was using a braided hook link with a Kill bottom bait tipped with plastic corn as his hook bait, he was baiting up every day with around 2kg of boilies and a kilo of Maze over both spots.

Lee Guest went into Big Girls.  He had his left hand rod cast at 11 wraps towards the tall tree, the middle rod was at 16.5 wraps towards the over hanging tree and lastly his right hand rod was cast at 21 wraps towards the reeds.  Lee baited each spot with 2kg of boilies for the fist couple of days.  After no action he decided not to bait the next day, and then on the Thursday just After dinner lee lands a nice 31lb common.   he then had a 26lb mirror.  Not bad for your first time here at Gigantica.  Lee was using a Ronnie rig with a northern specials pop up, over the week he used a total of 20kg of boilies.

Setting up in Pole Position this week we had Stefan Rodowicz. After a very frustrating start with fish showing to his left but never quit on him Steff managed a couple of bites late on. Firstly, a rather scaly mirror at a spawned out weight of 30lb a fish called Short Dorsal and secondly a scrapper 22lb common. Steff fished at 27 wraps and baited with Mainline Fyber boilies. His chosen hook baits for the week was a Banoffee wafter fished on an IQ D rig. For the week Steff introduced around 20kg using a Spomb, a mixture of Maze and Boilies.

Stephen Hurst went into the Tree Line.  He started fishing along the far margin but after seeing a few carp show out to the right of the swim in open water he moved two rods round and cast them to where they were showing.  That turned out to be 22 wraps, and he then baited up with a few kilos of Bait works Royal Marine boilies over this spot.  Stephen was using a IQ D rig with a Royal marine wafter as his hook bait, and it didn’t take long before he was into his first fish a 30lb6oz mirror called Ugloe and then he lands another mirror this time weighing 34lb5oz called The Black Eyed Linear. Over the week he used 10kg of boilies and 5 kilo of maze.

Michael Hurst decided to go into Bob’s Beach.  Mike was fishing to a clear area at 21 wrap towards Alamo he put all three rods out in a line on that spot.  He spodded out 3kg of Mainline Cell and Essential Cell boilies.  The next morning Mike was rewarded with a nice 43lb common Called Cullen’s common.  He re-baited every day with 3 kilos of boilies.  It wasn’t until Tuesday morning at first light that he had his next take, a cracking 33lb2oz common called Wrap Around.  All these fish came on an IQ D rigs with a Banoffee wafter.

Colin Haynes was set up in The Stock pond, he was fishing to a clear area at 19 wrap Towards Oblivion.  Colin baited up with 3 kilo mix of boilies and maize.  He was using a simple IQ D rig with Banoffee wafter as his hook bait. His first fish came on Sunday morning a 27lb mirror, Then It wasn’t until Saturday morning just as he was packing up that Colin had a take on his middle rod, he goes and lands Sasquatch at 41lb4oz. What a way to end the week here at Gigantica.

Eric Cranston picked the somewhat out of form Big Southerly; which has been fished inconsistently all year. Not wanting to fish at long range he found a nice clear area towards the left hand marker at 13 wraps, and the other rod was cast straight out in front at 8 wraps towards Co’s Point. On Tuesday evening Eric landed a cracking Mirror called Scale Perfect at 36lb. The fish came from the 13 wrap spot and took a 18mm Active 8 boilie tipped with two bit of plastic maze on an IQ D-Rig. Over the week he used 15kg of boilies and 10kg of maze. 


Another great week here at Gigantica with 15 fish Being landed between the group. The break down of the fish were  1 Seventy, 2 forties, 7 thirties, 5 twenties. Bailiffs Andy and Buzz were kept busy all week taking photographs and trying to keep the catch log up to date. It was a brilliant week, which just flew by, in great company.