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  • Steve Bartlett, 56lb, Alcatraz, 8.7.17
  • Gary Edwards, 55lb, Co's Point, 8.7.17
  • Deacon Olley, 39lb, The Alamo, 8.7.17
  • Deacon Olley, 33lb, The Alamo, 8.7.17
  • Buzz, 29lb, Co's Point, 8.7.17
  • Buzz's IQ D rig with The New Fishmeal Boilie from Mainline Baits
  • Spombing out the New Mainline fishmeal boilies
  • Mainline baits new Fishmeal boilie
  • Steve Bartlett, 28lb, Alcatraz, 8.7.17
  • Adam Aldridge, 24lb, Pole Position, 8.7.17
  • Buzz the Bailiff ready to take to rake out
  • Removing the weed from the Stock pond
  • Looking back to Oblivion
  • Weed being taking out of the swim
  • The weed rake doing its job
  • The famous weed rake
  • painting the Club house
  • Hard at work !!!!
  • mass tidy up
  • Big thanks to all the work party lads

Steve Bartlett, 56lb, Alcatraz, 8.7.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/07/2017

The Main Lake was closed this week for some site maintenance and weed removal. There were ten lads who had volunteered to help rake all the swims around the lake to help create new feeding areas at ranges that everyone will be capable of fishing. Also, the removal of the weed will really improve line lay and give better rig presentation. All these areas have been receiving plenty of bait to get the carp visiting them regularly and to make sure they remain clear and fishable for the remainder of the year. The less weedy swims have also been raked; not necessarily for weed clearing, but to turn over the bottom and to freshen up old feeding areas. It was also pleasing to retrieve a large amount of waste line and rigs out of a number of swims, which will be the reasoning behind some of the cut offs whioch anglers received periodically.

Adam Aldridge went into Pole Position, and decided to fish all three rods at 27 wraps in-line with The Stink, he started off by baiting up with 5kg of the new Mainline Prototype Fishmeal boilies which we now have in stock (€120 euros for 10kg). It wasn’t long before Adam was into his first fish, a 24lb mirror called Hutchies (named by the angling icon that is Rod Hutchinson). This came to a Ronnie Rig baited with a Northern Special Pop-up.

Gary Edwards was in Co’s Point and he fished all three rods at 27 wraps to a clear spot, an area that has been producing the goods of late and this week was no exception!  It was on Wednesday morning that Gary had a take on his middle rod, and after a hard battle he went and lands Pips at 55lb. For the week, Gary used 30kg of boilies and baited with around 4kg every evening just on dark. Rig wise, an IQ D-Rig with a Size 4 Korda Kurv proved the downfall of Gary’s fish.

Steve Bartlett went into Alcatraz.  His left hand rod was wrapped up at 23 wraps and cast in-line with Scotties Corner. With the other two rods cast in line with The Stink at 27 wraps.  Monday morning, heralded a take on his left hand rod and after a short sharp battle he landed a 56lb12oz Mirror which goes by the name of Ziggy Stardust; what a fish to catch!  The next morning Steve was in again, this time with Polly at 28lb.  HLike Adam, he was using a Ronnie Rig baited with a White Pop-up tipped with plastic corn as his hook bait. He was baiting up every day with around 2kg of boilies and a kilo of Maize over both spots.

Deacon Olley was set up in The Alamo he fished all Three rods at 22 wraps in-line with the big tree on the left hand side of Bob’s beach, he was baiting up every day with 4 kg of maze, boilies and hemp. It wasn’t until Thursday evening that Deacon had a take on his middle rod, he goes and lands a cracking mirror at 39lb which goes by the name of The Peach. The next evening, he was in again this time a 33lb common called Josh’s Common, he was using the IQ D rig with Tree grains of slow sinking maze.

Richard Amos was in Bob’s Beach he had all three rod at 22 wraps in-line with the stink, he was all so baiting up every day with 4 kilos of boilies and maze, over the week he used 25kg, it wasn’t until Wednesday that rich had his first take, a cracking 28lb mirror, he then had another mirror a short time after this time a 30lb mirror. These all came on a IQ D rig with a banoffee wafter.

Buzz decided to go into The Stink he had two rods cast at 27 wraps towards Bob’s Beach and his third rod was cast at 15 wraps in-line with the two trees towards the corner of the tree line, Buzz baited up every day with 5kg of The New Fishmeal boilies from Mainline Baits. Over the week he had 3 x 20’s to 29lb and a double, all these came on a IQ D rig with a fishmeal boilie which was tipped with a single piece of Fruity squid pop up maze.

Not a bad week here at Gigantica really as there was so much noise around the lake with all the work going on. There were still 11 carp landed, 1x 50, 1 x 40,2 x 30’s, 6 x 20’s and a double.