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  • Ian Thomas, 46lb 8oz, Baxter's Hole, 15.7.17
  • Mark Shildrake, 40lb 4oz, The Alamo, 15.7.17
  • Mark Shildrake, 28lb, The Alamo, 15.7.17
  • Neol Wolski, 32lb 8oz, Co's Point, 15.7.17
  • Chris Morris, 41lb, Bob's Beach, 15.7.17
  • Spombing out the new Mainline Fishmeal boilie
  • James Hayden, 36lb, The Stink, 15.7.17
  • Ashley Marsh, 24lb, Pole Position, 15.7.17
  • IQ D rig with a fishmeal boilie topped with a piece of fake maze
  • Noel Wolski, 16lb, Co's Point, 15.7.17
  • Mainline Baits new Fish-meal boilies

Ian Thomas, 46lb 8oz, Baxter's Hole, 15.7.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/07/2017

Things are getting back to normal after the closed week at Gigantica, Due to all the noise from around the lake with the work party. There was a total of 17 carp being landed including six carp over 40lb. The weather was over cast for most of the week but with some sunny days where the temperature went up to 35 degrees, but it didn’t stop the fish from feeding. And with the New Mainline Baits fish meal version going into the lake this week it made a difference, and the carp seem to like the new fish meal boilies.

First up was Mark Shildrake who was fishing in The Alamo. He had two rods at 25 wraps towards Bob’s beach, and his third rod was cast to a clear area at 15 wraps inline with the roof of the club house, Marks first fish came on Sunday morning where he had a nice 28lb mirror called Elephant Tube. The next morning, he was in again this time with a cracking 40lb4oz mirror called Digits, Mark was baiting up every day with 2kg of DT Baits N-Blend boilies mixed with some hemp and Maze. On Thursday morning mark was in again this time with a 32lb mirror, he was using a simple braided hook link with a size 4 wide gape hook with a boilie tipped with a single grain of pop up plastic corn.

Noel Wolski decided to go into Co’s Point he was fishing all three rods at 27 wraps in-line with the two round trees, he was baiting up every day around 2pm with a 50/50 mix of Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies with some hemp and maze mixed in. On Monday morning Noel had a take on his left hand rod, this turned out to be a 32lb6oz common, then on Wednesday, after dinner he had one of the new stockies a fish called Paris which went 16lb this was put into the lake in November at 11lb8oz this has put on over 4lb in weight over the last 8 months, the growth rate of these carp are mind blowing, then on Wednesday afternoon he goes and lands a cracking common called The Koi which went 41lb6oz, A standard braided hair rig with a cell bottom bait tipped with a piece of fake corn done the business for Noel.

Ian Thomas went into Baxters Hole he was fishing the clear areas which were made on the work party week, the first spot was 13 wraps in-line with Big Girls, the second spot was in-line with The Alamo at 17 wraps and the third rod was at 18 wraps in-line with The Stink. Ian was baiting up every day with 2kg of Mainlines fishmeal boilies with some hemp and maze mixed in. It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that Ian had his first take, after a great battle he goes and lands the face at 46lb8oz smashing his PB. This came on an IQ D rig with a fishmeal boilies tipped with corn.

Chris Morries went into Bob’s beach, Chris was fishing all three rods at 22 wraps in-line with The Alamo, his first take wasn’t until Friday morning where he goes and lands a 24lb mirror, then on Saturday morning he lands a cracking 41lb mirror called The UP Front Mirror, he had this on a IQ D rig with a wafter as his hook bait. The carp have just started to move into his area just as he was packing up after a weeks fishing, all ways the way when you have to pack up. Chris was baiting up every day with 4kg of boilies, hemp, maze, and pellet mix. Chris used a total of 45kg for the week.

Ashley marsh went into Pole position his first rod was cast at 13 wraps in-line with Big Southerly, and his other two rods were cast at 27 wraps in-line with The stink, Ashley was baiting up every day with 3kg of the New Mainline fishmeal boilies, it wasn’t till Thursday that he had a take on his left had rod, he went a lands a 24lb mirror, Ashley had a couple more takes but unfortunatelythese fish come off. 

James Hayden went into The Stink as he was out here doing a bit of plumbing work for Gigantica. Two rods were cast 25 wraps towards Bob’s beach and his third rod was cast 18 wraps in li-line with the two trees towards the corner of the tree line. His first take came on Thursday evening this was one of the stockies a 12lb common, his next carp to grace the net was a 36lb mirror Called Kronenburg, James was using Bait works Royal marine boilies, he was chopping them into half’s and spombing them out with some hemp and maze, a simple IQ D rig with a hardened hook bait drilled out and a Sent from hell dumbbell pop up inserted making it into a wafter.

Well that’s it for another week here at Gigantica, we had some great lads here this week and I hope we see you all again soon, there were 17 carp landed this week with six fish over 40lb, five fish over 30lb, four fish over 20lb and two doubles.