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  • Jimmy Sheerin, 74lb, Alcatraz, 22.7.17
  • James Hayden, 53lb, Big Southerly, 22.7.17
  • Anthony Peverill, 48lb, Treeline 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 47lb, Oblivion, 22.7.17
  • Alister Folley, 47lb, The Stink, 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 46lb, Oblivion, 22.7.17
  • Elliot Sheerin, 46lb, Co's Point 22.7.17
  • Nobby, 42lb 8oz, Pole Position 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 42lb 8oz, Oblivion, 22.7.17
  • Russel Smith, 41lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 22.7.17
  • James Hayden, 41lb, Big Southerly, 22.7.17
  • Jimmy Sheerin, 41lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 22.7.17
  • Russel Smith, 39lb, Bob's Beach, 22.7.17
  • Nobby, 39lb, Pole Position, 22.7.17
  • Elliot Sheerin, 37lb 12oz, Co's Point, 22.7.17
  • Elliot Sheerin, 36lb, Co's Point, 22.7.17
  • Jimmy Sheerin, 36lb, Alcatraz, 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 31lb, Oblivion, 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 32lb, Oblivion, 22.7.17
  • Jimmy Sheerin, 31lb, Alcatraz, 22.7.17
  • Buzz, 27lb 8oz, Oblivion, 22.7.17
  • IQ D-Rig with a Mainline Baits Link boilie, topped with a piece of Korda Fake Food
  • Spombing out the new Mainline Baits Fishmeal boilie
  • New Mainline Baits Fishmeal Boilies.

Jimmy Sheerin, 74lb, Alcatraz, 22.7.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/07/2017

What a week here at Gigantica, two carp that haven’t seen the bank for a long time have come out this week, First The German fish was Landed at a great weight of 74lb which has not been on the bank for 15 months. Also Mr. Tong was caught at 39lb which has not been on the bank for 9 years!! Where do these carp go and hide?

Gigantica has been on amazing form recently. The catch reports have seen significant increases in the number of carp landed during the first six months of the year. In the first six months of 2016 there were 86 carp landed on the Main Lake; compared to 224 carp landed over the same period in 2017! It is anyone’s guess as to what the final tally will be at the end of the year.... we know it's going to be great fun finding out!

A few changes have been made on the Main Lake recently; including the removal of the tree-line snags, the introduction of 37 Gigantica reared stock fish and also stopping the use of the rowing boats for baiting up. A combination of these changes have resulted in the visiting anglers having some amazing captures in 2017. We had a group of nine anglers on the Main Lake this week and little did they know what the lakes residents had in store for them.

Elliot Sheerin was set up in Co’s Point for the week, he was fishing at 27 wraps straight out in front towards the two small trees. After a couple of set-backs early in the week when he lost a fish, a 37lb12oz Common known as Golden Eye made him very happy to be his first carp of the week. He was baiting up with 3-4 kilos of boilies every day and his persistence paid off because over the week he landed 10 carp to 46lb. In the early hours of Friday morning he landed a cracking forty called The Nude fish at 46lb. A simple DF rig with a krill wafter was his chosen bait and rig for the week.

Jimmy Sheerin was set up in Alcatraz, he started Receiving action consistently throughout the week he landed Ten fish in total; including a stunning and highly desirable 74lb Mirror known as The German Fish. The total for the week consisted of one seventy, one forty, Four thirties, and Four twenties. There were two productive areas that he concentrated on, one out towards Scottie’s Corner at 22 wraps and the other at 27.5 wraps towards the W-Tree to the left of the Stink. He used Korda Dark-Matter Braid hook links with a size four Korda Kurv hook and a single boilie as his hook bait.

Nobby Sheerin was in Pole Position, his first rod was cast towards Big southerly at 13 wraps, and his other two rods were cast at 27 wraps towards the stink, Nobby was off the mark first thing Sunday morning with a cracking 39lb mirror Known as Apple slices, it wasn’t long before he was in again this time with a 34lb mirror, and then a cracking 42lb7oz mirror called Nobbies, all these carp came on a simple DF rig with a Bait works Royal Marine Boilie. Nobby was baiting up every day with 4kg of boilies and 2kg of hemp and maze mix.

Russell Smith decided to go into Bob’s beach, he was fishing at 22 wraps towards the Alamo, Russell was baiting up every day with 4kg of The Krill boilies. It wasn’t long before Russell was into his fist carp a 26lb5oz mirror, the next morning he was in again this time with a 33lb5oz mirror, he then landed a cracking 39lb4oz mirror called Mr Tong this carp has not been on the bank for 9 years, Wow that is unbelievable! Russell was using a combi rig with a krill wafter as his hook bait, on Friday morning he had a 28lb common, in the early hours of Saturday morning Russell had a 24lb mirror, a 25lb common and the Snags Linear at 41lb12oz what a way to end the week.

Anthony Peverill went into the Tree Line, he had one rod cast towards the base of the fallen tree, and his other two rods were cast into open water at 25 wraps. Anthony was using the Krill and he was baiting up every day with 3kg of Boilies over each rod, it wasn’t until Monday that he had his first take, after a tough battle he goes and lands Clarky’s at 48lb8oz not a bad start for the week, Anthony was using a combi rig with a krill boilie as his hook bait.

Mark Shildrake stayed for a second week and he got the Alamo swim again, he decided to fish the same are from last week, he had two rods at 25 wraps towards Bob’s beach, and his third rod was cast to a clear area at 15 wraps inline with the roof of the club house, he was baiting up with DT baits N-blend boilies and mixing in some hemp and maze. On Sunday morning Mark had a 33lb8oz mirror.

James Hayden decided to go into Big Southerly,which has been fished inconsistently all year. Not wanting to fish at long range he found a nice clear area towards the left hand marker at 13 wraps, and the other rod was cast straight out in front at 18 wraps towards Co’s Point. On Tuesday evening James landed a cracking Mirror called Ziggy Stardust at 53lb. The fish came from the 18 wrap spot and took a 18mm Royal Marine boilie, he had it on an IQ D-Rig. Over the week he used 15kg of boilies and 10kg of maze. Then on Thursday evening James lands Mr Chow at 41lb.

Alister Folley was fishing in The Stink, he had two rods cast towards Bob’s Beach at 25 wraps and his other rod was cast at 18 wraps towards the corner of the tree line.  Alister started of by baiting each spot with 5kg of boilies and 2kg of a hemp and maze mix. It wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon just before tea that he had a take on his middle rod, after a good hard fight he lands The Weld at 47lb. That’s a new PB for Alister smashing his PB by 20lb. It didn’t stop there, on Saturday morning at 8am he had another take this time it was one of the stockies Known as fish No2 which was put into the main lake in November at 10lb8oz if you don’t already know there is a bounty on the first angler to catch a stockie over 20lb, Alister had it weighed and certified by one of the bailiffs it went 19lb12oz. OMG how close can you get, there is going to be a 20lb stockie out any day now, so get booking you could be in a chance to win a  prize fund of £3000.

Buzz decided to go into Oblivion, which hasn’t been fish much all year, he spent a good few hours with his marker rod casting around to find a nice big clear area to put all three rods on, he found a nice area at 30 wraps in between Alcatraz and Baxter’s hole where he could put all three rods, he then went round with his spod rod and baited the area from the point on the left hand margin as its only a short cast to the spot. He put out 5kg of The New Mainline Baits Fishmeal Boilies and 5kg of hemp and maze mix. Buzz’s First fish come on Sunday morning just at first light a cracking 42lb8oz mirror called White Lines. He went on to have Georges pride at 27lb8oz, Two faces at 31lb, Unknown mirror at 47lb, Spotty leather at 46lb, Soft Focus at 32lb. Over the week Buzz used 30kg of the New Mainline Baits fishmeal boilies and 20kg of hemp and maze mix.

Not a bad week here at Gigantica with 38 carp being landed with 1 x 70lb, 1 x 50lb, 8 x 40’s, 15 x 30’s, 13 x 20’s. So far this year there has been a total of 305 carp landed compared to 110 carp landed the same time last year.