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  • A very happy Tom Collingwood with Fudgy's at 78lb, 10/08/17
  • Tom Collinwood, 78lb, Co's Point, 10.08.2017
  • Lee England, 61lb, Alcatraz, 03.08.2017
  • Rowan Hill, 38lb, Pole Position, 03.08.2017
  • Lee England, 44lb, Alcatraz, 01.08.17
  • Brad Howard, 34lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 05.08.2017
  • The perfect spot mix
  • Zsolt Kiss, 26lb, Co's Point, 30.07.2017
  • Another Gigantica stunner being released
  • Deacon Olley, 45lb, Big Southerly, 06.08.2017
  • Top bunch of guy this week 05.08.2016
  • Only another 9kg to go
  • Nole Wolski, 45lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 07.08.17
  • The running rig essentials
  • Tom Collingwood, 50lb, Co's Point, 10.08.2017
  • Tom Collingwood, 34lb, Co's Point, 09.08.2017
  • Tom Collingwood, 32lb, Co's Point, 09.08.17
  • The business end of toms rigs
  • Tom Collinwood, 40lb, Co's Point, 11.08.17
  • Trevor with his well deserved 23lb common
  • The final knockings
  • The business end of a 78lb'er

A very happy Tom Collingwood with Fudgy's at 78lb, 10/08/17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/07/2017

Two Time graces the bank for Gigantica first timer Lee England at an impressive 61lb.

The weather has been settled this week with daytime temperatures hitting 32 and the evening temperature dropped to a more comfortable 14 degrees. The wind was blowing from the west for most of the week making it perfect condition for fishing; the lake temperature was 24 Degrees. It’s been a punishing couple of weeks here on Gigantica with the lake not fishing to its true potential but as always fishing can test the minds and patience of many a skilled angler.

Week commencing 29/7/2016

Rowan Hill fishing Pole Position was quick off the mark with The Runt at 28.14oz in the net by first light on Sunday morning falling to a peaches and cream pop up presented on the D-rig at 27.5 wraps towards The Stink Rowan's second fish came on Monday morning at 6am with The Leney at 38lb taken from the same spot this time with the D-rig tipped with Mainline essential cell wafter Rowan fished all three rods at 27.5 wraps towards stink spoding a 5kg bed of mixed particle and boilie each day.

Zsolt Kiss fishing from Co’s Point didn't have to wait long for his first bit of the action with a stunning Gigantica scaly mirror at 26lb from 31 wraps towards the tit’s on a Ronnie rig and a MTC hardened hook bait this was Zsolt’s only fish of the week after struggling to get amongst them.

Lee England fishing Alcatraz after a slow but impressive start to the week Lee opened his account with the Sasquatch at 44lb on the stroke of midnight Tuesday falling into his trap of a citrus wafter fished on a blow back rig at 27.5 wraps towards the stink. Lee was made to wait till Thursday for his next fish but it was well worth it with Two Time in the net at a massive 61lb caught on his middle rod fished at 27.5 wraps at the big W on the blow back rig and a citrus wafter. Lee was baiting all three of his rods with 2-3kg over each spot a day and topped it up after each take.

Bradley Howard fished the Beach and was made to wait right until the last knocking’s for a bite but finished his week with 34lb mirror on the bank Saturday morning caught using Gigantica’s Mainline Banoffe wafter fished over a bed of mixed hemp and maize and creamy bailey’s boilies all three rods were fished at 21 wraps between Big Southerly and the stink.

Week commencing 5/8/2017

The sweet smell of success this week for angler Tom with Fudgy's at a massive 78lb.

The weather this week has been fairly consistent with the previous week with a little more rain in turn bringing slightly lowered pressure.

Tom Collinwood in Co's had 'hit the wall' 3 nights in. Like many before him the casting wasn't going well, he was winding in tangles and generally wasn't fishing effectively enough to get bites. DF stepped in and simplified his rigs, removing all the quick change metalware and rig putty both of which can cause tangles. He stuck with his favourite Kryston soft coated hooklink and Korda size 4 Longshank X's made barbless. He used a Shrink tube kikka and extra piece of tube to hold the hair in place. DF also convinced him to try running lead clips by squeezing the inner eye so it didn't semi fix in the lead clip and also reduced the length of his anti tangle tube to about 40cm to aid longer casting. The first bite came that very night, Gilly went 32lbs and DF got up from a night on the Road Lake bailiffing to witness the weighing and doing pictures in the morning. He went on to change his line to Tapered Subline after a cut off the same night. He landed the next 5 fish over three nights including The Spotty Leather at 50lbs and The Mighty Fudgies at 78lbs, an amazing turn around that Tom worked on super hard. He fed 10kg of mixed Cell and his own boilie's with our Maize and Hemp mix each afternoon and most bites came in the night and first thing in the morning. Well done Tom for turning it around and following the advice to the letter!!!!!

Deacon Olley one of Gigantica's regular visitors fished Big Southerly this week and got off to a superb start with The Face at 45lb fishing a double 15mm krill bottom bait one rod length from the second marker inline with the point he then went on to follow this up with ?????? At 33.12 from 22 wraps fished directly at pole on a braid KD rig on a double 15mm krill bottom bait.

Dave Buck after coming out early in the draw he jumped straight into the Alamo with the fishing hard going Dave was made to work for a take fishing at 25 wraps with his right hand and middle rod it was his marginal rod that paid off with one of Gigantica's new unnamed stockie’s at 12lb and was given the chance to leave his mark on the main lake by naming it Buckos fish.

Noel Wolski fishing Alcatraz had an outstanding start to the week with Rene’s linear at 45.04ozon a scent from hell pink pop upon a stiff hinge rig fished at 27.5 wraps towards Stink. Nole followed this mid week with 20lb mirror from the same spot and finished his week in style with Lennie at 40lb using the same fishing method this time to the left hand side of The Stink.

Rowan Hill decided to stay on for another week think he just loves the food to be honest. After a slow first week in pole and comming out 8th in the draw this week Rowan decided to give the oppisite side of the lake a go in The Stink but the fish were just not playing game for Rowan ending his second week with a stockie at 12lb.

Trevor fishing Bobs Beach was made to work hard for his fish this week and had to wait untill the verry last knockings when his right hand rod fished at 21 wraps was into a screemer landind him a lovly 23lb common saving him a blank the IQ-D rig tipped with a bannofee wafter doing the business.

A good weeek was had by all this week made even more special by an apperance of the main man DF working hard on both lakes. spaces are filling fast for next year so if your thinking of booking a trip to see us here at Gigantica dont leave it to late.