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  • Ali Hamidi, 79lb, The Alamo, 19.08.2017
  • Lewis Stanard, 27lb, The Stink, 19.08.2017
  • Ali Hamidi, 61lb, The Alamo, 19.08.2017
  • Brett Harper, 28lb, Big Girls, 19.08.2017
  • Neil Spooner, 38lb, Alcatraz, 19.08.2017
  • Stuart Young, 43lb 12oz, Pole Position, 19.08.2017
  • Neil Spooner, 21lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 19.08.2017
  • Tom Dove, 44lb 4oz, Co's Point, 19.08.2017
  • Perfection
  • Monster Carp Boy's, 29lb, Alcatraz, 19.08.2017
  • Neil Spooner, 39lb, Alcatraz, 19.08.2017
  • Tom Dove, 42lb 8oz, Co's Point, 19.08.2017
  • Neil Spooner, 43lb, Alcatraz, 19.08.2016
  • Stuart Young, 27lb 12oz, Pole Position, 19.08.2017
  • Another stunning sunset over Gigantica

Ali Hamidi, 79lb, The Alamo, 19.08.2017


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/08/2017

With the long-anticipated arrival of the Monster Carp boys, this week Gigantica's Main Lake threw up some monsters of its own with The German Fish at a monstrous top weight of 79lb!

The weather has been fairly settled over the past week with temperatures in the mid to high 20s and a drop in air pressure mid week from 1021 hpa to 1016 hpa with little sign of rain.

Ali Hamidi was fishing in The Alamo and fished two rods at 31 wraps at the tall tree to the left hand side of Bob's Beach, and the other at 18 wraps towards the lodge. All three rods were fished with the IQ D-Rig and White Wafters in Buttercorn Goo, plus a new Goo which he was testing. Ali landed three fish during the week, all of which came from the 31 wrap mark. The first being a 31lb Mirror getting him off the mark quickly, and then he went on to land one of the lakes well known characters "The Giggler" at 61lb. This was all in the bag by dinner time on Sunday.... could things get any better? Oh yes they could; Ali topped this with the undoubted highlight of the week, "The German Fish" at a whopping 79lb which he had to battle from the boat to land. A new PB, and rather fittingly, his last PB, Single Scale at 71lb was caught from the same swim, The Alamo obviously likes him! Ali was using a range of baits from the Mainline stable, mixing the FYBER, Prototype Fishmeal and Cell. During the week he used 30kg of boilie which he put out with the Spomb.

Tom Dove fished in Co’s Point for the week and opted to fish all three rods at 29 wraps towards the Boob’s. On the bait front, he went for the FYBER and Prototype Fishmeal mixed with maize which he spombed out to his chosen area, using up to 6kg per day. Over the top he presented matching 18mm Wafters of either FYBER or Prototype Fishmeal. This tactic produced him a very creditable seven bites during the week, of which he landed four. His best two fish were both forty pounders: Alcatraz at 44lb 4oz and 2C's at 42lb 8oz.

Neil Spooner selected Alcatraz and went with two rods cast at 27 wraps towards The Stink and the third was cast to the hump at 23 wraps towards Scottie's Corner. Spoons' went for the particle approach in an attempt to avoid any attention from crayfish, fishing maize or tiger nuts on a knotless knot rig with a Korda Krank Size 2B hook. The 23 wrap spot to the hump being the most productive durng the week, landing him 4 out of his 6 fish haul. Whilst not getting amongst the real monsters, he still managed to land, 3 Scale’s at 38lb , Shaky at 39lb , The Buzzing Fish at 43lb and a 21lb 12oz Mirror. The fish off the 27 wrap spot  were Partial Eclipse at 29lb and another unknown 21lb 8oz Mirror which he has aptly named "The Monster Fish". Top angling skills Spooner.

Brett Harper fishing in Big Girls had two rods at 23 wraps towards the reeds in Stock Pond and the third rod was fished 8 wraps into the corner of the bay using a simple blow back style rig. He baited up each spot with 5kg of mixed particle and 24mm Tuna based boilies, and his first take came at 4am on Sunday from the 23 wrap spot, a nice 25lb 14oz Mirror getting him off the mark, which he unfortunately returned to the lake without photographs. Brett's second fish came on the same rod the following morning with one of the upper 20's , fish Number 3 at 28lb. 

Stuart Young fished in Pole Position for the week, his first two rods were at 27.5 wraps towards Stink and the third to a clear area in the weed at 13 wraps towards Big Southerly. His first fish fell to a Baitworks Royal Marine Hardened Hooker and Scent From Hell combination fished on the IQ-D rig on the 27.5 wrap spot. One of Gigantica's fully scaled mirrors Pebbles at 27lb 12oz was his prize. With quite a few fish showing around the area taking and taking a fly hatch on the surface, Stu decided to put on a 17ft zig. This proved to be a very good decision and after a steady take and a prolonged fight Stuart slipped his net under one of the Main Lakes real scaley stunners. The magnificent Cheese at 43lb 12oz was his haed earned reward.

Lewis P. Stanard found himself fishing The Stink and with a lot of the fish showing well past the 30 wrap mark, Lewis struggled to get amongst them.  After finding the clearer spots in the swim at 25 wraps towards the left hand side of the Bob's Beach, he baited up with 5kg of maize and Urban Baits Nutcracker boilie each day. He fished over the top of this with a Combi-Rig of Korda Boom and Supernatural Braid with a Korda Krank Size 4B and matching wafter. His patient angling was rewarded later in the week with a well-earned beautiful 27lb Linear named Smokey.

What a busy, but fantastic week we had. The Monster Carp programme when it"airs" is going to be an absolute cracker.

Tight Lines until next time



Team Gigantica