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  • Adam Cheal, 64lb, The Alamo, 9.9.17
  • John Bartley, 35lb, Alcatraz, 9.9.17
  • John Bartley, 22lb, Alcatraz, 9.9.17
  • Paul Clack, 43lb, Big Southerly, 9.9.17
  • Digits fell to the IQ D rig with a Banoffee Wafter
  • Gary Prodger, 43lb 8oz, Baxter's, 9.9.17
  • Garys Prodger Toasted Almond Snowman set up
  • Ryan Smart, 37lb, Big Girls, 9.9.17
  • Jake Carley, 32lb, Co's Point, 9.9.17
  • Buzz, 64lb, Oblivion, 9.9.17

Adam Cheal, 64lb, The Alamo, 9.9.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/09/2017


Third time lucky because the other `TWO TIME` Adam blanked.

What a week here at Gigantica, with the back end of the hurricane hitting us, and 50mph winds coming from the west, it made it really difficult for Lads to get their rods and bait out accurately; and to top it off, it rained for most of the week. But it didn’t stop the lads from catching, including a couple of 60lb Carp being landed. Daytime temperatures were around 14 degrees and the night time temperature was down to a chilly 7 degrees.

First up was Adam Cheal who went into The Alamo, and after casting around found a nice hard spot at 27.5 wraps just to the right of Baxter,s, so  decided to put all three rods tight together in one area. He baited up with 5kg of Mainline Baits Link boilies and it wasn’t long before he was into his first carp of the week! He awoke to a screaming take at 9am, and after a long hard battle he slipped the net under a massive Mirror. b

At Gigantica, before taking a carp of that size out of the water you must first call the bailiff, who will come and assist 24hrs a day with any fish over 50lb. up on the scales, the monster was confirmed as Two Time which weighed a very healthy 64lb, and was a new PB for Adam. His sucessful rig was a Hinged Stiff baited with a Mainline Shellfish and Black Pepper pop up. What a fish, the stuff dreams are made of.

John Bartley was set up in Alcatraz and opted to go long range, fishing all three rods at 31 wraps in line with Big Southerly. He started off by Spombing out 20kg of Nash Key Cray and Mainline Baits Link boilies with a couple of kilos of Maize. The next morning John was into his first fish of the trip a pretty 27lb Common. John baited again with the same amount of bait and the next morning he was in again this time a 35lb Common known as "The Rocke".

Paul Clack went into Big Southerly and after spending a bit of time on the Saturday afternoon with his marker rod, he found a nice clean smooth area at 20 wraps in line with Alcatraz. He chose to put all three rods out to that mark, and started off by baiting the area with Mainline Essential Cell boilies and maize; putting out around 10kg to start. It wasn’t long before he was into his first Gignatica carp a 26lb Common. The next day Paul put out the same amount of boilies and maize, then in the early hours of Thursday morning had a screaming take on his right hand rod, after a good hard scrap he landed Digit's at 43lb. Both of Pauls carp came on the IQ D-Rig with a Banoffee Wafter as his hook bait.

Gary Prodger selected Baxters Hole to spend the week after the brilliant result the week before (8 fish from the 22 wrap spot towards The Stink), and after having a plumb around with his marker rod he chose to fish at 16.5 wraps inbetween The Stink and Oblivion; optiong to put all three rods in a line at that distance. Gary put out 15kg of bait, comprising boilies and maize. It wasn’t until Wednesday that Gary had his first take around 8am and landed a cracking mirror called 2 C’s which went 43lb 8oz. Gary was using an IQ D-Rig with a Size 4 Korda Kurv hook and a Mainline Cell boilie with a Mainline Toasted Almond Pop-Up as his hook bait.

Ryan Smart went into Big Girls, He decided to put his first rod at 7 wraps inline with the tall tree on the far margin, his second rod was cast at 14 wrap half way along the far margin just inline with the overhanging tree, and his third rod was cast inline with the reeds at 21 wraps. Ryan started of with 2kg of boilies over each rod, making it nice and easy he would walk round to the far margin and bait up from there with his catapult. Ryan first carp didn’t come until Tuesday morning around 6am when he had a screaming take on his right hand rod this was inline with the reeds at 21 wraps. A 37lb mirror known as Air Con which turned out to be a new PB for Ryan, he had this on a IQ D rig with with a home made boilie as his hook bait great angling Ryan.

Jake Carley went into Co’sPoint as he was setting up a couple of carp crashed out just to the right of him around 60 yards, so he got one of his rods and cast it to the spot, he then used his throwing stick and put out 100 boilies over that area. His other two rods were cast straight out inline with the two round trees at 20 wraps, Jake spodded out 5kg of boilies over that area. The next morning Jake had a take on his right hand rod, this turned out to be a new PB for Jake a 32lb mirror called Black Scales, this came on a simple KD rig with a single Nash Key Cray Boilie. Over the week he used 20kg of boilies.

Buzz the Gigantica bailiff went into Oblivion as this was the only swim left after the draw on Saturday, Monday afternoon buzz went round to set up, he decided to fish his left hand rod short just of the tip of the over hanging tree just of the left hand margin which was only 4 wrap, his middle rod was cast out to 31 wrap as this is were the angler last week was fishing and he thought there would still be bait out there as he did not catch the week before, the right hand rod was cast at 7 wraps inline with the orange marker which is in Big southerly water ,he then went along the margin and baited up from there as not to make to much noise baiting up. He put out 5kg of the new Mainline Fishmeal boilies and 2 kg of maze just to add for a bit of colour, Buzz was using a IQ D rig with a Mainline Fishmeal wafter as his hook bait. That evening buzz had a take on his right hand rod it didn’t take long to land this Monster. as it went into the net he could see that it was one of the 60’s and with a hump on its back he new it was a fish called The target… WOW one that he has not caught before, and one that DF would love to catch.

Well it was a really tough week here at Gigantica with only nine carp being landed.It was all down to the very bad weather we had gale force winds, rain and could nights but there was a high 2 x 60lb carp were landed and three PB’s broken which is what it’s all about.


Slack Lines….