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  • Jamie Lord, 67lb 8oz, Pole Position, 16.9.17
  • Jamie Lord, 33lb, Pole Position, 16.9.17
  • Jamie making sure he hits the spot on every cast
  • Dean Marshall, 67lb, Alamo, 16.9.17
  • Roberts fish what a cracking carp at 67lb from Alamo
  • Dean Marshall, 35lb, Alamo, 16.9.17
  • Ken Steele, 44lb, Bob's Beach, 16.9.17
  • Ken's IQ D-Rig with a Krill Wafter
  • Paul Wyatt, 44lb, Big Southerly, 16.9.17
  • Hard at it, putting out 24mm boilies with the throwing stick
  • What a great idea to keep your spot and marker in
  • Nice and neat set up.
  • The "Rimmer's" from Welly

Jamie Lord, 67lb 8oz, Pole Position, 16.9.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 16/09/2017

The Rimmers from Welly are at Gigantica…


September is truly here, with the leaves on the trees having started to fall, meaning winter is just around the corner.  The weather has been nice here during the last week, with a slight westerly wind, it's been 22 degrees throughout the day and down to a chilly 9 degrees at night.  The lake temperature has been falling slightly each week and it's now at around 19 degrees.

On the Main lake this week we had ten lads that all fish at wellington county park all here hoping to catch some of these Gigantica carp.

First up is Jamie Lord fishing in Pole Position, he decided to fish at 31 wraps as the 27 wrap spot has not been producing over the last few weeks, Jamie started of by putting out 5kg of 24mm Boilies over the area with his Throwing stick. It didn’t take long before he was into his first carp of the trip and what a carp it was and making it his new PB, Jamie had one of the old worrier’s of the lake the Twin at 67lb8oz, this fell to a Ronnie rig with a Plum pop up as his hook bait. Jamie was baiting up every day with 4kg of boilies over his area, then around dinner time on the Wednesday he goes and has a 33lb mirror called Wayne’s world. Over the week he used 30kg of boilies.

Next up was Dean Marshall who was set up in The Alamo, after having a good plumb around with his marker rod on the Saturday he decided to fish all three rods on a large area at 29 wraps inline with the big tree left of Bob’s Beach. He put out 5kg of boilies over the area with his throwing stick and Spodded out a few kilos’ of particles. On Monday morning just after breakfast he had a take on his middle rod this turned out to be Robert’s fish at 67lb. “WOW” another PB broken that’s not bad going two 60’s in Two Days, Dean had this on the IQ D rig with one of his own made wafters to match his boilies which are a fish meal based boilie. The next evening Dean was in again this time a 35lb mirror known as Colin this also fell to one of his own make boilies. Through out the week dean used 25kg of boilies and 10kg of mixed partical.

Ken Steele went into Bob’s beach after seeing a few fish top at around 80 yards, he decided to fish all three rods at 21 wraps, ken started of by spodding out 5kg mix of particals and Sticky Baits Krill boilies over all three rods. The next morning after hearing carp through out the night crashing over his spot he reeled in and re-baited his rigs and re-cast his rods, Ken could not figure out why he never had a take after hearing all the carp, it was the next morning at 7am just before light that ken had a screaming take on his right hand rod, after he landed the carp he then placed it into the retaining sling just to wait till the sun came up to do some nice photos. The bailiff came round to help ken with the photos and weighing the fish, this turned out to be The Bean which went 44lb and another new PB, Ken was using the IQ D rig with a krill wafter which was on a heli-safe set up a winning combination on the main lake.

Paul Wyatt went into Big Southerly he started of by  having his left hand rod cast towards the left hand orange pole at 14 wraps, his middle rod was in-line with Alcatraz at 20 wraps and his right hand rod was cast at 8 wraps in-line with co’s Point. Paul decided to fish all 3 rods at different ranges just to see if he could get a quick bite. The next morning Paul see some carp showing towards the left hand orange pole marker at around 40 yards, so he moved the left hand rod closer to where the carp were showing, so he baited with a couple kilos of boilies, the next morning just before sun rise Paul’s left hand rod ripped off after a good hard scrap he landed a cracking mirror which turned out to be Mr Chow that went 44lb. He had this on a Ronnie rig with a rose hip pop up. Over the week Paul used 25kg of boilies.


That’s it for another week here at Gigantica, winter is just around the corner and the bigger carp are starting to feed, in the next few weeks we should see some of the `A TEAM` out.