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  • Andy Savage, 69lb 8oz, The Stink, 14.10.17
  • Luke Cornelius, 60lb 8oz, The Alamo, 14.10.17
  • Yet another PB, "Del Boy" gets a soaking
  • Luke Cornelius, 55lb 8oz, The Alamo, 14.10.17
  • Returning Spotty back to the crystal Gigantica waters
  • Another satisfied customer!!
  • Steve Reeves, 14lb, Baxters, 14/10/17
  • The future is secure and very bright for Gigantica. Another home grown cracker
  • Jeff Maskell, 40lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 14.10.17
  • Jeff Maskell, 66lb, Alcatraz, 14.10.17
  • It's not just visiting anglers who catch new PB's

Andy Savage, 69lb 8oz, The Stink, 14.10.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/10/2017

The nights are closing in, the trees are shedding their leaves like its raining; autumn is definitely here……or is it? At Gigantica this week, we have had daytime temperatures up to 25 degrees, bright sunny days, and with the lads out sunbathing topless, it was more like a beach in Benidorm than a carp lake in France! We had nine anglers on for the week, with a three dropping out last minute, which meant they would have to spread out to stop the fish holding up in vacant areas.

Luke Cornelius didn't come out early in the draw, but he still managed to get himself into The Alamo, which he was pleased with. After having a “bit of a mare” on Saturday, he only ended up fishing one rod, and one Sunday finally got himself organised. He started off fishing two rods at 31 wraps and one at 15. On Monday morning we observed fish showing along the tree line to his left; and encouraged him to put a rod down the margin, as there was nobody fishing in Oblivion. He was duly rewarded on Tuesday morning at 5.30am with a fast take and in fairly short order he managed to land a big Mirror known as “The Scar”. The stunning beast weighed in at its biggest ever weight; 60lb 8oz and set Luke a new PB.

Things then went a little quiet for Luke, despite fish showing in the area he couldn't entice another bite. Credit to him, Luke was confident in his approach and stuck at it; he was using the ever-faithful IQ D-Rig baited with an Active Bait Solutions Plan B Snowman. He baited with the Spomb everyday with a couple of kilo’s of boilie, and on Friday lunchtime had a bite completely out of the blue. His long range spot had finally come good and after a good scrap, Luke slipped the net under another Gigantica chunk. This time the Spotty Leather weighed in at new biggest weight of 55lb 8oz…what a result. Good angling Luke.

Steve Reeves had opted to go into Baxter’s, following in the footsteps of DF who fished it the week before. After spending time looking for some suitable areas to fish, he decided on a spot at 21 wraps towards The Stink, and also baited his left and right margins as an alternative option. On Sunday morning he was in the process of bringing in the rods after what he thought was an unsuccessful night, when he found that one of them was snagged up in weed. He called Andy the Bailiff, who set sail in “Nicole” to free the tethered rig. Once over the area where the rig was snagged, a large ball of weed came up off the bottom attached to his flying backlead. Just as Andy started stripping off the weed it suddenly pulled back; there was actually a fish on!! After clearing the weed, Steve was in direct contact with the fish, and went on to land a 14lb “Bar of Gold” Common. We advise against the use of any type of backlead on the Main Lake, as it can pull the line down into the weed, which creates problems with playing and landing fish.

Jeff Maskell had a good draw, and went into the popular and consistent Alcatraz; selecting to fish one rod at 23 wraps on the hump towards Scotties Corner, and two at 27.5 wraps to the left hand side of Stink. On Tuesday night he received a steady bite from the 23 wrap spot and landed himself a 40lb 8oz Mirror known as Shakey (with amazingly he caught on his last trip, it must love him). Jeff has had plenty of success at Gigantica, and certainly knows how to catch them. His bait for the week was Sticky Baits Krill, and he was using double 20mm Krill Bottoms Baits as hookbaits, on an IQ D-Rig. He baited the spots with 1-2 kg every day with whole, chopped and crumbed baits, which he oiled up to increase attraction.

Jeff then experienced a blank night, so he just topped up the swim the next day, and carried on with business as usual. He was rewarded on Thursday night with another pick up and after a slow and ponderous fight he slipped the net under another Gigantica unit, in the shape of Spence’s at a very healthy 66lb. Incredibly, this was also a fish he caught on his last trip. Maybe we should rename it “Jeff’s Pet”!!

In order to make up the numbers, Andy the Gigantica Bailiff went into the vacant Stink swim. The fishing didn't commence until Monday after introducing a bit of bait on Sunday. With the Stink being somewhat out of sorts lately, and the fish not coming from the regularly fished 27-31 wrap range, Andy found a nice hard, clear area at a much shorter 15 wraps. Bait for the week was the new Mainline Link boilies, which were just crumbed up with a handful of Maize, some hemp oil, and Scopex Supreme Goo. 2Kg of the fine mix was then squeezed into egg shaped balls and spombed out to the spot, where all three rods were fish within a rod length of each other. At 4am on Tuesday morning a steady take and dogged fight resulted in a big old Mirror, known as “The Twin” which weighed in at 69lb 8oz. Running COG leads, IQ D-Rigs made with 20lb IQ2 and Size 2 Korda Kranks baited with a 14mm Link Wafter were the winning combination.

That was the end of the action for the week, but the average size of the fish landed was great; three 60’s, a fifty and a 40 made it a big fish week. The end of the week saw a drop in air pressure and air temperature, and there was definitely a chill in the air. Maybe autumn is finally on the way; the budgie smugglers will no doubt soon be replaced with winter thermals. Until next time…

Bon Peche and Semi-Slack Lines


Team Gigantica