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  • Steve "Jesse" James, 69lb, Oblivion, 02.12.17
  • Photocall for Robert's Fish - #MotleyCrew
  • Robert's Fish Returner Shot - What a Chunk!
  • Adam Aldridge, 36lb 8oz, Co's Point, 09.12.17
  • Short Dorsal looking in great winter condition for Adam "Santa" Aldridge
  • Adam Aldridge, 62lb 8oz, Co's Point, 09.12.17
  • Celebrating a new PB with your mates....priceless.
  • Andy Savage, 35lb 8oz, Pole Position, 16.12.17
  • Andy Savage, 33lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 23.12.17
  • Andy Savage, 37lb, Alcatraz, 23.12.17
  • Andy Savage, 37lb, Alcatraz, 23.12.17
  • New Years Eve at Gigantica - Cheese, Wine and some abysmal dart throwing!

Steve "Jesse" James, 69lb, Oblivion, 02.12.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 02/12/2017

All I want for Christmas is a Carp

What unbelievably wet weather we’ve endured at Gigantica this month; webbed feet would certainly have been an advantage! The weather was uncharacteristically mild, with generally quite settled weather with high pressure. We have had a few anglers join us this year in December, which is great to see.

Week Commencing 02 December

We had a group of eight anglers on this week that had first met earlier in the year, became friends, and organised a reunion trip. Despite being late in the year, the fish were still showing around the lake, but mainly the activity was at night through until first light. A lot of the activity was coming from the recently introduced stockie’s and during the week five of them made an appearance, coming from different swims around the lake. The anticipation of Big Fish Thursday built during the day as the conditions looked great for a bite. Sure enough, Steve “Jesse” James fishing in Oblivion got a bite just before first light that was definitely not from a small fish. After a spirited tussle Jesse slipped the next under a Gigantica winter whacker. Everyone gathered to see the monster mirror know as Roberts Fish, which tipped the scales round to a new biggest weight of 69lb. What a result.

Week Commencing 09 December

It would be fair to say that this week turned in the Adam Aldridge show. Fishing out of Co’s Point, Adam was introducing 15 Spombs of crumbed Sticky Baits Manila; adding condensed milk, roasted nut extract and Bumbleberry Goo every day. He was fishing two rods at 25 wraps straight out in front and one at the flat oak tree. He used Pink Citrus Pop-Ups on Spinner Rigs fish on the Korda Heli-Safes. Bites from the stockie’s came from the first night, and he received steady action through the week. Once again Big Fish Thursday proved to be the night. Adam received a stuttery pickup, and thinking he was into another stockie took a leisurely stroll to the rod which was almost pulled out of his grasp when he leant into the carp! Knowing he had a good fish on, he took his time bringing it to the net, and when a huge Mirror came up into the torch beam, his knees turned to jelly. The Clown was the result, and at 62lb 8oz was a new PB Mirror for Adam. He rounded his week off by taking another fish on Friday night when Short Dorsal picked up his Pop-Up and weighed in at 36lb 8oz.

Week Commencing 16 December

With three anglers booked on for the week, a good spread was going to be important. The fish appeared to showing a preference for the central areas of the lake so the lads settled into Co’s, Alcatraz and Alamo and Gigantica Manager Andy Savage dropped into Pole Position. The fish were fairly active for the time of year; with plenty crashing out once darkness had descended. Mark in Co’s Point got stuck straight in with a couple of stockie’s on Saturday night; as did Steve French in Alamo. Despite the amount of activity, the bigger fish didn’t seem to be feeding, but the bites were consistent for Andy in Pole Position, who had bites every night from mainly stockie’s and also managed a better one in the shape of Wipe Out at 35lb 8oz. He was using crumbed Mainline FYBER boilies with added Bailey’s and Buttercorn Goo, along with a handful of maize. Altogether, thirteen fish landed for the week.

Week Commencing 23 December

There was one angler booked on for Christmas and New Year; Simon Bruggermnan had made the journey from Germany for his first trip to the Main Lake. After having a walk round he decided to go into Co’s Point, which would give him access to the open water which had seen the majority of the fish activity. This week an excited Andy Savage finally got to fish in Alcatraz for the first time since February, a Christmas present and a half! Andy employed the same tactics as the previous week, using crumbed Mainline FYBER, with Bailey’s and Buttercorn Goo, presenting 14mm White FYBER Pop-Ups over the top on Spinner Rigs. Just before first light on Christmas Day he received a pickup on the left hand rod and battle commenced with a strong fish. After a considerable time, on of the lakes real big fish loomed into the beam of the headtorch……before the hook pulled! Obviously he must have been on Santa’s naughty list! Across in Co’s Point, Simon was not having any luck and the fish activity started to slow down a bit. That was until Friday evening when Andy had two bites in the space of an hour, landing a brace of thirties. The Jarminator at 33lb 8oz and Catch Report at 37lb were very welcome visitors in what was a difficult week.

That action brought to a close what has been brilliant year on the Main Lake. We have seen an increase in the number of fish landed of from 328 in 2016, to 502 in 2017 (up by 34%). With the introduction of the very special home reared stockfish the future is secure and looking very bright for the Main Lake.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has visited and supported us throughout 2017. We look forwards to welcoming new anglers and old acquaintances in 2018.


Bonne Peche et Bonne Annee


Team Gigantica