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  • Colin Reed, 63lb, Co's Point, 28.11.17
  • A soaking after landing your new PB common
  • Colin Reed, 63lb, Co's Point, 28.11.17
  • Thimon Dokter, 48lb, Treeline, 28.11.17
  • This Stockie has gone from 6lb to 13lb in twelve months, Fantastic growth rates.

Colin Reed, 63lb, Co's Point, 28.11.17


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/11/2017

November 2017 round up


The week commencing the 04 November saw the Embryo lads arrive at Gigantica for what was set to be a momentous week in Gigantica history. For the last three years we have been rearing our own fish from the spawn which Danny and Simon Scott collected from the Main Lake. The plan for the week was to combine the netting of the stock ponds with a bit of angling at night.

The stock ponds were drained down in anticipation to see how big the Gigantica Babies had got, and over the course of the next 3 days we graded the stock and finally introduced the fish into the Main Lake since Danny has owned the lakes. A very proud moment for all those involved with the rearing process. In all another 135 fish were introduced; a mixture of Mirrors and Commons, with the biggest fish being a 14lb Mirror.

Thimon Dokter was out at Gigantica for his first ever trip. He decided to go into the Tree Line swim, Thimon had two rods along the left hand margin, and one off the tip of the fallen tree, it was hard going at the start of the week, but out of the Blue on the Thursday morning he had a well earned result Stoneacres at 48lb. He caught this on a Wafter which was tipped with a Plastic yellow dumbbell over a pellet and sweetcorn mix.

Ron Luif was fishing in Bob’s Beach. He had all three rods at 21 wraps in-between The Stink and The Alamo, Ron Spodded out a few kilos of chopped boilies and corn, it wasn’t until Friday morning that he had a take on his middle rod, after landing a well deserved mirror which went 32lb. This came on an IQ D rig with a wafter as his hook bait.

Colin Reed fishing in Co’s Point had a take on his right hand rod in the early hours of Thursday morning after a long hard battle he goes and lands Pimple Tail at 63lb.It's not been out since 2014 when it weighed in at 50lb 12oz; what a cracking Common. Colin caught the huge Common on a Baitworks Royal Marine Boilie hook bait, tipped with a single grain of Korda Fake Food, yellow plastic corn. He was fishing to a new area at 27 wraps towards the big round tree on the Far Bank.

Simone Willcox was at Gigantica on the last week of November he decided to go into Big Southerly. He found a nice gravel area at 15 wraps towards the left hand orange pole, so he baited up with a few kilos of chopped boilies. It wasn’t long before Simon was into a Gigantica carp, after landing a cracking mirror it turned out to be one of the stockies which was put in the year before at 10lb8oz. This was a fish called Banana Split which went 25lb8oz that’s a massive 15lb gain out standing.

Over the month of November, we Had 21 of the new stockies being caught, which were stocked in at the start of November, is goes to show They are truly on the munch, just like the ones from last year they all put on around 12lb plus which is a great growth rate.

Well November has been a funny month all over France, the fish have not been feeding like they have been over the past years, lets hope December can throw up some lumps.

That action brought to a close what has been brilliant year on the Main Lake. We have seen an increase in the number of fish landed of from 328 in 2016, to 502 in 2017 (up by 34%). With the introduction of the very special home reared stock fish the future is secure and looking very bright for the Main Lake.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has visited and supported us throughout 2017. We look forwards to welcoming new anglers and old acquaintances in 2018.