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  • Nick Carter, 33lb 8oz, Oblivion, 17.02.18
  • A beautiful sunset....full of anticipation for the night ahead
  • Weed raking on the Main Lake....essential to get the year off to a good start.
  • All the swims got some attention. Oblivion is much clearer now.
  • Oooh...Suits You Sir!
  • Alamo was cleared on both sides of the swim; bumper crop of weed and tackle taken out.
  • Gigantica Work Party Massive, getting in on the act.
  • Nick Carter was a very happy chappy with a cracker like this in February.
  • A big snag was broken up and removed from The Stink.
  • The Beast from the East arrived. Seriously cold.
  • Clearing dead trees from Turtle's tree line. Justin Dabrowski dropping off a big log!
  • One for the ladies! Lee Adams working his guns out.....
  • A delicate job, removing the trees from behind the clubhouse.
  • Weed raking in the snow.....treat yourself. Well done boys.
  • Wood carving Gigantica style!
  • Running repairs to the tracks were well overdue with the brutal winter weather.
  • The footings being dug for the new clubhouse pond.

Nick Carter, 33lb 8oz, Oblivion, 17.02.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/02/2018

Thank goodness January has finally passed, taking with it the unbelievably wet weather. Water levels at Gigantica are the highest they have ever been since we took ownership, and the region has experienced its wettest winter for the last 30 years. It would be fair to say it’s been wetter than the inside of an otter’s pocket!


As in previous years, February means the activity around the lakes increases with two weeks of work party’s taking place, with lads who volunteer to come out and help us, work during the day, and then fishing the nights in the hope of a chunk or two. The ridiculous amount of rain had left all the swims underwater, but the water temperature was still around seven degrees which was encouraging. Three of the Stockie’s made an appearance from Co’s, Alamo and Pole Position early in the week, then things went quiet for a couple of days.


Although it was quiet on the fishing front, there was a serious amount of work being done around the complex. It has been long overdue to remove a lot of dead trees which overhang the lake, so first up was Scottie’s Corner on the Main Lake. The large dead trees were felled, opening up the bottom corner, and lots of branches and snags were pulled out. Over on the Road Lake, the raking of all the swims was underway. There is no weed to remove, but we wanted to turn all the swims over and remove cracked off rigs, branches etc. 


Nick Carter had initially set up his stall in Pole Position, but having see a few fish show in front of Oblivion, he fancied a change of scenery. This proved to be a good move for him as right at last knockings on Saturday morning he had a bite out of the blue. After a spirited tussle from 30 wraps, Nick slipped the net under a 33lb 8oz Mirror known as Wayne’s World; a fantastic result. He caught the fish on a Spinner Rig using a Baitworks Pink Scent From Heaven Pop Up. It was a victory of men against fish for the week, so everyone got in for a group shot. What a brilliant way to end the week.


The next week, it was more of the party, part two! Once the biblical amounts of rain had finished, we were quickly up for a visit from the “Beast From The East”. With overnight temperatures dropping to minus nine and daytime highs a balmy minus 5 degrees, it was going to be a big ask to winkle a few fish out. Coming out late in the draw for swims, Andy Sparrow found himself in the teeth of the biting easterly wind in Bob’s Beach. Getting his rods out just before last light, he managed to catch three of the Stockie’s on his first night: a great result. Pete Chambers, fishing in Co’s Point also managed catch a stockie, which was encouraging.


Despite the freezing conditions, the work around the complex continued unabated , with the dangerous trees behind the clubhouse being taken down, weed raking on the Main Lake and track repairs all being done. The regular visitors to Gigantica, will certainly see a difference this year, as we have made great progress with removing dead trees around the complex, and also put up the wall of fame in the Road Lake lodge. Everything is always a working progress, and will continue to strive for perfection.


All too quickly the week came to a close; unfortunately none of the big fish made an appearance (hardly surprising considering the weather). We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who gave up their time to come and help us out. It really is appreciated, and hopefully you will all be rewarded on your next trip out.


Roll on the Spring.



Team Gigantica