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  • Ricky Papworth, 45lb 8oz, Big Girls, 01.04.18
  • Josh Missing, 27lb, Co's Point, 01.04.18
  • James the Bailiff, 34lb, Pole Position, 01.04.18
  • Wayne Hills, 35lb 12oz, Big Southerly, 01.04.18
  • Another beauty on his way back
  • Ricky Papworth, 31lb 12oz, Big Girls, 01.04.18
  • Another Gigantica soaking and another PB
  • What better way to end a brilliant week. Well done lads.

Ricky Papworth, 45lb 8oz, Big Girls, 01.04.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/04/2018

The trees are turning green, the grass is growing and the temperature’s on the up. It can only mean one thing…… Spring is finally here. The weatherhas been much more settled this week, with daytime temperatures hitting 22 degrees and the evening temperatures dropping to a more bearable 5 degrees. The fish are definitely waking up, with a lot of activity being evident in the upper layers. This week we had 11 first time visitors to the Main Lake at Gigantica.


Ricky Papworth fishing in Big Girls hit the ground running with the fish on him from the start, grouped up along the marginal shelf. Ricky approached it with a light baiting strategy of chopped boilies and maize as free offerings, and fished over this with a Mainline Cell Flouro Pop-Up on a Ronnie Rig with all three rods fished to the marginal shelf. Ricky managed a very creditable 11 fish landed of the 18 fish caught in the week; including, The Cheese at 45lb 8oz, Aviator at 31lb 12oz and Doller at 23lb. Good angling Ricky.


Josh Missing fishing out of Co’s Point managed to land himself one of the Main Lake residents; namely, Scrappy at 27lb, falling to a Sticky Baits Manilla Pop-Up presented on a Ronnie Rig over chopped and crumbed boilies, fished at 27 wraps towards the tits.


Ballif James dropped into Pole Position with all three rods out on 18ft Zigs with black foam soaked in Outrageous Orange Goo, his first bite came on Wednesday night with Short Dorsal at 34lb, and his second fish of the week on Friday evening with Final Countdown at 21lb.


Wayne Hills AKA (Rooney) fishing from Big Southerly had to wait until last knockings to open his account. With the bivvy packed down and just the rods still fishing, that magic sound of the alarm screaming off got the old heart pumping.  He was into a fish, and after a couple of arse clenching moments as the line wrapped around the marker pole, the fish freed itself and Rooney landed himself an new PB of 35lb 12oz with Cut Tail Scaly. The fish fell to a Mainline FYBER Wafter fished on a Ronnie Rig over light baiting of chopped and crumbed boilie.


 A fantastic week was had by all with the lake really starting to come to life its only a matter of time before the big girls get on the munch so why not have a go for yourself with limited spaces left for 2018; look forward to seeing you out here.     

Angler Comments