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  • Andy Royal, 42lb, Pole Position, 16.04.18
  • Dan Cleary, 40lb, The Stink, 16.04.18
  • A beautiful misty morning over the Main Lake
  • Gary Pallen, 32lb, Oblivion, 18.04.18
  • Dan Cleary, 31lb 8oz, The Stink, 19.04.18
  • James the Bailiff, 31lb 12oz, Pole Position, 18.04.18
  • Steve Farnon, 35lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 17.04.18
  • What better way to start the morning
  • Dan Cleary, 35lb 8oz, The Stink, 19.04.18
  • Andy Royal, 39lb, Stock Pond, 19.04.18
  • Danny Wallace, 31lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 21.04.18

Andy Royal, 42lb, Pole Position, 16.04.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/04/2018

This week was the hottest week of the year so far and with water temperatures rising quickly the fish were very active in the upper layers, which could only mean one thing; it was time to get the zigs out. With the fish revealing their location most evenings and early mornings, the approach for the week was to wait for them to start showing before casting with a lot of the activity at short range of 100yds or less.


Andy Royal fishing in Stock Pond managed two stunning Gigantica scaley’s with the first being Equalled at 39lb and the second, Secret Sundaze at 41lb 12oz, both fish falling for a black foam zig fished at 18ft on a size 6 Mixa and 11lb zig line.


Dan Cleary was fishing in the Stink on his stag week, and what better way to spend it than a week on the bank at Gigantica with your mates. Even better, still getting a few fish under your belt! During the week, Dan managed 4 fish over the week topped by Dave’s Common at 40lb, Pixles at 35lb 8oz, Aviator at 31lb 8oz and Irie at 25lb 8oz. All four fish falling for zigs fished between 18-21ft.


Garry Pallen fishing in Oblivion landed himself two thirty’s during the week, with the first being Mosaic at 32lb followed by Georges Pride at 31lb; both falling to zigs cast to showing fish at 28 wraps.


Steve Farnon fishing Alcatraz managed to land one of Gigantica’s less regular visitors to the bank in the shape of Kling-On at 35lb 12oz also falling for a 23ft black foam zig.


Paul Kimber fishing in the Treeline was quick of the mark with a fish in the net within the first 15 minuets of setting up! With a 25lb Common in the net things were looking good for (40th BIRTHDAY BOY) Paul however this proved to be Paul’s largest fish of the week with the 2017 Stockies giving him plenty of sport. They are showing a good amount of weight gain which looks great for the future. 


Bailiff James fished in Pole Position for the week landing himself Beat The Germans at 31lb 12oz on the third evening after casting a 23ft black zig to showing fish at 25 wraps.


Danny Wallace fished The Alamo for the first four nights but with no action and fish showing in front of Bob's Beach it was time for a move and after losing one early on the first morning in the new swim Danny was looking for revenge. With the time ticking away on Saturday morning his chance finally came in the shape of the Jarminator at 31lb 8oz falling to a 23ft zig fished in 27ft of water. What a way to finish the week 




With things really starting to pick up fast its looking good for 2018 season looking forward to seeing you all over the next few months and landing some CHUNKS!!!!!!!!


Gigantica Bailiff James   

Angler Comments