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  • Shiny New Year winter Carp

Shiny New Year winter Carp


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Well, after each and everydays hard work, both Dan & Josh go back and get the rods out for the night. This has not been possible for at least the last 10 nights due to the servere cold weather had had frozen the lake solid.

However, Josh persisited and has been rewarded with the first Carp of 2010 ! Only 15.02 but still, a true hardcore winter result for the man, I salute you Sir !

With recent temps as low as -14 for several nights with daytime highs of -7 a fish was just a dream but as soon as the Ice has melted, baits have been fished each and every night. Stringers of Mainline Cell boilies with a Homemade-Davo White pop up nailed to the bottom tricked the fish.

At 15.02, the fish is now residing in our stock pond along with 26 other sub 20lbs caught late last year.

Our plan is to heavily feed them and later this year, once there in the upper 20 - 30lb bracket, will will re-relaese them into the big lake and start again removing the smaller carp. This will increase our average weight and hopefully increase the numbers of bigger fish for a patrons to catch throughout the new season.

As usual, I will update the site at the start of the new week with any addional captures and relevent news.

Be lucky.

The Grand Fromage