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  • Wayne Beadle, 60lb, Co's Point, 28.4.18
  • Wayne Beadle, 42lb, Co's Point, 28.4.18
  • Wayne Beadle, 54lb, Co's Point, 28.4.18
  • Wayne Beadle, 43lb, Co's Point, 28.4.18
  • Wayne Beadle, 38lb, Co's Point, 28.4.18
  • The Zigs have been working well.
  • The Korda Zig Magnets make life so easy.
  • Paul Brown, 41lb, The Stink, 28.4.18
  • Paul Brown, 39lb 4oz, The Stink, 28.4.18
  • Paul Brown, 49lb 8oz, The Stink, 28.4.18
  • Phillip Chapman fishing in The Alamo
  • Phillip Chapman, 45lb, The Alamo, 28.4.18
  • Phillip Chapman, 34lb, The Alamo, 28.4.18
  • Phillip Chapman, 40lb, The Alamo, 28.4.18
  • Korda Zig Box...preparation is key with zig fishing.
  • Sunset from The Alamo
  • Steve Willis, 32lb, Stock Pond, 28.4.18
  • Steve Willis, 33lb, Stock Pond, 28.4.18
  • Lee Humpleby, 51lb, Alcatraz, 28.4.18
  • Another beautiful evening at Gigantica
  • Steve Bartlett, 41lb, Pole Position, 28.4.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 32lb, Pole Position, 28.4.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 41lb, Pole Position, 28.4.18
  • It good to try different combinations of colour
  • Tony Walker, 44lb, Big Southerly, 28.4.18
  • Phillip Chapman 45lb The Alamo 28.4.18

Wayne Beadle, 60lb, Co's Point, 28.4.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/04/2018

Sun’s out, sky is blue; what more could you ask for……… Loads of Gigantica carp!! Well that’s what did happen here this week; there were a total of 37 carp landed, including, 1 x 60, 2 x 50’s, 8 x 40’s to 49lb8oz and the rest were made up in 30’s 20’s and a handful of Stockie’s. The daytime temperature was up to 28 degrees most days, and falling to a moderate 10 degrees at night. With a warm westerly wind for most of the week, the lake temperature has been steadily rising, and was at 14 degrees.


First up was Wayne Beadle, who was fishing in Co’s Point. He went straight on the advice of the Bailiff and put out three 18ft zigs with black foam, Size 6 Mixa B and 11lb Zig Line. He cast them out at 80 yards, where there were clearly fish moving in the upper layers. It wasn’t long before Wayne was into his first fish, and what a fish to start the session a cracking 60lb Common known as Big Bollox, and a new PB for Wayne. Shortly after he received another bite and lands the stunning Wodka at 42lb and followed it up with an 11lb Stockie. He was Blown away with the first three fish weighing over 100lb, and the next morning the Main Lake had more surprises in store, when firstly a 29lb Mirror picked up the black foam hookbait, followed by a beautiful 54lb Mirror known as The Weld. He finished his week with a further two fish, a forty and a thirty. Chop Dorsal at 43lb and Nathan’s at 38lb; what an amazing week for Wayne.


Paul Brown fishing in The Stink was also straight out on the Zigs. Casting them out to showing fish at 120 yards, it wasn’t long before he was into his first Gigantica carp, a 41lb Common which was another unknown fish, so he named it Browny’s. This fell to an 18ft zig with black foam. The next evening Paul was in again this time with “Bobbins Dancing” at 39lb 4oz, and he also went on to have Mirror’s of 19lb and 26lb. He ended the week on a massive high, when on Saturday morning he landed a mint 49lb 8oz Common which turned out to be a fish known as The Long Common.


Phil Chapman went into The Alamo, and he cast out three zigs to approximately 100 yards; all of them were at 18ft, and on black foam. Just before dark Phil had a screaming take, and after a good hard battle he landed Apple Slices at 45lb, then an hour later he had another bite and landed Hockey Stick at 34lb. What a great way to start your week! At a similar time the next evening, he was in again, this time The Rudder at 40lb being the culprit. His final action of the week came on Wednesday evening which turned out to be a pretty 28lb Mirror.


Darren Noddings had chosento set up in Big Girls, and had all three rods dotted along the far margin. Using a standard hair rig with a Wafter hook bait; Darren baited all of his spots with around 50 boilies. On Monday morning he was rewarded with his first Gigantica Mirror which went 28lb, and then on Friday he was in again this time with a 28lb Common. A good bit of angling to get the bites, as it appeared a lot of the fish were out in the middle area of the lake.


Mark Lawson decided to go into Bob’s Beach, where he started off fishing three rods on the bottom all at 80 yards. He was baiting up with his throwing stick just to get a good spread of bait around the area. Mark was using a simple blow back rig with a 20mm boilie as his hook bait. After a few days without action off the bottom, he switched onto zigs through the day, as there was a lot of activity on the surface. This proved to be a successful tactic as throughout the rest of the week Mark had three bites; landing Mirror’s of 16lb, 13lb and an 11lb Stockie.


Stephen Willis went into Stock Pond and cast over to the far margin at 27 wraps with one rod, and the other two were cast straight out at 26 wraps. He was baiting up every day with a couple kilos of boilies over each area, and credit to him, he stuck to his guns during the week and on Friday Stephen had his first take of the week. This turned out to be a fish known as Two Faces at 32lb, then on Saturday morning he was in again this time a 33lb mirror known as Liam’s. Good angling.


Lee Humpleby had no hesitation in pickingAlcatraz and he started off fishing the known areas in that swim, 24 wraps towards Scottie’s Corner, and 27 wraps to the left of the Stink. He baited the shorter spot with 3kg of boilies every day, but it wasn’t until Friday that Lee had his first take, and after a long battle he landed one of the beautiful big scaly mirrors in Gigantica known as Patched Fully which went 51lb! Lee was using the Ronnie rig with a pink pop-up as his hook bait. On Saturday morning he was in again this time with a small 22lb mirror known as Billy’s Pretty One, this also came on the Ronnie rig.


Lee Kokarevis went in the Tree line, he was fishing all three rods along the left hand margin and he baiting up with a couple kilos of boilies over each rod. Throughout the week, he had five Stockie’s which all came on a hinged-stiff rig with a white pop-up as his hook bait. For some reason, the Stockie’s seem to have taken a liking to the treeline area, but there are some real chunks in there with them.


Joe Morrison was in Scottie’s Corner and he was fishing across to the far margin, where he would go round and bait his spots every day just before tea with a couple kilo’s of boilies. Joe was using an IQ D-Rig with a boilie and a piece of fake corn as his hook bait. He managed to pick up a Stockie on the Sunday, but the fish then frustrated him for the remainder of the week.


Steve Bartlett was out at Gigantica as a volunteer Bailiff for a week, he went into Pole Position as nobody picked it at the draw. He started off by fishing three Zigs at 18ft and casting them out at around 100 yards. It wasn’t long before he was into his first fish of the week, a cracking 34lb Mirror called Wayne’s World. The next morning before work, he was in again, this time with Elizabeth at 22lb. After a quiet spell, he had to wait until Saturday morning just as he was packing up, he goes and lands Soliid at 42lb, a very nice way to end the week.


Tony Walker went into Big Southerly, he had his left hand rod cast out in-line with the orange pole, his other two rods were cast straight out at 80 yards. He baited up with a few kilo of boilies over each area, and in the early hours of Sunday morning he was into his first Gigantica fish, Fight Club at 44lb; what a way to start the week. This came on a hinge stiff rig with a pop up as his hook bait.


That’s it for another week here at Gigantica, just a quick up date we can no longer dispose of Glass bottles so please can you take them back home with you. You help will be much appreciated….