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  • Ryan Layzell, 62lb, Alcatraz, 12.5.18
  • Ryan Layzell, 66lb, Alcatraz, 12.5.18
  • Ryan Layzell, 40lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 12.5.18
  • Ryan Layzell kissing his beauty
  • The Faithful IQ D rig
  • Mikkel Thomas, 31lb, Big Southerly, 12.5.18
  • Brian Jorgensen, 28lb, Scottie's Corner, 12.5.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 45lb 8oz, Big Girls, 12.5.18
  • Watching the Sunset in Big Girls
  • Danny Eastwood, 38lb, Bob's Beach, 12.5.18
  • Andy Curtis, 45lb 4oz, The Alamo, 12.5.18
  • A simple IQ D rig which works very well on the Main Lake
  • A birds eye veiw of the Main Lake
  • Sunset over the Main Lake
  • Steve Bartlett with Mr Chow

Ryan Layzell, 62lb, Alcatraz, 12.5.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/05/2018

As yet another week descends upon us here at Gigantica, and a week that brought with it the unsettled weather. The early part of the week we were greeted with a rather chilly northerly wind and lots of rain, the sun did make an appearance by Tuesday and the temperature was back up to 22 degrees, the lake temperature stayed at 16 degrees.

First up wasRyan layzellfishing in Alcatraz, he started of by fishing one rod at 24 wraps towards Scotties Corner, the second rod was cast straight out on an 20ft zig, and his third rod was cast just to the left of the Stink at 28 wraps, Ryan baited both spots with a couple kilos of Boilies. His left hand rod had only been out for just over an hour when it ripped off, he could not believe his luck when a big mirror rolled into his net, it was a fish called Danish Bacon which went 62lb, and a new PB for Ryan. This came on his left hand rod which was fished at 24 wraps, Ryan was using an IQ D rig with a wafter as his hook bait. The next morning Ryan was in again not just one but two carp, one in the sling and the other in the landing net. The first fish was Spence’s which went 66lb and his PB was broken again, the other carp was Dave’s Common at 40lb8oz, just like buses they all come along at the same time.  Spence’s came from the 28 wrap spot, and it was caught on an IQ D rig with a wafter as his hook bait, but he had Dave’s common on a 20ft zig with black foam. 

Mikkel Thomaswas fishing in Big southerly, he started of fishing his left had rod at the left hand orange marker at 15 wraps and baited the area with a couple kilo’s of boilies, the middle rod was cast to a hard area at 20 warps inline with Alcatraz, this had a couple kilos of boilies over it too, and his third rod was cast slightly right of that with an 18ft zig on.  Just after dinner on Sunday Mikkel had a take on his left hand rod, the rod had only been out an hour, he was rewarded with a nice 31lb common, Mikkel was using an IQ D rig with wafter as his hook bait. 

Brian Jorgensenfishing in Scotties Cornerwas fishing over to the far margin with two of his rods and the third was cast to open water. He started of baiting with a couple kilos of boilies over each rod, Brian was going round to the far margin and placing the boilies in by hand, over a couple days he could see that the bait had gone so he introduced more bait, on Tuesday afternoon he has a take on his rod that was fished to the far margin, he goes and lands Dustbin one of the stockies that went in two years ago this weighed 28lb, last time it was out was 6 months ago at 21lb that’s and incredible 7lb in that short amount of time, these stockies are pilling the weight on and fast too the future is looking good.

Thomas Meyerwent into The Stink, he decided to fish all three rod on the bottom at 22 wraps, because he wasn’t keen on using Zigs, Thomas baited the area with 5 kilos of boilies. It wasn’t long before Thomas was into his first fish, just as it got to the net it spat the hook and come of, “Gutted” not a good start, that afternoon he was in again, but this fish come of too, so we looked at his set up and there was noting wrong with it at all, the only thing we did change was the size of his lead, we went from 3.5oz to a 4oz lead. The next Morning, he had another take, this time he didn’t lose it and landed a 24lb scaly mirror, just by changing a small thing it can make all the difference. 

Steve Bartlettwent in to Big Girls, he decided to fish all three rods over to the far margin, Steve baited up with a couple kilos of hot shrimp boilies from Aqua Baits over each spot, he fished over this with a pink Candy berries pop up also from Aqua Baits which was fished on a Ronnie rig. Sunday morning and he was into his first fish of the week, a cracking mirror known as Mr Chow which went 45lb8oz.

Danny Eastwoodwent into Bob’s Beach, he fished Two rods on the bottom and one on a zig. The two rods on the bottom were fished at 20 wraps straight out in front, and the zig was cast just to the right of them, Danny baited his spot every day with a couple kilos of boilies, the next morning his left hand rod ripped of but as the fish was coming towards the net it kitted right and went up the margin and got snagged around a bush, after getting the bailiff out in the boat he could see that it had come off, Danny never gave up and then on Saturday morning he was rewarded with a 38lb common called Gum’s, this came on a zig which was fished at 16 wraps towards the Stink.

Andy Curtiswent into The Alamo, he started of fishing all three rods at 31 wraps just to the left of the beach, he baited up with around 20kg of Sticky baits Manilla boilies. Andy had to wait until Saturday morning to get his first fish of the week and what a cracker it was to The Punisher at 45lb4oz, this fell to an IQ D Rig with a Sticky baits Manilla wafter as his hook bait. 


That’s it for another week here on the main lake,