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  • Gianluca Capaldi, 52lb, Big Girls, 19.5.18
  • A beautiful start to the day Alcatraz
  • Sam Barnard, 42lb, Alcatraz, 19.05.18
  • Stefan Luther, 42lb 4oz, Big Southerly, 19.5.18
  • No Words Just Perfect
  • Ashley Rich, 42lb, Co's Point, 19.05.18
  • James Jones, 34lb 12oz, Pole Position, 19.05.18
  • Jim Povey, 41lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 19.05.18
  • Sam was up at the crack of dawn this morning !!!!!
  • Christoph Freuen, 32lb, The Stink, 19.05.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 19lb, Treeline, 19.5.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 40lb 4oz, Treeline, 19.5.18

Gianluca Capaldi, 52lb, Big Girls, 19.5.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/05/2018


With the weather staying consistently warm this week, the fish have started to group up ready to spawn! Water temperature reached 19 degrees with the air pressure staying at around the 1016 mark all week. 

Sam Barnard Sam came out number 1 and decided to drop in the ever-consistent Alcatraz, fishing two rods towards the hump at 24 wraps towards Scotties and 1 on the 27 spot he nicked a fish early doors in the shape of Luxemburg at 26lb. He waited until Wednesday for his next bite, then had 3 in quick succession the biggest being Soliid at 42lb8oz, this was followed by the humpy common at 26lb4oz and a 2017 stocky, this fish has put on 3 ½ lb since it was stocked in late November! Sam used 12kg of strawberry nutcracker and 5kg maize over the course of the week, the Ronnie rig was used with ‘match the hatch’ pop-ups.

Ashley Rich opted for Co’s pointand had a good week, fishing at 28 wraps toward ‘the tits’ he baited with 20kg of nutcracker, using a mixture of Ronnie rigs, d rigs and zigs. Using matching hookbaits and black foam on the zigs. The pick of the bunch was ‘Secret sundazes’ at 42lb falling to a 25ft zig, backed up 5 doubles.

Jim Povey started off in Stock pond and after picking up a few smaller fish he decided to move into Pole position after seeing showing fish. The move paid off and he went on to land a 41lb12oz mirror in the shape of smarty pants which slipped up on a 22 ½ ft zig fished at 90 – 100 yards.

Stefan Lutzer fished in Big Southerly and concentrated on casting to showing fish, this paid off on the Sunday morning at 6am when he landed the bean at 42lb5oz. He had it on a stiff hinge rig with essential cell hookbait, at 10 wraps towards the second marker.

Christoph Freuen fished in The stink landing George’s pride at 32lb which was caught with a similar tactic to Stefan, casting to shows. Multi rigs with essential cell hookbaits were the tools used. Christoph baited up with homemade high-leakage boilies. Christophs second fish was small and mighty at 22lb using the same tactics. Both fish were caught from a similar distance at 11 wraps straight towards beach.

Steve Bartlett AKA ‘Noddy’

Steve dropped in the treeline after the draw and decided to fish all 3 rods along the treeline, casting his leads over and dropping his rigs by hand. Steve used 30kg maize baiting up in the morning and fishing just the evenings managed 7 fish over the course of the week, topped by Petals at 40lb4oz. Its first capture over the magical 40lb mark.

Gianluca fished Big Girls and after losing fish early on he followed the Bailiffs advice and fished locked up, also upping his hook size to a size 2 on a Ronnie rig, this resulted in him landing 3 fish topped by an impressive 52lb mirror by the name of Renaes on the Saturday morning. What a perfect way to end the week.

James Gigantica Bailiff started fishing in pole position fishing zigs at 90-100 yards all at 22 ½ ft landing a 20lb stockie early on he bagged himself bitemark at 34lb12oz on Tuesday evening.

A good week had by all, a great bunch of lads. With limited spaces available for 2019, why not book yourself a trip and come and have a go for one of the chunks that reside in the deep blue Gigantica depths.