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  • Roy Prodger, 65lb 12oz, The Stink, 9.6.18
  • Roy Prodger celebrating his new PB in Gigantica style
  • Roy Prodger, 47lb 8oz, The Stink, 9.6.18
  • They don't have to be big to be beautiful, 12lb 8oz, The Stink, 9.6.18
  • Matt Finch, 41lb 12oz, Scottie's Corner, 9.6.18
  • Matt Finch, 35lb 8oz, Scottie's Corner, 9.6.18
  • Matt Finch, 27lb 8oz, Scottie's Corner, 9.6.18
  • Paul Clack, 65lb, Big Southerly, 9.6.18
  • Paul Clack, 26lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 9.6.18
  • Another future Gigantica monster, they're packing on the weight.

Roy Prodger, 65lb 12oz, The Stink, 9.6.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/06/2018

When will this unbelievably muggy hot weather end? We’ve endured temperatures into the mid twenties for the last four weeks, and it really could do with a good storm to mix things up. The fish in the Main Lake have spawned on and off for the last couple of weeks, and have been grouped up around Big Southerly, Stink and Scottie’s Corner. We had eleven anglers booked on for the week, who were keen to get started.


Matt Finch went into Scottie’s Corner, having seen fish in residence when we did the walk-round. He adopted different tactics to those usually employed, and instead of fishing tight into the trees, he dropped back a rod length, and baited from the trees to his spot with five Spombs of mixed particle and a few whole and broken Sticky Baits Krill boilies. This proved to be a great idea, and Matt was quickly rewarded with five fish during Saturday evening and Sunday morning. His terminal setup was a strong and simple, knotless knotted Combi-Rig, which he baited with either a Krill bottom bait, or Korda slow-sinking maize. He soon got into a rhythm of baiting up after each bite, and leaving the rods out during the afternoon. By the end of the week, Matt had amassed an eighteen fish haul, with the pick of the fish being “Buttercorn” at 42lb, and ‘Starburst’ at 35lb 8oz.


Roy Prodger managed to come out of the swim draw last, but somehow ended up in The Stink after someone changed their mind after the draw! There were evidently a lot of fish up on the surface to the right hand side, and Roy sensibly went in quietly with a couple of zigs to try and tempt one quickly.  By late evening it looked like the quick bite wasn’t going to come, so he found some spots to start fishing on the bottom. He fished one rod at 30 wraps towards the Beach, and the other two went down the right hand margin at 12 wraps. Bait for the week was Mainline Link, with homemade Link Wafters fished over the top. Roy was baiting up with a 5Kg mix of 18mm, 10mm and chopped Link every other day at 3pm. On Monday morning one of the margin rods let out its battle cry, and Roy helped himself to a chunky 47lb 8oz fish, known as The Box Common. He followed this up with a couple of Stockie’s, before he had another chunk pick up his Slip-D mounted Link Wafter; this time The Twin at 65lb 12oz turned out to be the culprit. A new PB for Roy…..get in there!!


Paul Clack opted for Big Southerly, which was another area where the carp were showing a preference for during the walk-round. After a bit of exploratory work with the marker rod, he chose to fish one rod to the left hand marker pole, and two rods straight out towards Alcatraz at 21 wraps. He baited the 21 wrap spot with 5kg of Mainline Cell each day, and 2kg to the marker pole. At first light on Sunday, disaster struck, when Paul had a bite, which unfortunately dropped off. After regrouping, he had a much more successful outcome at dawn the next day, when a 26lb 8oz Mirror known as “Scrappy” took a liking to his Banoffee Wafter. This set a pattern for the week, with a chance occurring most mornings. The icing on the cake, came on Friday morning when a steady take, and a slow ponderous fight resulted in the stunning Mirror known as “Robert’s Fish” at 65lb. 


A couple of stockie’s were also landed during the week, but at the moment spawning is still at the forefront of most of the fishes minds. It has been quite a prolonged period this year, which could be a result of the water warming up too quickly. The trigger for the fish starting to spawn has been a break in the hot weather. It won’t be long before it is business as usual, with the fish coming from the usual areas, in open water.


Until next time, Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica