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  • Lee Smith, 66lb, Scottie's Corner, 23.6.18
  • James Jones, 43lb, Pole Position, 16.6.18
  • Tom Scalion, 34lb, Scottie's Corner, 23.6.18
  • Rastislav Bartko, 49lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 30.6.18
  • Stephen Harrison, 32lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 30.6.18
  • George Tutton, 28lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 30.6.18
  • Rowan Hill, 28lb 4oz, Co's Point, 30.06.18
  • Rowan Hill, 29lb 12oz, Co's Point, 30.06.18

Lee Smith, 66lb, Scottie's Corner, 23.6.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/06/2018

Week commencing the 16/6/18


As the carp were spawning on and off over the past few weeks there hasn’t been many carp out, apart from a few stockies and a nice 43lb mirror called the Grey plated for James the bailiff which he had out of Pole position, he was fishing at 27 wraps just to the right of the Stink, this fell to an IQ D rig with an banoffee wafter which had been soaked in the New Almond Goo this was fished over 10kg of the New Mainline Baits Link Boilies. 


Week commencing the 23/6/18


The carp are still playing hard to get, with the weather playing a big part of the spawning the carp don’t know if there coming or going, making it very hard for the anglers, this time last year the carp had all ready spawned. Due to the flooding of the Main lake in the winter this year the water levels are still high meaning that the water temperature has took longer to warm up, I do believe the temperature has to be at a Constant 17 degrees for 7 to 10 days for the carp to spawn. But this didn’t stop Lee Smith fishing in Scotties corner, on Monday evening just after tea he goes and lands The Twin at 66lb, this came on an IQ D rig with a 20mm Plan P Boilie and a 14mm hybrid popup, which was fished over 1kilo of boilies and maze.

Tom Scalion fishing in the Alamo had no luck in there, so on Friday afternoon he went up to Scotties corner just to try his luck as lee moved out. It was on Saturday morning just as he was packing up Tom had a take on his rod that he cast into the gap between the bushes over on the far margin. Get in that net and well deserved a nice 34lb mirror called Jarminator, this came on an IQ D rig with a nutmix boilie which was toped with a piece of fake corn and fished over 2 kilos of boilies.


Week commencing 30/6/18

With the spawning out of the way the fishing is still proving hard with the fish not in full feeding mode some of the lakes original residents are slipping up along with some of the 2017 stockies that are showing good weight gains. First fish of the week fell to Rowan Hill fishing Co’s Point in the shape of Chablis at 28lb 2oz caught at 31 wraps towards the tits on an I-QD rig tipped with an essential cell wafter fished over a mix of Fyber and essential cell freebies this was followed up by The Trans pretty one at 29lb 10oz using the same tactics.

With a quiet start to the week it ended with an hectic Saturday morning with 4 fish out to three different anglers in the space of an hour the first was Stephen Harrison fishing Bobs beach all three rods were fished at 22 wraps straight out on blowback rigs tipped with Royal Marine wafter fished over a bed of chopped and whole freebies Stephen stuck to his spots throughout the week and this payed of for him with two fish in quick succession on Saturday morning with Ray at 32lb 08oz and Little Easten at 36lb 12oz.

Next was Rastislav Bartko fishing Alcatraz after a couple of the new stockies early on in the week Rastislav was made to wait till the last knockings for his reward with The Leather at 49lb 6oz caught using a snowman on the I-QD rig fished at 28.5 wraps to the left of stink over a bed of maize and chops.

Last up was George Tutton fishing Stock Pond at 26 wraps towards the point with a snowman presentation white N Blend pop up and D.T N blend 22mm on a size 2 Kurv Shank hook with a Ntrap hook link doing the business with Johns Fish at 28lb 8oz not one of Gigantica’s big girls but a stunning and very welcome fish to finish the week.