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  • Work hard and play hard, well done lads.
  • Paul Clements, 40lb, Co's Point, 7.7.18
  • Dean Cullen, 23lb, Treeline, 7.7.18
  • Paul Clements, 25lb, Co's Point, 7.7.18
  • James Jones, 22lb, Pole Position, 7.7.18
  • Stephen Daynes, 39lb, The Alamo, 7.7.18
  • Stephen Daynes, 37lb, The Alamo, 7.7.18

Work hard and play hard, well done lads.


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/07/2018


Work party week.


It has been a busy week on the main lake with all the swims being raked to clear some of the spring weed growth. The guys fished the nights and worked through the day and managed to catch a few fish along the way.

First up was Paul Clements fishing Co’s Point Paul opted to fish all three rods out long at 31 wraps towards the tits on a Slip-D rig with a Mainline Cell wafter as a hook bait fished over a bed of mixed Cell and Royal Marine freebies this resulted in three fish for Paul with the biggest "2 Cs" at 40lb followed by "Ed lamp" at 25lb and one of the 2017 stockies.

Next was Stephen Daynes fishing the Alamo who had a mad early morning session mid-week with three fish on the bank at the same time with takes on all three rods the first rod was fished at 16 wraps towards the lodge on a straight knotless knot rig and pop up corn with a size 4 kurv this produced "Soft Focus" at 39lb. Stephen’s other two rods were fished at 22 wraps straight out using the same rigs resulting in the "Grey Plated" at 37lb and a stockie on his third rod.

Dean Cullen fished The Tree Line and managed to land one of the original 20s from the sunken tree at 21 wraps with plastic corn fished on a knotless knot rig and a size 2 kurv he fished this over a bed of maize and small amount of chopped boilies.  

James the bailiff also managed to winkle one out of Pole Position fishing at 28.5 wraps to the left of Stink with "Billy’s Scaly" at 22lb caught on a banoffee wafter fished on the I-QD rig with a size 2 kurv over a bed of the new Mainline Link not one of the monsters but welcome all the same.


Thanks guys for all the hard graft this week.


The lake is looking fantastic.


See you all again soon!!!!!!!