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  • John Pike, 55lb, Stock Pond, 14.7.18
  • John Pike, 48lb, Stock Pond, 14.7.18
  • John Pike, 42lb, Stock Pond, 14.7.18
  • John Pike, 30lb, Stock Pond, 14.7.18
  • The IQ D rig with Slow Sinking IB Plastic Maize
  • David Gibbens, 38lb, Big Girls, 14.7.18
  • David Gibbens, 34lb, Big Girls, 14.7.18
  • Darryll Boden, 40lb 4oz, Big Southerly, 14.7.18
  • Buzz, 35lb, Pole Position, 14.7.18

John Pike, 55lb, Stock Pond, 14.7.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/07/2018

Another HOT!! week here at Gigantica with the temperature up in to the high 30’s and only a light breeze coming across the lake from the east, the lake temperature was up to 24 Degrees. It been a tough few weeks on the Main Lake with the high temperatures and the weed removal from each swim has pushed the carp into the corners where they have been sitting up, so hopefully over the next few weeks the carp will get back to normal and start feeding in open water again.

First up this week was John Pike fishing in the Stock Pond, he started of spending a good bit of time with his marker rod casting it around his swim to see what he has out in front of him, and also finding out what depth of water he has in-front of him so if he changes to zigs later on in the week he knows what Depth to have his zigs at, because there no point getting you marker rod out on Wednesday, this needs to be done at the start of the week. John found an area for his left hand rod at 26 wraps in-line with the right hand corner of his swim, his middle rod was at 20 wraps along the right hand margin and his right hand rod was at 10 wraps just to the right of the swim, he baited each spot with around 4kg mix of Maze, pellet and boilies. It did take long before john was into his first fish of the week and what a cracker it was too, “Shoulders” at 55lb and a new PB for john. After returning the carp back into the water, John got down on one knee and Proposed to his girl friend, WOW our first Proposal at Gigantica. Over the next couple days John went on to have “The Face” at 48lb, “Wodka” at 42lb, a 30lb mirror and Three stockies. All of John’s fish came on ready tired size 4 IQ D rigs with yellow IB slow sinking plastic maze as his hook bait. 

David Gibbens went into Big Girls, he started of doing the same spending time with his marker rod finding out what’s in-front of his swim, Dave found some nice area’s along the far margin at 13,14 and 17 wraps, he started baiting along the margin with a 5kg mix of maze and boilies. It wasn’t until Wednesday morning that Dave had his first take, after a good battle he goes and lands “Gums” at 38lb. The next morning, he was in again this time with “The Movie start” at 34lb5oz, only two fish for Dave but well deserved after a hard week Both of his carp fell to the chod rig with Yellow IB Pop up corn as his hook bait.  

David Lenehan went into the Tree line, he found a nice spot at 17 wraps over to the left hand margin, his other 2 rods were cast just of the tip of the fallen tree at 22 wraps, Dave baited with 5kg mix of maze and boilies over both areas. Then on Wednesday morning Dave gets a take on his left hand rod, after a long battle he goes and lands “Black Eyed Linear” at 37lb, this fell to the Ronnie rig with yellow IB plastic pop up maze as his hook bait, Dave also had a small stockie on Friday morning. 

Darryll Boden started of in Baxter’s hole, he was fishing all three rods at 21 wraps towards The Stink, he baited the area with 5kg Mainline Link boilies, it didn’t take long before he was into his first fish of the session just a small stockie. After no more action he decided move into Big Southerly as this swim was free, after having a plumb around with his marker rod he found a nice area just left of the orange marker pole at 15 wrap, Darryl baited the area with 5kg mix of boilies and maze. The next morning Darryl had a take on that rod but unfortunately he lost it at the net, he didn’t give up because the next morning he goes and lands “starburst” at 40lb2oz this fell to IQ D rig with Yellow IB slow sinking plastic maze as his hook bait.  

Buzz decided to have a go this week as there was a free swim, he dropped into Pole position after seeing a few fish crashing on the surface at around 100 yards he put out three zigs at depths of 14ft ,16ft and 18ft and all with black foam. It didn’t take long before his rod ripped off but unfortunately if came off, just as he was putting his rod down the middle rod went of this time it was a 20lb stockie. Later that afternoon he had another take this time a bit bigger a nice 35lb mirror called “Elephant tube” Which hasn’t been out for 12 months to the day at 28lb this carp has put on 7lb in the last 12 months, which is a good average weight.  


Well that’s it for another week here at Gigantica.