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  • Rowan Hill, 64lb, Alcatraz, 28.7.18
  • Out of the blue.....Pips came in the middle of a scorching afternoon.
  • Come here girl, give us a kiss!
  • Rowan Hill, 34lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 28.7.18
  • Jon Cload, 22lb, Scottie's Corner, 28.7.18
  • Jon Cload, 22lb, Scottie's Corner, 28.7.18
  • It's not going to be long before this one comes out.
  • Elliot Sheerin, 16lb, Co's Point, 28.7.18
  • James Hayden, 17lb 12oz, The Stink, 28.7.18
  • Ian Groom, 29lb, Big Girls, 28.7.18
  • Ian Groom, 23lb 12oz, Big Girls, 28.7.18
  • Jeroen Moerman, 16lb, Oblivion, 28.7.18

Rowan Hill, 64lb, Alcatraz, 28.7.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/07/2018

The summer heat wave continues unabated in the Champagne region of France. Daytime temperatures into the mid 30’s and overnight lows of 20+ degrees made it challenging fishing. We had a twelve anglers booked on for the week, so at least a full house would help push the fish around the lake. What would the denizens of the deep have in store for us this week. 


Main Lake regular Rowan Hill, joined us for his fourth trip of the year, and taking the last ball from the bag, was pleased when he had the option of fishing in Alcatraz for the week. He opted to fish two different spots, and baited up with 4-5kg of Mainline FYBER and maize with the Spomb every day. Putting out two rods at 30 wraps towards Big Southerly and one on the hump towards Scottie’s at 22 wraps, he settled down for the week. Out of the blue, in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday, he had a bite which was a slow and dogged affair. After a lot of hugging the bottom and staying deep, an immensely long Mirror surfaced, and Andy the bailiff slipped the net under it; and what a chunk it was! “Pips” at new new highest weight of 64lb....result. Rowan also went on to land another two 30’s before the end of the week. 


Wayne Taylor went into the in-form Stock Pond swim, and fished his rods towards the right hand margin at 19 and 15 wraps respectively. He baited up each day with 5kg of boilie and maize split between the two, and fished three grains of Korda Slow Sinking Maize on an IQ D-Rig over the top. After a couple of the 2017 Stockie’s, he helped himself to the lovely Mirror known as “Stoneacres” at 44lb 8oz, a great result. He ended the week with eight fish landed from ten bites.


Jon Cload fancied having a go in the productive Scottie’s Corner, as there were fish in residence during the walkround. After getting organised on Saturday, it didn’t take him long to get his first fish, which was one of the 2017 Stockie’s which had doubled in size during the last eight months; they really are growing quickly. He was fishing a rod length short of the trees, and baiting up with Royal Marine and Maize out to his spot, so that the fish remained confident under the branches. It worked really well, and he managed to land four fish to 22lb 8oz (a stunning Common which he named “Bloz”) before they vacated the area, when the weather changed.


Elliott Sheerin picked out ball number one, and went for Co’s Point......again. Some are more lucky than others at the draw bag, but Elliott has been on three trips to Gigantica, and been 1st, 2nd and 1st in the draw, and fished Co’s each time! #howsyourluck! He baited up with Sticky Baits Krill boilies, mixed with maize, and put in 5kg each day at 28 wraps towards “The Tits”. Fishing with a Krill Wafter, on an IQ D-Rig and running lead, Elliott had three bites, on three consecutive days; the best being 35lb Mirror known as "The Richmond Fish", along with two Stockie’s. He finished his week off with a nice 29lb 4oz Mirror, taking his tally to four fish, in what proved to be a tricky week.


James “The Plumber” Hayden was out for his first trip of the year, and ended going back into his favourite swim, The Stink. After checking his old spots, he found them to be nice and clean, and set about baiting up with Maize and boilie. Presoaking his maize in some liquids, he used a ratio of 3/4 maize to 1/4 boilie, and baited up each spot with 5kg per day. After a quiet start, James was into his first fish on Wednesday morning from his his fifteen wrap spot towards the corner of the Treeline. Not one of the Main Lake monsters, but the beautiful 17lb 12oz Common known as “Le Flair” told him that his spots were being visited. He landed the fish on a coated braid hooklink with a snowman presentation. James persevered for the remainder of the week and took another two Stockie’s, off his 24.5 wrap spot towards the Beach. 


Ian Groom came to Gigantica for the first time, and having a dodgy shoulder, was looking to get in one of the short range swims. He was really please to secure Big Girls at the draw. On Saturday afternoon, the weather looked absolutely amazing, blowing westerly, into the corner of the swim. Ian chose to fish two rods at 24 wraps towards the headland, in the shallower water, and one into the left hand margin. Simply baiting up by hand with Sticky Baits Krill boilie and maize. The wind stopped pushing into the corner for a couple of days, and it appeared the fish weren’t in residence, but being an old hand, Ian stuck with his spots (essential on the Main Lake). On Tuesday evening fish could be seen showing in front of him, and Ian duly obliged with two bites in quick succession. Unfortunately, the hooklink parted on one, but he landed Dinner Plates at 23lb 12oz, to get him off the mark. His next chance came on Thursday evening, when the fish showed once again, and he got himself another two bites, this time landing both. A 26lb Mirror, and an unbelievably long Common of 29lb known as "Gordon's". Ian fished well all week, and worked hard for his bites, good angling indeed.


Jeroen “Thran” Moerman from Belgium visited us, for another trip, and headed for the vacant Oblivion swim. With the wind pushing into him, he set up his stall fishing at 25 wraps towards Alcatraz and 6 wraps down the right hand margin. To avoid the attentions of the Crayfish, Thran fished with plastic Tigers on simple Combi-rigs. He baited up with a mix of Mainline Cell and maize, 3-5kg per day. Once again the right hand margin spot saved the day in what proved to be a tricky week. During the week he landed at pretty 16lb Stockie which he named “Ava” and also the “Dustbin” at 28lb. It won’t be long before the first 30lb Stockie is landed, winning the lucky captor an amazing prize.


With such hot temperatures, it was still a fairly productive week, with thirty fish landed in total to 64lb. When we get a decent break in the weather, we can’t wait to see what the lake has in store for the visiting anglers.


Until next time


Bonne Peche and Tight Lines




Team Gigantica