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  • Sam Jones, 54lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Go on Clarkey...get in my net!
  • Sam Jones, 41lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • You know that they love a bed of boilie when you see this lot in your sling.
  • Sam Jones, 40lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Sam Jones, 39lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Simple strong rigs are the order of the day at Gigantica
  • Sam Jones, 34lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Sam Jones, 28lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Sam Jones, 27lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Sam Jones, 22lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 47lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 42lb, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 42lb, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 36lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 36lb, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 34lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 33lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Rob Dungate, 30lb, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Back she goes, see you in another few years!
  • Rob Dungate, 30lb, Bob's Beach, 4.8.18
  • Steve Reeves, 44lb 4oz, Co's Point, 4.8.18
  • The midweek BBQ went down a treat.
  • Darryl Juby, 44lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 4.8.18
  • Martin Carefoot, 39lb 8oz, The Stink, 4.8.18
  • Martin Carefoot, 36lb 8oz, The Stink, 4.8.18
  • Martin Carefoot, 19lb, The Stink, 4.8.18
  • Adam Meake, 14lb 4oz, The Stink, 4.8.18
  • Steve Reeves, 39lb 4oz, Co's Point, 4.8.18

Sam Jones, 54lb, Alcatraz, 4.8.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/08/2018

Point Break for the Buttercon Boys!


We’ve reached breaking point at Gigantica......on the weather front, that is! It was a week which forecast a change from the recent heat wave conditions, to a more moderate, mid 20 degrees centigrade. Throw in the odd thunderstorm for good measure, and surely it must be a recipe for a few bites from the carp. With three anglers failing to turn up, we had nine booked on, consisting of a group of five and a group of four. The group of four were first time visitors, “The Canary Boys” from Norwich, and the other group were the “Buttercorn Boys” who were returning for the second year. It looked like a good week was on the cards.


After having the session of a lifetime in Co’s Point on his last trip, Sam Jones managed to secure Alcatraz for this trip. He loves the open water swims, and his baiting tactics are different to most other visitors, in terms of the quantity of bait he uses to get a spot rocking. Sam started off fishing on the hump at 22 wraps with one rod, and had two rods out at 27 wraps, left of Stink. Baiting the hump with 5kg of Sticky Krill and maize, he ran out of energy, and time, to bait the long spot on Saturday. He picked up a twenty off the hump on Sunday morning, and then set about baiting the long spot with 10kg of 16 & 20mm boilie and maize. The next morning he had a double take off the long spot, taking a brace of thirties, proving that the heavy baiting was working. Rigs were simple running rigs with Dark Matter tubing, and hookbaits were Hardened Krill Bottom Baits with a white 12mm topper on Combi Rigs. Having not had a bite off the hump, Sam switched all the rods to fish on the 27 wrap spot, and the next morning at 1015 he had a real tussle with a much better fish, landing the big Mirror known as “Clarkey’s” which weighed in at a very healthy 54lb. Sam was into the groove now, and the spot was rocking. 10kg of baited was spodded out again, and the next morning he landed four fish; the biggest one being “2 C’s” at 41lb 12oz. The final tally for the week was thirteen fish landed, from 14 bites. Sam used 65kg of boilie, and 10kg of maize during the week. Well done that man; hope your “Spodding Shoulder” stops hurting soon!


After much deliberation (seriously, I needed another shave the amount of time it took!) at the draw, first time visitor Rob Dungate fancied having a crack at Bob’s Beach, despite it being a tough nut to crack in recent weeks. Rob chose to fish two spots in his swim; one at 14 wraps towards the headland, and two at 22 wraps towards The Stink. Rob was using a mix of Sticky Baits Krill, Manilla and maize, and baited up with 30-40 large Spombs on each spot, every day. The sequence of events which followed in the Beach, were nothing short of spectacular. On Sunday morning Rob had a bite off each spot, resulting in a brace of thirties, which was a great start. Things then got better and better; he took another brace of 30’s the next morning, and then upped the anti, with a rarely caught fish known as “Well Hung” at 42lb 8oz. This fish hasn’t seen the bank since June 2014!! He had another couple of rare visitors during the week when he landed “The Missile” (last out in May 2015) and “The Almost Nude Fish” (last out in June 2015), very strange to go missing for so long then come out in the space of a few days. Rob used simple blow back rigs, with a snowman presentation to get all his bites, and ended his week with seven fish, all of which were over 30lb, the biggest being “The Face” at 47lb 8oz. A great display of angling this week Rob, well done.


Steven Reeves set up his stall for the week in Co’s Point, and being a proficient distance angler, set to work establishing a good bed of bait at 28 wraps towards the Tits. He was using ABS Hydra and Maple boilies mixed with some maize. Smashing out the big Spomb in heavy cross winds was a joy to watch, as some anglers really struggle when the wind gets up on the Main Lake. In a similar vein to last week, it was a slow start in Co’s, but on Tuesday Steve broke his duck, with an unknown 25lb Common. The next morning, things warmed up nicely, when he picked up the “Godfather of Soul” at 39lb 4oz, followed by three bites again the next morning. A couple of Stockie’s and the rarely caught “Nelson” (last out in June 2014) at 44lb 4oz making him a happy bunny! Steve rang the changes between bottom baits and pop-ups, to try and tempt the next bite. Baiting each day with 5-8kg of bait, had the fish frequently showing in the area, but he next bite didn’t quite materialise. He ended the week with a pleasing five fish catch.


As we only had nine anglers on for the week, Martin Carefoot made the exodus from the Road Lake, as he was really keen to fish the Main. Dropping into the vacant Stink swim on Monday morning, he got straight to work with the Spomb putting out 8kg of Sticky Krill and Gigantica Pellet. He fished two rods at 25 (and 5” to be precise eh Martin!) wraps left of Beach, and one at the two poplars in treeline. He fished with running leads, and after starting on Combi-rigs, switched over to IQ D-Rigs. Nothing happened for the first 48hrs, but he kept the bait going in on the spots, and it paid off on Thursday morning when he landed a Stockie known as “Sexy Fish” at 19lb. Confidence was now high, but next morning disaster struck, when he lost a big fish down the right hand margin. After regrouping, he got the rods back out on the spots, and was rewarded with Mammut at 39lb 8oz on Friday. Martin was ecstatic, and I had to tie him to a sleeper with the retention cord, to stop him floating off! On Saturday morning, it got even better, and another Stockie, braced with the stunning “Aircon” at 36lb 8oz, certainly made it a week to remember. Great effort Martin.


Darryl Juby dropped into the in form Stock Pond swim, and fished all three rods up the right hand margin; one at 22 wraps, and two at 19 wraps. He approached his swim slightly differently to normal, and chose to bait up with the throwing stick, instead of feeding from the Stock Pond bank. Bait for the week was Mainline Link, and he introduced 4kg over the area each evening. Just as darkness was falling on Saturday evening, he was in! Fifteen minutes later we were all admiring Nobby’s Mirror, which weighed in at 44lb’s your luck! The fish fell to a Spiced Crab Wafter, fished on an IQ D-Rig and running lead. Darryl kept on keeping on, and managed to land a couple of stunning Stockie’s later in the week. Not a bad first trip to the Main Lake, well done Darryl. 


Adam Meake chose to fish The Stink at the draw, but wasn’t 100% on whether he wanted to be in there. Fishing just two rods on Saturday night, he went out to the two spots which had been baited the week before with single hookbaits. At first light on Sunday, he had a Stockie off each spot, and was happy to know he had got fish under his belt early. Adam is a really vigilant angler, who is always looking, looking, looking. Having seen fishing showing in the Treeline, he decided to move and spend the remainder of the week in there. The fish were in residence in the snags during the day, but then moved out at night. Adam decided to leave the snag alone, and fish the open water, hoping to ambush the fish as they drifted in and out. He baited with 5-8kg of boilie and maize each day, and despite the capture of another Stockie, and losing one, the big girls didn’t follow the plan. It was a difficult week in Treeline, but such is Adam’s angling ability, if they were on his bait, he would have caught them. 


First time visitor, Mark Chapman was on the lookout for a short to medium range swim, and when Big Girls was available to him at the draw, he picked that one. He chose to fish the left hand treeline of the swim, and had one in the corner and two towards the headland at 22 wraps. Mark is one of the most laid back anglers around. He finally got the rods out on Sunday evening, baited lightly with Mainline FYBER and awaited to see what the carp had in store for him. On Monday evening, the fish showed up in front of Mark, and he duly obliged with a nice 16lb 8oz Stockie. On Friday, he had an almost identical sequence of events, and landed another Stockie. During the week, Mark used 10kg of boilie and 5kg of maize. With good conditions for the swim, perhaps a little more bait would have yielded better results. There are lots of mouths to feed in the Main Lake, and they definitely like a good munch.


It turned out to be a brilliant week overall, with plenty of fish caught, and a great bunch of lads. The final tally was 38 fish landed to 54lb, including 6 x 40’s and 11 x 30’s. The weather really had an effect later on in the week, with the fish drifting across to the far side on the strengthening Southerly wind, which clearly oxygenated the water. Lots learnt, and above all else, the quantity of bait used this week, really got them rooting around. No fish caught on zigs.....they don’t get fat eating foam!


Until next time.... Bonne Peche and Tight Lines




Team Gigantica