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  • Deacon Olley, 55lb, Bob's Beach, 11.8.18
  • Russell Smith, 33lb, Co's Point, 11.8.18
  • Tom Collingwood, 33lb 12oz, Big Southerly, 11.8.18
  • Tobias Ward, 38lb, Pole Position, 11.8.18
  • Tobias Ward, 27lb, Pole Position, 11.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 41lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 11.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 37lb, Bobs Beach, 11.8.18
  • Tobias Ward, 46lb, Pole Position, 11.8.18
  • Russell Smith, 45lb, Co's Point, 11.8.18
  • Tom Collingwood, 49lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 11.8.18
  • Tobias Ward, 27lb, Pole Position, 11.8.18
  • Russell Smith, 42lb, Co's Point, 11.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 48lb, Bobs Beach, 11.8.18
  • Russell Smith, 24lb, Co's Point, 11.8.18
  • Tom Collingwood, 45lb 4oz, Big Southerly, 11.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 30lb, Bob's Beach, 11.8.18
  • Alex McQuire, 43lb 8oz, The Alamo, 11.8.18
  • Russell Smith, 34lb 8oz, Co's Point, 11.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 49lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 11.8.18
  • Russell Smith, 34lb 8oz, Co's Point, 11.8.18
  • Alex McQuire, 38lb, The Alamo, 11.8.18

Deacon Olley, 55lb, Bob's Beach, 11.8.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/08/2018

Week ending 18.8.18

Only one thing to say...  

well done boys

What a week we have just had! It could have been tough following on after the last weeks non-stop action, but the boys smashed it out of the park with a new record number of fish caught in a week. With the weather settled in the mid-20s the conditions were bang on. The fish were well spread over the lake and showing signs of heavy feeding. After following the advice of the bailiff on the walk round, the guys wasted no time getting big beds of bait in the right spots

Early on, this payed off massively with nine fish on the bank by breakfast on Sunday morning and no signs of it slowing down.


Tom Collingwood fished Big Southerly.

Tom fished all 3 rods towards left of Alcatraz at 23 wraps; on the Saturday he wasted no time in putting the bait in, 10kg of a mixture of maize and boilies were put straight in giving him the brilliant results of 3 fish throughout the night up to 47lb.

He topped up the swim with 10kg a day, his bait choice was the Krill and CNS in a mixture of 18mm & 22mm boilies also added maize to the mix. Tom fished a snowman on a blow back rig using a 22mm CNS hardened hookbait topped with a trimmed down 15mm pop up. Throughout the day he left the swim resting between 11am-5pm allowing the fish to move in over the spot and get confidence feeding, the bite time during the week was any time between 12am-6am. Tom attacked the swim with big beds of bait which proved a very effective method throughout the week for him as he had 11 fish with the biggest being the Snag’s Linear at 47lb. 


Tobias Ward fished Pole Position

Tobias fished with 3 rods tight at 26 wraps towards the stink and he started the week on the Saturday evening baiting up 10kg, which consisted of mainly 20mm royal marine and pellet. This provided to be very successful as he had 3 fish early the following morning with the biggest being 27lb 8oz. Tobias baited up 10kg a day, splitting it to 5kg at around 11am but if he had a bite throughout the night he would had done it a bit earlier, the other 5kg would be put in after dinner. He found the bite time was 8am-8:30am. He fished white and pink 15mm scent from hell pop ups over the top. This strategy provided well for him as he finished up with 7 fish with the biggest being solid at 47lb. 


Russell Smith fished Co’s Point

Russel, the same as the others, started off the week by putting in a big bed of bait. He fished at 27.5 wraps towards the right-hand side of the tits. The bait choice was 15mm Krill and mainline link using 6kg of boilies each day. Russel spodded out 3kg at 11am and another 3kg after dinner, came out that most of the bites were going into darkness with nothing in during the day. This tactic worked well for Russel as he had fish every day throughout the week, he actually ended up banking an impressive 13 fish with the biggest being the bean at 45lb. He fished a combi rig being 8” long with semi tight lines, his most successful hook bait was a snowman with a Krill tuff one topped off with a plastic corn and the other being double 15mm boilies soaked in the squid goo.  


Deacon Olley fished Bob’s Beach

Deacon set out the week fishing 2 spots, the main one was 22wraps towards the stink, which he fished 2 rods on, and the other one was 14 wraps towards the headland. Deacon baited heavily all throughout the week using 8kg a day between the 2 spots. He spombed out a mix, half made of boilies and the other half with maize and pellet, the boilie choice was CC Moore’s Pacific tuna in 15mm which he fished over the top with a snowman or wafter presentation. His heavy baiting approach worked for him from the first night, it gave him two fish in the early hours of Sunday morning with shoulders at 55lb and Fred at 49lb 8oz. Deacon found that bite time was between 2-5am and 7am-9am with the right hand rod fished at 14 wrap at a spot producing the bigger fish. Baiting up would occur in the swim after dinner, he was using a large spomb to put out the bait. The style of fishing, using big beds of bait, proved to be successful landing him 7 fish including Sashsquash at 48lb, Rudders at 41lb and the biggest being shoulders at 55lb!


Chris Jenkinsopted for Alcatrazafter coming out early in the draw. He had chosen this swim on the previous weeks performance but soon realised he had jumped in out of his depth with most bites coming from the 28 wrap mark. Chris was struggling to get the bait out to the distance required, the fish were showing just past his maximum range making things a little frustrating for him.

Chris opted to fish with two rods to the hump at 23 wraps towards Scotties corner and the third one at 26 wraps towards stink, this resulted in one fish for him over the week but hardship to get amongst the bigger fish. 


Eddie Brantfished Stock pond

Eddie fished his first two rods at 19 wraps towards the stock pond netting and his third rod was fished at 9 wraps in to the near corner all three rods were baited up by hand from the bank with 10kg over all three rods on the first day with a mixture of Bait works Royal Marine and maize he fished over this with harden hookers and plastic maize this tactic resulted in two fish for Ed with the biggest a lovely scaly 23lb 6oz mirror.


Alex McQuirefished The Alamo.

Alex fished his first rod at 14 wraps towards the lodge his second and third rod was fished at 25 wraps towards Alcatraz Alex was fishing blow back rigs on all three rods with double bottom baits on each his bait of choice was KLF hard hookers these were presented with a size 4 wide gape. Alex started off with an initial 10kg bed of boilie over the three rods then topped this up with another 6kg per day with a mix of boilies and maize this resulted in three fish over the week including Lennies at 43lb 8oz and Kronenburg at 38lb on the last morning.


Jonathan Knowles fished The Alamo

Jonathan fished 2 rods out on a spot at 25 wraps straight out. His third rod was fished down the right hand margin at 8 wraps. Jonathan picked up 2 stockies on this spot. His rig choice for the week was a blow back rig with a double bottom bait. His chosen baits were KLF boilies with KLF hard hookers on the hair. He started the week with 10kg of boilies out on the spots. After this he baited with a mixture of boilies and maize. He then started to Top up the swim with 5-6kg a day. Unfortunately he only managed two stockies as he struggled to get amounst the bigger fish. 


A fantastic week with some well-earned results.

It’s only a matter of time before some of the A team start showing their faces.

Until next time tight lines…..