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  • Barry Lonsdale, 66lb 8oz, The Alamo, 18.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 32lb, Big Southerly, 18.8.18
  • Tom Smith, 31lb 4oz, Bob's Beach, 18.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 50lb, Big Southerly, 18.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 43lb, Big Southerly, 18.8.18
  • Tom Smith, 51lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 18.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 43lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 18.8.18
  • Lee Whitfield, 46lb, Co's Point, 18.8.18
  • Kierren Waters, 48lb 8oz, Oblivion, 18.8.18
  • Lee Whitfield, 34lb, Co's Point, 18.8.18
  • Danny Bleach, 45lb, The Stink, 18.8.18
  • Lee Whitfield, 43lb, Co's Point, 18.8.18
  • Tom Smith, 49lb, Bob's Beach, 18.8.18
  • Tim Clay, 42lb 8oz, Pole Position, 18.8.18
  • Liam Lonsdale, 45lb 8oz, Alamo, 18.8.18
  • Tom Smith, 50lb, Bob's Beach, 18.8.18
  • Bob Burrows, 32lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 18.8.18
  • Tim Clay, 30lb, Pole Position, 18.8.18
  • Tim Clay, 30lb, Pole Position, 18.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 31lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 18.8.18
  • Deacon Olley, 40lb, Big Southerly, 18.8.18
  • Grant Dilloway, 22lb 4oz, Stock Pond, 18.8.18
  • Barry Lonsdale, 29lb, The Alamo, 18.8.18
  • Barry Lonsdale, 54lb 4oz, The Alamo, 18.8.18
  • James Jones, 32lb, Oblivion, 18.8.18
  • The Godfather of Soul 39lb Deacon Olley Big Southerly 18.8.18

Barry Lonsdale, 66lb 8oz, The Alamo, 18.8.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 18/08/2018

Week ending in the 25thAugust 


The weeks weather has mainly been bright sunshine with a warm southerly wind. They have been a stable high air pressure although towards the end of the week, the weather turned leading it to be over cast and strong winds with the odd shower. A lot of the anglers fishing have visited before although not fished the main lake before. The lake fished well with 40 fish being caught over the week with the biggest being Roberts at 66lb 8oz.


The first report is going to be for Barry Lonsdalewho fished in Alamofor the week. Barry decided to fish D-rigs or blow back rigs for the week, these were fished with either a bottom bait or a wafter. He started out spreading 5kg of boilie over 2 spots which were 30 wraps towards the Beach and the other being 12 wraps towards the clubhouse. For the rest of the week he baited up with 3kg of boilie over each rod per day. The method of baiting up was mainly the spomb and topping up with the throwing stick. The chosen bait for the week was sticky Manilla. Barry ended up with 3 fish for the week with the biggest being Roberts at 66lb 8oz.


Next up is young Liam Lonsdalewho fished Baxters hole. Liam started his swim off with 5kg of boilie and then topping up the spot with 3kg of boilie and a kilo of maze each day. The chosen bait was sticky baits with a mix of manilla and the krill. He opted to fish all 3 rods at 26 wraps towards the stink. Although Liam did not catch in Baxters, he spent 24 hours in Alamo towards the end of the week where he managed a 45lb 8oz mirror called makers mark. During his time in Alamo he fished 12 wraps towards the club house. 


Lee Whitfieldchoose Cos Point at the draw and fished all 3 rods tight at 27.5 wraps using 2 trees as a marker. Lee fished blow back rigs with a 18mm bottom bait tipped with fake maze. The baiting tactic for lee was spombing out 4kg of boilie and 2kg of maze a day over the spot. Lee managed 3 fish for the week with the biggest being Stoneacre at 46lb and the smallest being Ray at 34lb. lee’s chosen bait for the week was Blakes baits HNV Pro. 


Next up is one of the corner swims being Scotties cornerwhich Aaron Reidfished for the week. Aarons approach was fishing 3 spots with 2 being along the bank which he baited by hand and the other being 16 wraps out to a weed bed. The 2 rods along the bank was fished at 8.25 wraps to a gap in the treeline and the other being 10.33wraps straight out towards the tree. Aaron opted to bait up 10kg of a mixture of link, cell and maze between the 3 rods each day. The 2 rods along the marginal tree line he baited up by hand and the 16 wrap spot was baited with a spomb. Aaron managed 3 fish for the week but struggled to get amongst the bigger stamp of fish. He fished IQD rigs with either a wafter or fake plastic baits.


Tom Smithfished The Beachthis week, he chose to set out his stalls fishing at 21wraps with his first two rods and his third rod was fished at 14 wraps towards the point. He kicked of the swim with 10kg of boilie the first day and then topped it up with 5kg of boilie and 2-3kg of maze a day. This was applied with a spod. Tom spod mix included a boilie, maze, stickys cap oil and krill stick powder. Tom spodded at 20.25wraps which accounted for the drop due to the depth of water he was fishing in. Tom had a quick bite Saturday night catching a 32lb mirror called the Trans Pretty. Although the week slowed up for Tom, he stuck to the spots and Friday it changed for him banking 3 fish including The Long common at 50lb and The koi at 51lb 8oz smashing his pb three times in one week. His rigs varied between a blow back rig and a hinge stiff rig, these were fished on a helicopter style set up using the heli safe system. The bait choice was Blakes bait crab and cranberry. 


Pole Positionwas fished by Tim Claywhich he fished all 3 rods at 27.5wraps towards the stink. Tim started his swim with 17kg of boilies which he spombed out a mixture of chopped, halves and whole boilie. He then topped the swim up with 5-6kg of boilie and maze each day. Tim used a mixture of key cray and the link. His chosen rigs were blow back rigs and Ronnie rigs fished with either a white pop up or fake maze. By the end of the week he ended up with 3 fish with the biggest being nelson at 42lb8oz but most importantly bagged himself the £3000 prize for the first stockie to be caught over the 30lb mark with Le Boheme at 30lb on the nose.  


Stock Pondwas fished by Grant Dilloway. Grant fished 2 rods at 19 wraps towards the margin which he baited up by hand/ catapult. The other rod was fished at 19 wraps into open water towards the point, this was baited up with a spomb. Throughout the week grant used 34kg of boilie which was a mixture of sticky Krill and Manilla. Also used 10kg of maize, this bait was spread throughout the week. On the margin spot grant opted to bait up with crushed boilies and maize which he could mould into a ball for easier baiting.for hook baits Grant used IB pop up corn and hardhookers krill bottom baits. These baits were presented on combi rigs. Grant ended up with 3 fish with the biggest being billys scaly at 22lb 2oz and one of Gigantica’s new stockies that he got to name uncle G. 


Treelinewas fished by Martin Pettis, he decided to fish mainly in open water for the week by having 2 rods in open water and 1 rod along the treeline towards the sunken tree which was at 22 wraps. The open water rods were also fished at 22 wraps towards the stink. Martin opted to bait up 3kg of bait over each rod per day after an initial 10kg on the first day. The bait being a mixture of maize and boilies. Martin fished a blow back rigs and Ronnie rigs with either plastic pop up corn or mainline link bottom baits. The boilies he used were mainline link. For all of his efforts martin managed to land one fish of 18lb after losing a good fish early on. 


Big Southerlywas fished by Decon Olly. He decided to fish 3 rods at 23 wraps towards the left side of Alcatraz. Decon kicked of the swim with 10kg of bait with a mixture of boilie, pellet and maize. He then topped up the swim with 5kg a day and another 2kg after every fish. His method of baiting up was with the spomb. Decon fished a blow back rig with a snowman with a varies coloured toppers. The boilie choice was CC moore pacific tuna. He ended up with 8 fish including The peach at 43lb and The Football at 43lb 8oz with the biggest being 50lb common called The Vicar. 


The stinkwas fished by Danny Bleachwho fished all 3 rods at 22 wraps towards The beach. Danny spodded out 6kg of boilie and 5kg of maize over the spot each day.  The rig choice was IQ rig with a matching Bottom bait over the top. Danny managed 2 fish for the week with the biggest being petal’s at 45lb 10oz.


Alcatrazwas fished by Bob Burrows, “One of the nicest guys you will ever meet in the angling community with many a story to tell’’. Bob fished 1 rod at 28 wraps towards the stink and 2 rods 23.5 wraps to the hump. The baiting approach for bob was spombing 10kg of boilie and 3kg of maize over the 2 spots each day. The rig choice was slip D rigs fished on a heli system with plastic maize and tigers used as hook baits. Bob finished up with 6 fish with the biggest being 32lb 8oz, a fish called the little plated.


Another amazing week on the main lake were dreams are made and broken new friendships are made and old scores are settled its defiantly got something special why not find out for yourself.

Tight lines.