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  • Simon Sager, 79lb, Alamo, 25.8.18
  • Simon Sager, 42lb, The Alamo, 25.8.18
  • Radu Mitrea, 32lb 8oz, The Stink, 25.8.18
  • Radu Mitrea, 46lb, The Stink, 25.8.18
  • Chris Clark, 66lb 8oz, Co's Point, 25.8.18
  • Chris Clark, 39lb 8oz, Co's Point, 25.8.18
  • Mark White, 34lb, Treeline, 25.8.18
  • Mark White, 66lb, Treeline, 25.8.18
  • Mark White, 30lb, Treeline, 25.8.18
  • Mark White Getting A Pb Soaking
  • Mark Shildrake, 32lb, Big Girls, 25.8.18
  • Darren Burke, 54lb, Pole Position, 25.8.18
  • Darren Burke Geting A Soaking
  • Nick Carter, 27lb, Bob's Beach, 25.8.18
  • Mark White, 44lb, Treeline, 25.8.18
  • Barry Edwards, 38lb 8oz, Baxters Hole, 25.8.18
  • Barry Edwards, 46lb, Baxter's Hole, 25.8.18

Simon Sager, 79lb, Alamo, 25.8.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/08/2018

Week ending 1.9.18


This week on the main lake we had a group of return visitors. With the weather looking settled for the week with daytime temperatures into the mid 20s and the air pressure hovering around 1019 things were looking good.

Simon Sager fished The Alamo.

Simon was on his first visit to the Main Lake and what a result he had after starting the week with one of the new 2017 stockie’s at 17lb, he followed this with one of the lakes largest residents, "The German Fish" at a massive weight of 79lb. The fish fell to a single Northern specials NS1+ pop up fished on a Multi Rig fished at 24.5 wraps towards Baxters Hole. Similar tactics also landed Simon "Apple Slices" at 42lb. It just goes to show, sometimes simple tactics in the right place at the right time can result in mega rewards. Simon also fished his third rod over a baited spot at 14 wraps towards the lodge with 15kg of Hemp based boilie, which produced two more fish to mid 20s.


Mark White fished The Tree Line.

Mark decided to fish all three rods away from the snags and baited an area at 23 wraps towards The Stink with an initial 10kg of Victory Baits Bedlam this was spread in a line over 6 meters and was topped up each day with around 6kg and after each bite with an additional 2kg. Mark fished over the top of this using the Ronnie rig with a size 2 hook. This tactic payed off big time for mark with his first fish coming on Monday morning in the shape of pips at 66lb what a fish to kick start the week with he then backed this up with a 45lb mirror, The Trans Pretty One at 30lb and The Bullet at 36lb.   


Chris Dale fished Big Southerly.

Chris fished all three rods at 23 wraps at the left-hand side of Alcatraz after an initial 10kg of mixed Cell and maize on the first day to get the spot started Chris introduced a further 7kg over the spot each evening he fished over the top of this with the multi rig tipped with a cell wafter after losing a couple of good fish early on Chris struggled to get amongst the bigger fish landing himself four of the new stockies to 28lb.


Darren Burke fished Pole Position.

Darren fished all three rods at 27.5 wraps to the left-hand side of Stink he baited this spot with 4kg of mixed Hydra K boilie and maize per day and an extra 2kg after each bite Darren fished over the top of this with a fluoro pop up on The D rig and managed to land himself five fish over the week with the biggest being Marcels at 54lb.


Radu Mitera fished The Stink.

Radu started the week by baiting a spot at 25 wraps to the tall tree left of Bobs Beach he fished this with an initial bed of 10kg of mixed Royal Marine and Monster Red and topped this up with 5kg per day all three rods were fished to the same spot the first rod was fished on a D-Rig the second on a Blow Back Rig and the third on a Ronnie Rig all three were tipped with Royal Marine and scent from hell toppers this tactic produced  two fish for Radu over the week with Sovereign at 46lb and Bite Mark at 32lb 8oz. 


Mark Shildrake fished Big Girls.

After coming out late in the draw it took Mark a little while to get his head straight and focus on the fishing but after seeing fish showing at 24.5 wraps towards the point this was going to be his main baited area with 25kg of mixed DT N-Blend and Sticky Krill introduced over the week this was fished over the top with the German Rig tipped with a N-Blend bottom bait mark managed one fish for the week being My Bait at 32lb. 


Chris Clark fished Co’s Point.

Chris came 3rdin the draw and with Co’s point still available he jumped straight in following on from the previous angler Chris decided to fish all three rods tight at 27.5 wraps towards the tits his baiting strategy was 8kg of Royal Marine spodded over the spot each day and fished over the top of this with a Royal Marine wafter presented on the IQ-D rig with a size 2 hook this payed off for Chris in the shape of Two Time at 66lb 8oz he also backed this up with Petal at 39lb 8oz and one of the stunning 2017 stockies.


Barry Edwards fished Baxters Hole

Barry started the first two nights in Scotties Corner however after very little signs of fish in the area he decided to make the move to Baxters Hole. The move was spot on landing himself The Leather at 46lb and Cookies and Cream at 38lb6oz. Barry’s baiting strategy for the week was 8kg per day of mixed Victory Baits Bedlam and maize spodded at 23 wraps towards Stink this was fished over with a Blow Back Rig tipped with a Mainline Salty Squid wafter on a size 2 wide gape.  


Nick Carter fished Bobs Beach.

Nick fished his first two rods at 23 wraps towards The Stink and his third rod was fished at 14 wraps towards the point his baiting approach for the week was 10kg on the first day followed by 5kg per day spread over both spots with Bait Works Royal Marine this was fished over on The Ronnie Rig tipped with a yellow Scent From Hell pop up. Nick only managed to pick up one fish over the course of the week being Fortuna at 27lb. 


Another great week on the main lake with some of the Lakes A Lister’s starting to slip up who knows which one will be next maybe Northern Scaly will pay us a visit, its definitely overdue….

Until next time tight lines