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  • Danny Armitage, 56lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Danny Armitage, 48lb, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Danny Armitage, 45lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Danny Armitage, 48lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Danny Armitage, 33lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Danny Armitage, 30lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Baiting up at range in The Alamo
  • Andrew Parker, 55lb 8oz, Pole Position, 15.9.18
  • Andrew Parker, 30lb 4oz, Pole Position, 15.9.18
  • Dean Burton, 48lb 8oz, Co's Point, 15.9.18
  • Dean Burton, 33lb, Co's Point, 15.9.18
  • John Allen, 32lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 15.9.18
  • John Allen, 24lb, Stock Pond, 15.9.18
  • John Allen, 23lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 15.9.18
  • Steve Farnon, 37lb, Alcatraz, 15.9.18
  • Wez Rowley, 48lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 15.9.18
  • Alex Noble, 41lb 4oz, Oblivion, 15.9.18
  • Alex Noble, 34lb 4oz, Oblivion, 15.9.18
  • Sam Fyffe, 38lb, Big Girls, 15.9.18
  • Cliff Marston, 30lb, Big Southerly, 15.9.18
  • Cliff Marston, 30lb, Big Southerly, 15.9.18
  • Andy Savage, 52lb, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Andy Savage, 45lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • Andy Savage, 35lb, The Alamo, 15.9.18
  • The Main Lake Massive'

Danny Armitage, 56lb 8oz, The Alamo, 15.9.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/09/2018

The second week of September has felt more like the second week of July. With warm sunny days, and temperatures approaching thirty degrees, we are having a bit of an Indian Summer. The winds started off from a northerly direction, then switched westerly half way through the week. The fish were well spread around the lake, and last hour of daylight, and first hour of darkness saw a lot of fish showing. They turned up in different areas of the lake each evening, which raised anticipation levels amongst the twelve anglers who were on for the week.


Danny Armitage managed to secure The Alamo for the week, and being a competent distance angler, chose to fish all three rods at 28 wraps towards the big tree, left of Bob’s Beach. He baited up every day with between 6-7kg of Mainline Link and Fiber, with a couple of handfuls of maize. After the initial baiting up on Saturday afternoon, he got off to a flyer when “Mr Chow” picked up his Link Wafter at 9pm that evening. Weighing in at 45lb 8oz, it was great to get off the mark quickly. Danny used an IQ German Rig, with either a White Link Wafter, or matching Wafter. Danny caught consistently through the week, and kept the bait going to keep the fish visiting. He ended up landing nine fish, including two thirties, three forties and a controversial fifty (more of which later)!!


Andrew Parker chose to fish in Pole Position, and set out his stall fishing 26 wraps at The Stink with all three rods. Bait for the week was Mainline Link and Cell, and he baited up with 4-5kg of boilie mixed with maize each day. His first bite came out of the blue on Sunday afternoon, when one of the stunning Stockie’s called “Mr President” fell for an IB Dumbell on the ever faithful IQ D-Rig, at 25lb. During the next 24hrs, Andrew had a further three fish, the best being a whacking 55lb 8oz Mirror known as “The Clean Fish”, which has absolutely smashed the weight on. The fish then drifted off to other areas of the lake, but he stuck to his guns, and got another nice scaley 30lb Mirror on Friday. 


Coming out seventh in the draw, Dean Burton still managed to get into the popular Co’s Point, and started fishing at 24 wraps, then went out a bit further to 27 wraps towards “The Tits” later in the week, as his casting improved. He was baiting up each day with 5kg; using a combination of DNA Baits S7 and Scopex Squid, mixed with maize and pellet. It took a couple of days for him to come to grips with fishing the long range swim, but on Tuesday he got off the mark with one of the Stockie’s, before taking two fish on Tuesday, the best being “Baby Brutus” at 48lb 4oz. Dean finished the week with six fish, which all fell to a Baitroom Dumbell Wafter on an IQ D-Rig.


John Allen went into Stock Pond and was very keen to try out a particle only approach. He fished hemp and chipped maize at 21 wraps towards Oblivion with two rods, and one across to the corner of the stock pond bank at 25 wraps. He was baiting up each day with 5-7kg of particle, and fishing two grains of maize, or a pink squid dumbell over the top as hookbaits. After a quiet couple of days, John picked up a fish a day from Monday. Bite time was around midnight, and John had a succession of 20lb originals, and bagged himself a nice 30lb Common on Friday. The action increased in the swim during the week, and with the gradual introduction of a good quality boilie, there was perhaps a much better result on the cards. John ended the week with a creditable four fish catch to 32lb 12oz.


Steve Farnon picked, or rather was left, ball number one at the draw and chose Alcatraz for the week. He used a combination of Baitworks Royal Marine and maize to bait the “hump” at 22 wraps. Steve also cast single hookbaits out to the 27 wrap area left of Stink, which had been baited the week before. He fished with Spinner Rigs, baited with Link Pop-Ups and picked up a 30 and a 20 on Sunday and Monday respectively, from the 27 wrap spot. Despite the fish showing in the area on a couple of evenings, unfortunately Steve couldn’t tempt that next bite. It is essential to be able to bait up accurately at range in Alcatraz to get the best from it; consistency in distance fishing is always key.


Wes Rowley chose the in-form Bob’s Beach swim for the week, and baited up with 6-7kg per day, consisting of 4kg of hemp and maize, plus 3kg of Mainline Link and Cell. He split this between two different spots; one at 21 wraps towards Stink, and the other was 24 wraps towards The Alamo. He had a bit of a poor start to the session when he had two bites, but unfortunately lost both fish off during the fight. Wes then endured a few quiet days, before finally landing two fish on Friday. The best being the “Upfront Mirror”  at a massive new high of 48lb 12oz, which was a new PB for Wes. There was the certainly the chance of more fish from the swim, but by spreading the bait between two spots, it reduced the amount of bait available for the fish when they moved in en’ mass. This can result in them cleaning you out quickly. Wes was definitely over the moon with his new PB.


Alex Noble opted for Oblivion and fished out at 28 wraps towards the big tree left of Beach with two rods, and one rod at 18 wraps towards the point. He baited up with Baitworks Royal Marine mixed with maize, using 20kg of boilie and 10kg of maize during the week. He started off introducing 4kg and and then topped up with 2kg on Sunday and Monday. Andy the Bailiff advised him to up the anti, as the fish have been coming to much larger quantities of bait. Alex followed the advice and increased to 4kg again, and the next morning at 10am he had his first bite. A beautiful long scaley 34lb Mirror known as “Partial Eclipse” being his reward. The fish fell for a Royal Marine bottom bait, with a fake corn topper. Alex had to wait until Friday evening for another chance, which he duly took, landing another cracker of 41lb 4oz. A great reward for some solid angling.


Sam Fyffe had the dubious honour of being last out of the draw bag, and chose to fish in Big Girls. He set out his stall fishing two rods at 22 wraps out in front, and one at 19 wraps up the margin. He baited in a line, effectively joining the two spots together. A great tactic in this swim, as it will intercept any fish transiting through. All was quiet for the first few days, but Sam stuck with the plan, and on Thursday the fish turned up on him and he duly obliged, landing Kling-On at 38lb. The fish fell for a Royal Marine bottom bait, with a 14mm squid topper over 5kg of Royal Marine, pellet and maize.


Cliff Marston went round to Big Southerly and after spending a bit of time getting organised, he chose to fish two rods at 20 wraps towards Alcatraz, and one at 13.5 wraps to the left hand marker pole. He baited up with Urban Baits Spicy Fish and Tuna & Garlic boilie, mixed with maize; putting in 4-5kg each day, over the two spots. A PB is exactly that; a “personal best”, and some anglers come to Gigantica having caught some enormous fish, but Cliff was looking for his first French twenty pounder. At 8am on Monday morning he did exactly that, and landed him self, not a twenty, but a beautiful 30lb Mirror! It was a new PB and also an unknown fish which he got to name, job done!


Sam Bathews fancied having a go in Baxter’s for the week and chose two different areas to fish. He fished one spot across to the right hand corner (putting a rod in there on alternate nights), and fished two rods at 21 wraps towards The Stink. He baited up with 5-6kg of boilie each day, and unfortunately had a bite on Sunday which dropped off during the fight. That set the scene for a really frustrating week, as the fish were coming into the area each day during darkness, but a bite didn’t materialise until Friday evening, when a 21lb 12oz Stockie Common saved the day. 


The Gigantica staff always fish in the swims which are left over after the draw, but for the first time in two years, Andy the Bailiff had a very kind invitation from Danny Armitage to join him and double up in The Alamo. Fishing the swim collectively as a team is essential to get the best from this long range swim. Fishing out to 28 wraps (matching Danny) towards Baxter’s, he baited up with 8kg of Mainline Link, with a handful of maize and Fibre boilies. The mix was liberally coated in Link infused Fossoil and Pineapple Supreme Goo. At 6am on Monday morning a nice scaley mid 40 called “Horseshoe” was a great start to what turned out to be a great week. The “controversial” carp occurred on Tuesday evening just after dinner, when after putting the rods out, Andy shot round to his room to get changed. It’s not very often that the bites come straight after casting out on the Main Lake, but on this occasion, the inevitable happened. Danny, who was minding the rods ended up landing The Spotty Leather at 56lb 8oz on Andy’s rods! How’s your luck. But the next morning Andy landed the “Snags Linear at 52lb to redeem himself! He ended the week with five fish.


In total there were 37 carp landed to 56lb 8oz, and the open water swims, are definitely producing to bigger quantities than have been used for most of the year, thus far. We have seriously underestimated how much food the fish can polish off. It’s looking great for the remainder of the year; don’t forget to bring plenty of bait, if you’re visiting us in the next few weeks!


Until next time....


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica 

Angler Comments

Alex Noble - Really enjoyed it, bailiff really helpful, food really good, I will be back.

Sam Fyffe - Brilliant place, beautiful lake, great bailiff who was helpful and great all week. Always made himself available.

Cliff Marston - Hard weeks fishing as expected, but great complex with great staff. The food was spot on.

Danny Armitage - Another great week as always. Top bailiffs and food.

Andrew Parker - Very well maintained complex, food spot on, and very helpful staff. Will defo be back again and again.