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  • Barry Yeomans, 54lb, Alamo, 29.9.18
  • Spencer Chunn, 30lb, Baxter's, 29.9.18
  • Chris Clark, 38lb 8oz, Co's Point, 29.9.18
  • Garry Pallen, 47lb, The Alamo, 29.9.18
  • Ryan Pacey, 20lb, Oblivion, 29.9.18
  • Steve Shephard, 30lb, Alcatraz, 29.9.18

Barry Yeomans, 54lb, Alamo, 29.9.18


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/09/2018

Week commencing 29.9.18

This week we had some mixed weather conditions with overnight temperatures dropping fast into single figures and the daytime up into the mid 20s this wasn’t the best conditions for the fishing but the boys put in the hard work and were rewarded with some absolute stunners..


Kicking off with Chris Clarke fishing Co’s Point.

A regular on the main lake Chris jumped at the chance to get in Co’s after coming out early in the draw. His approach was to fish all three rods at 25 wraps towards the tit’s this was baited up with an initial 10kg of Royal marine on the Saturday evening followed by another 10kg on the Sunday then dropping down to 5kg per day after that this was fished over with either the IQ-D rig or a simple Blow back rig tipped with a Royal Marine harden hooker with a Scent From Hell topper snowman style. This tactic resulted in three fish for Chris including two of the 2017 stockies at 26lb and 25lb this was followed with the Jarminator at 38lb8oz.


Steve Shepherd A.K.A Legend (for his efforts getting the Korda boys lorry up and running.)

Steve fished Alcatraz and managed to bag himself two fish for the week with the biggest being a 30lb common the other was one of the 2018 stockies at 20lb. both of his bites came from a spot at 27.5 wraps towards Stink on the Sunday night he continued to bait this spot with 6-7kg of mixed boilie and maize per day but had no further action.


Next up is Barry Yeomans fishing left-hand side of Alamo fishing all three rods at 28 wraps towards the tall tree left of beach fished with the spinner rig tipped with a Krill wafter the spot was baited with 7-8kg of freebies each day. Barry got off the mark early on with Baby Cluster at 54lb12oz on the Saturday night this proved to be his only bite for the week but what a fish and at its new top weight.


Fishing the right-hand side of Alamo is Gary Pallen with all three rods also fished at 28 wraps this time to the right side of the Beach Garry fished the D-rig tipped with a Krill wafter and baited up with a mix of 18mm Krill, pellets and maize with around 6kg per day this method resulted in two fish for Garry the first on Monday with one of the 2018 stockies the second coming on Friday in the shape of Stoneacre at 47lb.


Ryan Pacey fished Oblivion with all three rods fished at 28 wraps to the left of Beach the fish had moved in on his bait early on with the first bite coming on Sunday with one of the 2018 stockies at 20lb witch he has named The Growler. Ryan landed five more fish in the week but struggled to get amongst the bigger fish with his largest being 26lb. his tactic for the week was to fish all three rods on the D-rig tipped with a Krill wafter and baited up each day with 8kg of mixed pellet, maize and 18mm krill.


Spencer Chunn and Paul Harris dropped into Baxters after apparently breaking down with the lorry on their way home from the Korda week just 5 miles down the road (guy’s if you wanted to stay for an extra week you only had to ask) joking aside the guys had a great three day session landing six fish including one of the main lakes real characters Quasimodo at 38lb and Lashes at 30lb both falling to a solid bag fished at 21 wraps towards The Stink.


Until next time tight lines………..