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  • Rowen Hill, 61lb, Co's Point, 3.11.18
  • Mark Newson, 38lb, Big Southerly, 3.11.18
  • Down in one boys
  • Lars Nielsen, 41lb, Bob's Beach, 3.11.18
  • Nathan Churchill, 36lb, Bob's Beach, 3.11.18
  • The Perfect winter combination
  • Steve Bartlett, 50lb 8oz, Co's Point, 24.11.18
  • Stunning winter colours
  • Druse, 38lb, Bob's Beach, 24.11.18
  • Steve Bartlett, 55lb, Co's Point, 24.11.18
  • Absolutely mint condition
  • We get some amazing sun sets what better way to end a day

Rowen Hill, 61lb, Co's Point, 3.11.18


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/11/2018

November 2018 - Round Up


Week ending 3.11.18


Well its looking like winter is on its way with the temperatures taking a nose dive with daytime temps struggling to get above 10c and the first dusting of snow. Morning frosts most days, but the fish still seem to be very active, with a lot of fish showing in the middle area.


Rowan Hill decided to fish Co's Point, fishing at 31 wraps towards ‘the Tits’. He baited consistently throughout the week with 4-5kg a day using a mixture of Mainline Cell and Fyber, which resulted in a lost fish on the first night. Not ideal, but always a good sign that fish are in the area. Tuesday night and Rowans first fish was landed, the ‘Spotty Leather’ at a new top weight of 61lb. Rowan used an IQ D-Rig with his favourite Banoffee wafter to land this beast of a carp. This was followed by a 22lb Mirror and a 24lb Scaley original, what a stunner!


Lars Nielsen found himself in Bob's Beach and didn’t take any time at all to land his first fish of the session, fishing at 25 wraps towards the stink, Lars landed a 36lb Mirror known as ‘Bullet’ using a chocolate flavoured bait on a blowback rig set up. Lars baited up with the spomb using about 3-4kg a day. He finished the week on the Friday when he landed a fish known as ‘Pixles’ at 41lb, top angling Lars!


Ryan Westby fishing in Pole Position landed ten fish to 21lb, fishing at 25 wraps towards The Stink, using IQ D-Rigs and a mixture of Cell and Link wafters. He baited regularly through the week and after each bite, using about 4kg per day. Fishing was tough this week with the weather all over the place, but still a great week had by all, let’s see what next week brings…


Week Commencing 3.11.18


Well what a difference a little sunshine makes, the fish have been very active and well spread out over the lake. Even with the sun out the temperatures are still dropping which seem to be having a knock-on effect on the bigger fish feeding. With seventeen fish out in total this week, most anglers got in on the action at some point during the week.


Sam Barnard was on his second visit to the Main Lake and fished out of Pole Position with all three rods at 25 wraps towards The Stink. His baiting approach for the week was to use chopped Royal Marine mixed with maize spodded over an area the size of a dinner table and fished all three rods on Ronnie Rigs tipped with a Scent From Hell Pop-up. This resulted in five fish over the week but he struggled to get amongst the bigger fish, with them all being the new 2018 Stockies of which are already showing some great growth rates.


Mark Newson also on his second trip to the Main fished in Big Southerly with two rods out at 23 wraps, and the third at 11½ wraps to the back of the left-hand marker. Mark managed to land fish from both spots his baiting strategy was to use chopped and 18mm Sticky Krill with around 5kg over each spot per day. His hook bait presentation was an 18mm Krill hardened hooker on a size 4 Kurv D-Rig. This method worked well for Mark, landing himself three fish for the week up to 38lb with "The Almost Nude Fish" being the largest.


Luke Cornelius fished Co’s Point after coming out early in the draw and with the fish showing at around the 27 wrap mark, this was the spot he choose to fish with all three rods. Two were fished at the tit’s and the third was fished to the Flat Oak. Luke fished the IQ D-Rig tipped with 18mm Krill hook baits and 5kg per spot of free offerings consisting of chopped and whole Krill mixed with maize. During the week this resulted in six fish, with the biggest being one of the 2017 Stockies at 29lb 12oz which he has named Timberlake.


Nathan Churchill fished Bob's Beach and with fish showing along the bay he found a nice smooth area at 25 wraps just to the right of The Alamo, he baited the area with 5kg mix of boilies and Maize. Bit of a hard week for Nathan as he only managed one fish a 36lb Mirror called “Jasons fish” slipping up to a Ronnie Rig with a Manilla Pop-up as his hook bait.


Week commencing 10.11.18


The new Stockies introduced last month have defiantly settled in and are getting on the munch with twenty three of them being caught this week, all of them showing some mega weight gains already the future is looking epic 


Week commencing 24.11.18


Resident bank Tramp Steve Bartlett dropped into Co’s Point and after seeing fish close in on the walk round he decided to fish all three rods short at 22 wraps using just maize and hemp as free offerings. He fished over this with a Pink Almond infused Pop-up presented on a Ronnie Rig, with a size 4 KamaKura Krank. This paid off in style for Steve first landing him "Lennies" at 50lb 8oz on the Sunday night, he then followed this up with "The Clean Fish" at 55lb on the Monday night. After this amazing start to the week, Steve offered up the swim to give one of the other guys a chance to get amongst them a true gentleman.


Jonathon Druse fished Bob's Beach with two rods fished at 25 wraps towards The Stink and the third fished at 15 wraps towards the point. His bait of choice was CC Moore Live System. It was the 15 wrap spot that produced for Jonathon, with "Pecs" at 38lb falling to a Live System Wafter presented on an IQ D-Rig with a size 4 hook.


Well that’s the end of another month here on the Main Lake with the night’s drawing in and the temperatures dropping winter, is defiantly on its way but with the introduction of this year’s new stockies the fish are still very active and it’s only a matter of time before one of the big girls slips up.


Tight lines……..