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  • Steve French, 56lb 8oz, Co's Point, 5.1.19
  • A bit of ice doesn't stop the fish from feeding.
  • It really was this big.....but it dropped off!!
  • Steve French, 24lb, Co's Point, 5.1.19
  • Steve's PVA Bag Rig
  • Preparation is key when bag fishing.
  • Steve French, 27lb, Co's Point, 5.1.19
  • Turkish baths on Co's Point.
  • Steve hard at work on his "Carpy" tea bag pile!
  • Steve French, 27lb 8oz, Co's Point, 5.1.19
  • Stuart Young, 59lb, The Alamo, 12.1.19
  • Stuart Young, 54lb, The Alamo, 12.1.19
  • Captor returns back to the icy depths
  • Stuart Young, 51lb, The Alamo, 12.1.19
  • Stuart Young, 42lb, The Alamo, 12.1.19
  • Stuart Young, 37lb, The Alamo, 12.1.19
  • Stuart Young, 16lb, The Alamo, 12.1.19
  • Paul Currill, 37lb, Oblivion, 12.1.19
  • Paul Currill, 25lb, Oblivion, 12.1.19
  • Andy Savage, 17lb 12oz, Co's Point, 12.1.19
  • It's white, but they're still biting.
  • Charlie and Phil enjoying a bit of winter's still T-Shirt weather, they're from Oop' North!!
  • Water is so overrated for making brews!

Steve French, 56lb 8oz, Co's Point, 5.1.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/01/2019

What an amazing January we’ve had on the Main Lake this year; the best and most productive on record. Whilst we haven’t had loads of anglers on the lake, the ones who have come out and fished well, have been rewarded with some winter crackers. The weather in the early part of the month has been fairly mild, with daytime temps around 8 degrees, and overnight down to 3 -4 degrees. We had a cold snap at the end of the month with hampered sport, but it was inevitable that the mild weather couldn’t continue forever.


First anglers on for 2019 were brothers, Steve and Stuart French. Venue regular, Steve, already had a plan in mind which involved fishing in the open water swims, at long range, with solid bags. Having never had the chance to fish in Co’s Point, Steve jumped at the chance, and set about putting out 20 Spombs of CC Moore Live system boilies; crumbed and choped at 31 wraps. He cast three solid bags with matching wafter dumbells over the top and that was the traps set. After a couple of quiet nights, Steve got underway on Monday with a couple of the 2018 Stockie’s which was a good sign that fish were visiting the baited spot. He upped the anti on the bait front and went up to 30 large Spombs instead of 20, and the action then continued every day with the Stockie’s. A couple of which weighed in at 27lb and 27lb 8oz respectively. These were both 2017 Stockie’s which had been introduced at 7lb 8oz only 13 months previous; some serious weight gains experienced yet again.


With things ticking along nicely, we were beginning to wonder if any of the bigger fish would make an appearance, and in classic Gigantica style, we saved the best till last!. In the early hours of Saturday morning, Steve had another steady take, but this fish felt altogether different and, after a slow heavy plod around he slipped the net under the mighty “Patched Fully” at 56lb 8oz. What a fantastic result for some great angling.


We had started to see odd fish showing themselves in front of The Alamo, so Stuart moved across from Bob’s Beach on Wednesday, but was hampered a little by the wind, which prevented him from getting out to the longer-range areas. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to snare one on this occasion, but has some unfinished business which he is going to come and sort out!


The following week, there were two anglers booked on, plus the two bailiffs. Once again, the central open water swims would be the ones to see the attention. Paul Currill chose to go into The Stink, and fished out towards the Beach at 31 wraps, baiting with hemp and maize only. A few quiet days ensued, with nothing in the way of bites coming along, so he chose to move up into Oblivion, as there had been plenty of action in The Alamo. This proved to be the right move, as he landed a Tench on his first night, and then at the same time (bite times can be fairly protractive in the winter) the next day he landed “Short Dorsal” at 37lb in all its winter splendour and followed it up with a 25lb Stockie. The fish fell for three grains of Korda IB Slow Sinking Maize on a heli-setup.


Next door in The Alamo, Stuart Young experienced what can only be described as an epic winter session. Fishing with a Chilli Hemp and Maize mix, he put out half a dozen large Spombs nice and tight over each rod at 31 wraps towards Baxters. He got straight into action with his first bite on Sunday morning being a fifty pounder! ‘Sashquash’ had made a mistake and looked absolutely full to burst at 54lb. Fishing with a Heli-setup and three grains of Korda IB Slow Sinking Maize on a 8’ Combi Rig to a Size 4 Krank hook. Little did he know what was in store for him  for the next few days, as he plundered the denizens of the deep. Monday morning saw another nice brace; a forty and a fifty!! “White Lines” at a whopping 59lb and “Gums” at 42lb. How’s yer luck! A few of the 2018 Stockie’s then started to make an appearance, before he struck again with another 50/40 brace! This time it was “The Koi’ at 51lb and Makers Mark at 48lb. All his fish fell for three grains of Korda IB Slow Sinking Maize on a heli-setup. He finished with fourteen fish for the week. 


Gigantica Manager, Andy Savage, finally got a chance to fish in Co’s Point for the first time in two years. Following on from Steve French, he started off at 31 wraps towards the “Tits”. Going with 20 Spombs of Crumbed Mainline FYBER and Essential Cell. He fished 4” D-Rigs tied up with Hybrid Stiff and Size 4B, Kamakura Kranks, baited with 12mm IB Slow Sinking Dumbells. Saturday and Sunday night saw two 2018 Stockie’s come to the net, then it went quiet on Monday. A shift right towards the “Flat Oak” at 35 wraps brought better fortune, with a run of 2018 Stockie’s. Unfortunately, none of the bigger fish graced the bank, but getting your string regularly pulled in January is a great confidence booster. Andy ended the week with nine fish from eleven bites.


The end of the week brought some cold weather with daytime temperatures struggling to get over 2 degrees, and overnight lows of -5. This was not a great welcome to the lake for Phil Swift and his mate Charlie, who endured some freezing conditions during their first week at the complex. Credit to them, they fished well, and fished hard all week, but unfortunately the carp had decided to lay low. The two lads have unfinished business and have already booked on for January 2020. I’m sure they’ll get their reward.


Overall there were 45 fish landed, including four x 50’s and two forties. The good news is that it’s only going to keep getting better with the ongoing stocking programme we have in place. We’ve taken the decision to reduce the number of anglers in winter from twelve, down to six. The central, open water swims do definitely fish better in the winter, and we want all our guests to have a crack at a productive swim. Well that’s it for January. The signs of Spring won’t be far away, so until then..


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica