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  • Simon Irons with La Boheme at 39lb 12oz from Co's Point
  • Pete Chambers, The Almost nude Fish, 33lb from The Alamo
  • Ant Foster Gigantica Cheese and wine night "if you know then you know....."
  • Steve Bartlett with Sexy Fish at 26lb from Bob's Beach
  • niceeeee!
  • James Jones with Corporal Punishment at 25lb, Pole Position.
  • Jamie Wilson With Wayne's World at 38lb from Alcatraz
  • Jamie Wilson With Night Watchman at 26lb from Alcatraz

Simon Irons with La Boheme at 39lb 12oz from Co's Point


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/02/2019

It was only a matter of time before the cold weather arrived. The temperatures during the first two weeks of February were mainly in the minus’s. The deep water of the Make Lake ensured that the temperature didn’t drop low enough to freeze, but at five degrees, the carp decided that they didn’t fancy having a feed for a week or so. However, a short spell of much warmer temperatures soon stirred their appetite, and just in time for the Work Party.


At Gigantica we have a February work party so we can undertake maintenance around the lakes without disturbing anglers during the busy season. This year we have rebuilt the majority of the swims on the Main Lake, removed the last of the snags from Treeline and Scottie’s Corner and raked all the swims out to 27 wraps to turn over the bottom and remove any lost rigs and tackle. This year we removed some truly horrific rigs, which shows that unfortunately some anglers have not being respecting the rules of the fishery. Please don’t be offended when we check you this year, as clearly we need to be more proactive in this department. 


The lads who kindly come out to give us a hand, work during the day, then fish the nights. Pete Chambers went into The Alamo and being a proficient distance caster, went out to 38 wraps into uncharted territory, which is rarely fished. He used a small quantity of hemp, maize and chopped boilie; presenting a Pink Almond infused Pop-Up over the top. He landed a 2018 Stockie and a 33lb original known as “The Almost Nude Fish” which hadn’t seen the bank since 2015. Work Party regular Deacon Olley went into Alcatraz and fished 27.5 wraps left of Stink. After a quiet couple of nights the fish started to visit his spot. He had a couple of the 2018 Stockie’s which took a liking to his IB Pop-Up fished over 2kg of CC Moore Live System mixed with maize. Steve Bartlett had a couple of nights in the Beach and had the same result as Deacon, with a couple of Stockie’s. The best being the “Sexy Fish” at 26lb.


The following week we had a five anglers on, and the weather conditions were lovely and mild for the time of year, with decent South/South Westerly winds and warm overnight temperatures. Embryo Pumphouse Fishery Manager Simon Irons chose Co’s Point and fishing at long range, he baited every day with 5kg of whole and chopped boilie mixed with our hemp and maize. Presenting a Garlic Goo infused Pop-Up over the top, Simon lost a couple of fish early on before coming agonisingly close to landing the first forty pound Stockie. The bruiser of a Common known as “La Boheme” tipped the scales to 39lb 12oz, having put on over a pound a month in weight since it’s introduction in October 2016! He also went on to land another two Stockie’s during the week. 


Jamie Wilson AKA “The Northern Hauler” was on his second trip to the Main Lake, and he was in for a bit of a shock. Being a Northerner he is reputedly a bit tight with the bait (he has names for most of his boilies as uses so few of them!!) So introducing 5kg every day was bringing a tear to his eye (and wallet). It proved to be a sound tactic in Alcatraz, and he picked fish up almost every  evening. There were a couple of notable fish amongst the eleven fish he landed; the first being an original known as “Wayne’s World” at 38lb and one of the super Stockie’s at 31lb, which had put on 22lb since it’s introduction in 2017. The growth rates of some of our fish are simply mind blowing. 


Gigantica Bailiff, James Jones fished next door in Pole Position for the week. He baited up with hemp and maize only, introducing 2kg every other day; fishing Korda Fake Food IB Pop-Up Dumbells over the top. James landed three Stockie’s during the week, the best being a 25lb Mirror known as “Corporal Punishment”. The way the bites unfolded suggested that the fish were visiting Alcatraz first, and then moving down into Pole Position, as James had his bites in the early hours of the morning, whereas Jaime next door in Alcatraz was mainly in the evenings. Our James likes having sloppy we’ve heard......allegedly!!


It’s been a brilliant start to the year on the Main Lake, with the number fish landed eclipsing any other year since we’ve had the lake. To put it into context, in Jan/Feb 2018 there were fifteen fish landed. In the same period in 2019 we’ve had no less than sixty three!! There’s been some absolute beasts amongst them as well. 


We’ve Taken the decision to reduced the number of anglers from twelve to six from the first week in December, until the middle of March, to give everyone access to the open water swims which have been far more productive. The fish have all been at their biggest ever weights, and in superb condition. What else is there to say......get yourself a winter trip booked and come and experience it for yourself.


Until next time.....Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica