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  • Stephen Daynes, 76lb 4oz, Baxters Hole, 25/05/19
  • What an absolute UNIT!
  • 'Bring it on'
  • Good shot mr bucket man!!
  • Lee Crane, 38lb, The Alamo, 25/05/19
  • Lee Crane, 38lb, The Alamo, 25/05/19
  • Scaley bangers everywhere!!
  • Lee Crane, 38lb, The Alamo, 25/05/19
  • Chris Aldous, 33lb, The Stink, 25/05/19
  • P.B Common!!
  • Chris Aldous, 46lb, The Stink, 25/05/19
  • This is a weekly occurrence and we love it !!!
  • Paul Joy, 28lb 8oz, Co's Point, 25/05/19
  • Radu Mitrea, 45lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 25/05/19
  • Admiring the prize!
  • Final goodbye!
  • Seb Dickinson, 44lb 4oz, Big Girls, 25/05/19
  • Seb Dickinson, 30lb, Big Girls, 25/05/19
  • Deacon Olley, 21lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 25/05/19
  • Deacon Olley, 14lb 4oz, Stock Pond, 25/05/19
  • Rowan Hill, 26lb, Pole Position, 25/05/19
  • Mick Clark, 39lb 12oz, Big Southerly, 25/05/19

Stephen Daynes, 76lb 4oz, Baxters Hole, 25/05/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/05/2019

Week Commencing 25th May


With consistent warm weather on the cards the fish will be thinking about spawning very soon, the Road Lake fish have already had a go so the Main Lake wont be far behind. This didn’t stop the lads from nicking a few bites throughout the week, with an absolute enormidon gracing one very happy anglers net!


Starting off with the ‘Biggun’ Steve ‘Flymo Frank’ Daynes came out fairly high in the draw and decided to fish Baxters Hole, having fished this swim a couple of times previously with no result he certainly had a score to settle! Concentrating 2 rods at 16 wraps towards The Stink, he baited with Sticky Baits Krill and our maize mixed 50/50 with 20 spombs per day. Fishing Spinner Rigs over the top with matching Krill hookbaits. Steve waited until Tuesday morning before receiving his first occurrence, walking down to his rods after a single bleep his left hand rod absolutely melted off! A knee jangling battle commenced and after 15 minutes of powerful surges the fish known as ‘Ziggy Stardust’ was in the net! What a result. The Fish was well spawn bound but looked absolutely huge, considering its previous biggest recorded weight was 68lb everybody was shocked when it span the needle round to a massive 76lb 8oz. Another new 70lber for the Main Lake and a new P.B for Steve, this was the only action he saw throughout the week but what an incredible result!


Lee Crane and Mark Clarke doubled up in The Alamo and decided to take my advice and fish as a team. Concentrating 5 rods at 23.5 wraps between them, using the same bait and helping each other can really be an edge in this swim. Baiting with 5kg a day each of maize, whole and chopped boilie it was Lee who managed a quick bite, landing ‘Jarminator’ @ 38lb on a snowman set up with a Red Hot squid hookbait. It went quiet again for a few days as it did for the majority of the lake. Lee waited until Thursday for his next fish which was another 38lb that goes by the name of ‘Maddy’. Size/weight of fish really isn’t an issue when the fish look this good! The action went quiet again for 24 hours when Lee decided to switch one of his rods over to a zig as there were a lot of fish cruising around on the top at a similar distance to where his baited spot was. ‘Two faces’ @ 37lb 8oz fell to a 23ft zig with black foam which he re cast every 30 minutes until the bite came.


Stink went fairly high in the draw and Chris Aldous didn’t hesitate in getting set up and his spots sorted out,  Chris decided to fish 1@ the 15 wrap spot towards the gap between Baxters and Alcatraz, 1@ the 23 wrap spot towards the big tree left of the beach and 1 rod close in down his right hand margin. A couple of days passed before he had his first bite, landing one of the 2017 Stockies called Saddam, the class of 2017 are pushing well into the 30’s now which is good to see! This fish came from the 23 wrap spot which also produced Chris’s 2ndbite of the week which was a 46lber that goes by the name of ‘Daves Common’. Both fish fell to Simple snowman set ups with a 20mm spicy squid bottom bait topped with a Sticky white chocolate pop up. Chris baited with a bed of whole and chopped boilies using Mainline Cell and Wraysbury Spiced Squid and McNut, using 10kg a day over his 3 spots.


Paul Joy let his partner Helen Davies do the draw for him and she did not disappoint! Picking out ball number 3 he decided to settle in Co’s point for the week. Fishing 27.5 R/L towards ‘the tits’ Paul baited with a mix of Mainline Cell, Link, Fyber and our maize. Baiting up with 3kg a day Paul fished spinner rigs over the top using Link bottom baits with DNA milky malt pop ups as a topper. It was a slow week for Paul but he kept working the swim and managed to snare a lovely 28lb 8 mirror towards the end of the week. Lots of fish were showing a lot closer in as they were moving round into Scotties Corner, so Paul thinking on his feet flicked a solid bag just down to his left about 2 rod lengths out which accounted for one of the Stockies @ 17lb


Radu Mitrea came out ball 2 and dropped into Alcatraz for the week and fished 2 rods on the 27.5 spot to the wonky tree left of stink, with 1 rod at 31.7 R/L towards Big Southerly, baiting with 12,14,16 and 18mm whole and chopped boilies with a small amount of hemp and corn, alternating the amounts per day with 5kg on Sunday, 2kg on Monday etc. Fishing multirigs with fake corn soaked in Isotonic GOO. Radu managed to snare one of the lakes scaley bangers. Wodka @ 45lb 8oz, an absolutely crazy looking fish and would not look out of place in some of the U.Ks most iconic scaley venues. Top dangling mate


Seb Dickinson came out last in the draw and decided on Big Girls, this proved to be a good choice as he ended up as top rod for the week! Seb fed 2 spots all week and they both produced consistent bites. 23 wraps towards the first bush nearest the spit and 25 wraps towards the life bouy on the far bank. Sebs baiting approach was super stealthy, being able to bait from the bank definitely helped him keep the fish in his swim for longer! Baiting with 2-3kg a day of crumbed, chopped and a few whole Sticky baits Krill Boilies. Seb fished blowback combi rigs over the top of this with a variety of Sticky hookbaits getting the bites for him. Seb landed 8 fish for the week with the pick of the bunch being the AMAZING ‘Equalled’ @ 44lb 4oz. What a mega mega carp and great result mate! It certainly paid off feeding the smaller fish off until that absolute corker turned up on your spot!!



Deacon ‘Vanilla Ice’ Olleywas ever so tempted to drop back into Big Southerly where he has had some mega results from in the past. But he turned his attentions to Stock Pondas the form the week before was brilliant and he had seen fish there on the walk around. Deacon had 5 fish to 21lb 8oz throughout the week, although he didn’t manage to bank one of the real whackers, he had consistent bites throughout the week and fished the swim very well. Fishing a hole in the Plateau 23.5 wraps across to the far margin, he could walk round and bait up by hand, using whole and chopped CC Moore Pacific Tuna with some of our maize he baited with approx. 5kg a day. When he checked his spot and the bait was gone, he would top up again. Fishing multi rigs with matching Pacific Tuna hookbaits did the business for Deacon, who as you can see from the catch pictures went through a drastic change midweek and decided to shave his big bushy beard right off. Nobody recognised him at dinner and he has now earned the nickname of Vanilla Ice! You’ll never live that one down mate 


Rowan ‘Badger’ Hill came out ball 9 and set up shop in Pole Position for the week, deciding to fish a bit further than most in this swim he found a spot at 31 wraps towards the W tree just to the right of Stink. Fishing all 3 out there he baited up with 5kg a day of Mainline Fyber boilies, using Spinner rigs with IB Pop-ups. He managed 1 bite for the week which was one of the 2017 stockies @26lb, this was an absolute corker of a fish and one to watch out for in the future for sure!


Mick Clark fished in the ever consistent Big Southerly but struggled to get the fish feeding, as with everywhere on the lake there wasn’t mass feeding spells and it was hard going all week! He did manage a bite in the middle of the week casting to showing fish down towards Scotties Corner at 13 rod lengths he landed Tenant @ 39lb 12oz which was a blinding result! Mick scattered a small amount of boilies after seeing fish showing consistently in that area. 


Bites came from all over the lake this week, which is good to see! The fish will spawn in the very near future so lets hope they get it out of the way as quick as possible and get on the munch! 


Tight lines,