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  • Dave Anderson, 46lb, Stock Pond, 01/06/2019
  • Dave with Makers Mark!
  • Dave Anderson, 32lb, Stock Pond, 01/06/2019
  • Mel's Dilemma!
  • Chris Dale, 56lb, Co's Point, 01/06/2019
  • What A CARP!!
  • Chris Dale, 54lb, Co's Point, 01/06/2019
  • Scaley bangers galore!
  • Honeymoons, only better!!!
  • Goodbye for now!
  • Andy Coppin, 16lb, Scotties Corner, 01/06/2019
  • Steve Bartlett, 24lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 01/06/19

Dave Anderson, 46lb, Stock Pond, 01/06/2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/06/2019

Week Commencing 01/06/2019


With the yearly shagfest looking very likely with lots of fish grouped up in the usual spawning areas, it was always going to be a tough week. Mega warm conditions for a few days in the middle of the week didn’t help things, with the mercury hitting a cool 33 degrees


Dave Andersonset up in Stock Pondfor the week and had a couple of fish. All bites were taken from 23.5 wraps to the plateau on the far margin, Dave was casing a bare lead across to the bank, walking round and bait spooning his rig into a ‘dinner plate’ hole in the plateau that had clearly been made by feeding carp. Fishing D rigs snowman style with a variation of Pop ups (mostly white) and manilla bottom baits, Dave baited this spot by hand everytime he checked the spot and had been cleared of bait (which was twice a day nearly) with Sticky Manilla 20mm and 16mm whole, chopped and crushed, sweetcorn, manilla glug and hemp oil.  Dave had 4 bites from this spot in the week landing 2 which was hard going but still a great result on a very very tricky week. Makers Mark @ 46lb was the biggest fish for Dave with a 2017 Stockie now named ‘Mels Dilemma’ that had not been caught since being stocked at 9lb in October 2017, this fish is now 32lb. Some serious weight gains are continuing to be seen on the Main Lake and the future is seriously seriously bright!


Now, our slogan is ‘carp only bigger. This week it was changed to ‘honeymoons only better’ the new Mr and Mrs Dalewere out on the Main Lake for their wedding celebrations and it looked to be a week of sunbathing and wine until Friday morning when something special happened! Some would say it was written in the stars!!  Gemma drew the ball for hubby Chrisand picked ball 3, happy days. After much deliberation they decided on Co’s Pointfor the week. The fish were not showing infront of Chris all week but he stuck at it baiting consistently with 3kg of Mainline Cell and our maize per day, in the hope that if and when the fish switched on there would be a nice bed of bait for them to come down and feed on. Well early Saturday morning I received a phone call from Chris saying he had a good fish in the net and can I come round. By the time I had got round to Co’s he had two of the big scaley bangers. A brace of 110lb!! Patched Fully @ 56lb and Alcatraz. You really could not ask for a more stunning brace of carp! Chris and Gemma got in the water for some mega mega brace shots which will be pride of place in the wedding album for sure! Both fish were caught on multi rigs fished at 27.5 wraps towards ‘the old tit’ with white mainline cell wafters as the chosen hookbait! We absolutely loved having you out here guys and hope you had a honeymoon to remember!



With a great group and morale kept high it made the fact that the fish weren’t playing ball a bit easier. A few scores to settle for sure!


Until then,


Tight lines,