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  • Djorn Bormans with Cut Tail Common at 69lb 8oz from Big Southerly 15.06.2019
  • Look at that mouth!!!
  • Job Done Next Level !!!!!!
  • Kris Deams with Equaled at 46lb from Stock Pond 15.06.19
  • Now thats a soaking!!
  • Dennis Caetoven with The Missile at 36lb from Scotties Corner 15.06.2019
  • Team work makes the dream work
  • Dennis Caetoven with The Twin at 68lb 8oz from Scotties Corner 15.06.2019
  • Boom!!!!
  • Rafael Goudaux with The Arrow at 32lb from Pole 15.06.2019
  • Jordy Fochon with Luxembourg at 27lb from Co's Point 15.06.2019
  • Tom Ryman with Half Moonscale at 24lb from Bob's Beach 15.06.2019
  • Stieven Dupont with Cut Tail Scaly at 38lb from Alcatraz 15.06.2019

Djorn Bormans with Cut Tail Common at 69lb 8oz from Big Southerly 15.06.2019


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/06/2019

Week commencing 15.06.2019


This week on the Main Lake we had an exclusive Booking with visiting anglers from Belgium and with settled weather and the pressure hovering around 1016 thing were looking good for the odd Big fish or two. After the walk around it was obvious the fish were well spread out over the lake with a lot of fish showing at short range in most swims it was a case of getting their heads down and getting on the feed and with most of the guys being sponsored by The Boilie Service it was their bait of choice for the week and there wasn’t going to be a shortage of bait going in to entice them down.   


Straight out of the Starting Blocks is Stieven Dupont fishing in Alcatraz and with all three rods set at 27.5 wraps towards the wonky tree and 4kg of spread over the spot on the Saturday night it wasn’t long before he got his first pick up coming just after breakfast on Sunday morning landing him The Cut Tail Scaly at 38lb falling to a spicy Boilie Service hook bait presented on a German style rig and a size 4 Kamakuru hook. The fish continued to show over the baited spot throughout the week and with a couple of lost pickups it just wasn’t meant to be for Stieven.


Next up was Maikel Meert fishing Big Girls and the fish had been showing on the point and down the treeline on the far margin not wanting to cause too much disturbance Maikel baited the spots by hand with two rods fished just short of the point at 26 wraps and the third to a gap in the trees at 23 wraps all three were fished on a Spinner rig tipped with a Clock Work Orange pop-up he managed to bag himself four fish for the week unfortunately the Swim didn’t live up to it’s name with the biggest being one of the 2017 Stockies which he has named Kemball.


Djorn Bormans was one of the early one’s out in the draw and his first choice of swim was Big Southerly knowing it had big fish form he was prepared to sit on his hands and wait for that all-important sound of the bite alarm ripping off. Djorn had decided to fish his first rod just a couple of yards to the left-hand side of the left marker pole and the other two at 26 wraps towards Alcatraz. With a boilie only approach to baiting up most was done with the throwing stick with a 15-20 spom’s directly over his hook baits his patience and tactic’s paid off with an absolute screaming run just after dinner on the Thursday and after an epic battle landing him one of the big girls the Cut Tail Common at 69lb 8oz had slipped up to a snowman Boilie Service hook bait presented on a blow back rig from the 14 wrap spot this was his only fish of the week “But what a fish to have”.

Dennis Ceathoven fancied one of the corner swims in the draw and with Scotties still up for grabs when his number came up it suited his style of fishing he decided to bait up a couple of spots on the first night and wait and see if the fish moved in and they did with fish crashing throughout the night on the far bank over a small weed bed just to the left-hand side of Co’s and the bait he had put in the previous night had been cleared so it was time to set the traps with his first rod at 8.5 wraps across to the far margin just to the side of the over hanging tree and the second rod was fished at 16 wraps just in front of the weed bed his final rod was placed at 5 wraps down to his left towards Alamo all three were fished on a blow back style rig with a snowman bait presentation. Even though the bait was being cleared every night over the two long rods his first pickup didn’t come until Wednesday evening with a fish called The Missile at 36lb a lovely dark original mirror he continued to bait the same spots and on Friday evening the rod on his 5 wrap spot burst into life stripping line like a steam train eventually after a short battle one of the main lakes character fish the twin slipped over the net and tipped the scales to a whopping 68lb 8oz “What a way to finish the week”.


Jordy Fochon fished Co's Point and with the fish showing arond the 28 wrap area this was going to be his starting point Co's has been a hard one to crack so far this year and this week wasn't going to be any diffrent Jordy only managed the one fish for the week with Luxembourg at 27lb falling to a Red Spice boilie fished on a blow back rig over 8kg of freebies.


Next up is Kris Deams fishing Stock Pond Kris started the week fishing the shorter spots in the bay and along the margin but with very little action and fish showing out towards the point at 28+ wraps he introduced some bait over the area with around 6kg of Boilie Service Red Fruit and a small quantity of Maize he managed to pickup two fish in quick succession the first one of the new stockies called Legalized at 25lb 8oz and the second a stunning scaly original Equalled at 46lb on the nose both falling Red Fruit bottom Bait fished on a K.N rig.


Tom Ryman fished Bobs Beach with a lot of fish showing in front of him throughout the week Tom couldn’t buy a bite of the bottom so opted to fish one of his rods on a 21ft zig cast to showing fish in the area landing him two of the new stockies one a pristine little common at 15lb which he has named Butterfly and the other was called Half moon scale at 24lb on the button.


Rafael Godaux fished Pole Position with all three rods fished at 27.5 wraps towards Stink Raf was on a mix of Red Fruit and Spicy Boilie Service Baits he also had lots of activity with fish sowing most mornings and evenings over his baited spot but struggled to get them on the munch however one of them did slip up in the shape of The Arrow a lovely common called The Arrow at 32lb falling to a bottom bait on a blow back rig. 


Tom Van Cantfort fished The Tree Line and after picking up an early bite in the week with one of the stockies called Roger at 22lb he struggled to get back amongst them as the wind had started to push from the north and the majority of the fish had followed it.


All in all another great week with some new faces and a great bunch of guys who will defiantly be back some with unsettled scores but most of all to have taste of the best English food France has to offer “oh and those absolute dream makers that lie beneath the surfaces here at Gigantica.


Until next time tight lines 

James Jones