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  • Only one of the week, so a result !

Only one of the week, so a result !


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Angler Comments

Welcome back to the Gigantica weekly reports........

So, a crazy week weather wise what with a small hurricane destroying several bivvies in under 10 minutes flat..... as were the bivvies after ! Darren's Pioneer ending up looking like the ghetto from Sohweto in what can only be called a hilarious destruction !

This weeks anglers were all friends from last year, Colin & Andy from 'up North', Darren & John, the Cornish Pasty massive and Dave 'the duff set-up' & Ian from Milton Keynes having all fished here last year. The only exception being Yens from Germany.

First night, the Pasty boyz let one go claiming it was a line bite......upon inspection, the reeled in rig confirmed it was a fish. These boyz now how to fish but unfortunately, only helped me remove several Brasem but there back later in the year, hopefully Bron, Darrens missus will be well enough to come with him and John, the Man United LOSER will be bringing me my 20quid he now owes me !

Dave & Ian struggled, mainly due to Dave's terrible set up and Ians bivvy was totaslly flattened by the high winds. These Gents are back again later in the year and so long as Dave has sorted his set up out, they'll both get amongst them.

Saving the week, Colin banked the only fish of the week, a 35.08 common fishing out to the plateau from Alcatraz. Mainline's Cell with a small Fluro pink pop up fished snow man style did the trick. A nice fish for Colin. Andy, Colins bro didnt catch this time but like their last visit, there both back in the warmer months to kick ass, having caught a fair few last visit.  " its an eel"

So, only the one out, the lads fished very well but the weathers just keeping a tight grip on things, roll on the sunnier days, rising water temps will see a few mopre regular fish banked. As and when that happens, I'll up date each and every week now were under way. Roll on the summer !!

Be lucky.