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  • Ryan Mullins With The Punisher at 53lb from Co's Point 22.06.19
  • Pure eating machine
  • defiantly living up to her namesake...
  • Sheridan Winkworth with Jensen at 16lb 8oz from The Tree Line 22.06.19
  • John Allan with Fynn at 16lb Baxters hole, 22.06.2019
  • John Allan with Dex at 26lb Baxters hole, 22.06.2019

Ryan Mullins With The Punisher at 53lb from Co's Point 22.06.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/06/2019

Week commencing 22.06.19


Its not been the ideal conditions this week with the first real heatwave of the year it really had a knock on effect with the feeding activity most of the carp have been in the upper layers and seeking shade with the daytime temperatures up in the 40s and overnight temperatures barely dropping below 30 it’s been a little uncomfortable for both the fish and the anglers however they did manage to get amongst a couple of them.


First up is Ryan Mullins fishing Co’s Point with all three rods fished at 27.5 wraps towards the tits Ryan baited the area with 10kg of Dynamite’s Monster tiger nut  15 & 20mm boilies with a scattering of hemp and maize This was fished over with a 15mm pop-up on a Ronnie rig and at midday on the Monday with the blazing sun at a scorching 37 degrees his left-hand rod rattled of and a gorgeous scaly mirror known as The Punisher slipped into the net weighing in at 53lb on the nose. This proved to be his only fish for the week but with the fishing being so hard he was buzzing to get one on the bank and to sweeten the deal she was at her top weight knocking his friend and fishing companion Andy Curtis also fishing this week in Alcatraz off the wall of fame who had it at 45lb 4oz on a previous trip.


Next up is John Allan fishing Baxters Hole this is Johns third week on the Main Lake after taking the short trip to the Road Lake last week for a change of scenery and with some real big fish in the margins john was hoping to pick them up as they moved out to feed setting his traps away from the fish sheltering under the canopy of the trees he baited an area at 23 wraps towards the stink using mainly crushed maize and hemp with a light sprinkling of boilie this was fished over with 3 grains of plastic corn popped up on a multi rig resulting in two fish for John first up a previously uncaught common at 26lb and one of the 2018 stockies at 16lb getting to name them both after his grandkids Dex and Fynn. 


Sherrridon Winkworth fishing The Treeline also had fish showing in the swim in large numbers but they were just not playing ball but he manage to pick one off on a 19ft zig placed right in the middle of a group of showing fish just to the right of the swim unfortunately it wasn’t one of the big girls but a blanc saving fish never the less at 16lb 8oz.


It won’t take long for the fish long to get used to this warmer weather and get their heads down on the feed they don’t get to the size they are without some serious munching.

Here’s looking forward to some cooler more settled weather to come….

Until next time tight lines.

James Jones.