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  • Roy Prodger, 56lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 29.06.19
  • Killer Combo
  • And away she goes
  • Adam Cheal With Dead to the World at 24lb from Pole Position 29.06.19
  • Phoebe on Hand with the net
  • Adam Cheal With Epicano at 37lb 4oz from Pole Position 29.06.19
  • Adam Cheal With Partial Eclipse at 37lb from Pole Position 29.06.19
  • Roy Prodger With Elephant Tube 39lb 8oz from Stock Pond
  • It's all about the qualaty of the bait
  • Bradley Howard with Pawprint 48lb 8oz from Bobs Beach 29.06.19
  • What better way to start the day
  • Rowan Hill with The Peach 48lb from Alcatraz 29.06.19
  • Lee England with Soliid at 50lb from Bob's Beach 29.06.19
  • Rowan Hill with The Resident at 42lb from Alcatraz 29.06.19
  • Scaly Banger
  • Love it
  • Adam Cheal With The Rudder at 43lb 4oz from Pole Position 29.06.19
  • John Allan with Digit's at 50lb 12oz Baxters hole, 29.06.2019
  • Boom!!!!

Roy Prodger, 56lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 29.06.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/06/2019

The carp are defiantly getting back on the feed as they start acclimatising to the warmer weather after last weeks heat wave it’s been a little cooler this week with a good thunder storm on Tuesday evening it got the carp moving and made things a little more comfortable for the anglers. The Saturday walk around was defiantly an interesting one with the carp making themselves clearly visible with a large number in the upper layers between The Stink and Big southerly and the corner swims looking just as tempting it was going to make the draw an interesting one and the weather for the rest of the week was going to play a big part in the decision making.


Late out in the draw was Rowan Hill A.K.A The Badger and with Alcatraz still up for grabs it was a no brainer and it paid of early with a fish in the net on the first morning a lovely scaly mirror in the shape of The Resident at 42lb falling to an Essential Cell wafter on a IQ-D rig fished to the hump at 24 wraps towards Scotties Corner which he had baited the previous night with 5kg of mixed Fyber and maize. Rowans next bite came at the same time the following morning this time it was from the long spot at 27.5 wraps towards the left-hand side of stink using the same baiting tactic’s as on the shorter spot with a little more bait as free offerings as he was fishing two rods to this spot. Not everything went to plan this time though with the fish managing to do the Houdini before we managed to get any photo’s we did manage to weigh it though and it tipped the scales to 36lb on the button he was then made to wait until the Thursday morning for his next take again coming from the long spot this time we made sure we got the picture’s and what a banging looking mirror living up to its namesake the Peach tipping the scales to 48lb.


Next up is Adam (Chilly) Cheal accompanied by his partner Phoebe for the week after seeing so many fish in the Tree Line on the walk around this was defiantly their first choice of swim however after a complete change of wind direction in the first 24 hours the baited areas in the margins remained untouched and the fish seemed to have moved out of the swim and with the wind pushing down the lake towards Stock Pond and Big Girls a move was on the cards Pole Position was still available and the fish were showing in numbers between Stock and Pole so Sunday evening just after dinner the gear was packed down and the traps were reset with two rods on the bottom at 28 wraps towards stink and the third at the same distance just off to the right on a 21ft zig and it didn’t take long for the action to start by 5am the following morning the first fish was in the net not a monster but off the mark with a fish called Dead To The World at 24lb falling to the zig this was followed quickly with another this time off the bottom and they were getting larger too with Epicano at 37lb 4oz slipping up on a Mainline Link wafter fished on a combi rig over 8kg of free offerings and by 11Am the count was up to four fish with Partial Eclipse at 37lb and The Rudder at 43lb 4oz the move had defiantly paid off finishing the week in style with a nice 42lb Common called Wrararound.


Roy Prodger Fished Stock Pond and with a completely different approach he managed to nail a few after noticing fish moving in the margin close to the point he decided to fish a washing line across to the far margin then place the rig by hand just off the marginal shelf with a couple of handfuls of Hybrid boilies around a multi rig tipped with a hi visual Hybrid pop-up and with the rod being in the water for just 15 minuets he was into his first fish it wasn’t one of the chunk’s he had seen swimming over the spot but one of the new stockies at 19lb this was followed by two more around the same weight it was only a matter of time before one of the bigger fish slipped up and his patience paid off when The Clean Fish slipped over the net weighing an impressive 56lb 12oz all falling to the same spot and tactic’s and finished the week with a fish called Elephant Tube at 39lb 8oz caught on a 21ft zig fished at long range.


John Allan is on his 5thweek at gigantica I get the feeling he just don’t want to leave after fishing Baxters Hole the previous week he opted for a second week in the same swim as this had worked out well for him in the beach earlier in his trip he baited an area at 23 wraps towards the stink using mainly crushed maize and hemp with a light sprinkling of boilie this was fished over with 3 grains of plastic corn popped up on a multi rig. John only managed the one fish for the week but with Digit’s at 50lb 12oz he was buzzing and to have it on the bank the first time over 50lb made it all that more special.


Lee England Fished Bob’s Beach it wasn’t his first choice of swims but with the number of fish in the area it was defiantly in the running and with the traps set at 21 wraps and a short range spot at 15 wraps both were baited with scopex squid with a mix of chopped flaked and whole boilie and topped up with maize this was fished over with a snowman scopex squid tipped with a citruz pop-up Lee managed one fish for the week with a chunky common called Soliid in the net Thursday morning tipping the scales to 50lb a nice little reward before having to leave early on the Thursday evening.


Bradley Howard started the week in Scotties corner the fish were in there in numbers on the walk around but seemed to move out with the change in wind direction during the first part of the week so when the Bob's Beach became available on the Thursday evening he dropped straight in following on from Lee he fished the same spots but with a slight change in bait he managed to slip the net under a 48lb 8oz mirror in the shape of a fish called Pawprint falling to a Royal Marine and Scent From Hell topper fished at 21 wraps.


Things are looking good this year with some of the best fish weights we have seen for this time of year who knows what enormadons are going to surprise us next…….

Until next time tight lines….