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  • Barry Buchanan, 26lb, Co's Point, 20/07/2019
  • James Attrell, 23lb, Pole Position, 20/07/2019
  • I think the sun turned James a bit doo-lally
  • Paul Clements, 27lb, Alcatraz, 20/07/2019
  • Ben Moore, 18lb, The Alamo, 20/07/2019
  • Kierren Waters, 27lb, Big Girls, 20/07/2019
  • Kierren Waters, 15lb, Big Girls, 20/07/2019
  • Kierren Waters, 18lb, Big Girls, 20/07/2019
  • Kierren Waters, 19lb, Big Girls, 20/07/2019

Barry Buchanan, 26lb, Co's Point, 20/07/2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/07/2019

Week Beginning 20thJuly


Well what can I say; with near record temperatures hitting us for most of this week the fishing took a serious hit. The lads on the main this week didn’t get despondent and still had a brilliant holiday, lots of laughs and banter flying around all week which made the weather more bearable, a few smaller fish were landed but it was very hard going.


Barry Buchanan was on his 3rd week at Gigantica and searching for his first Main Lake fish, dropping into Co’s Point for the week, his confidence was high even with the weather that was due to hit us. It was mega slow for everyone on the lake but Barry managed to break his Main Lake duck and landed two fish on zigs later on in the week which were “Minus Seven” at 26lb and “Phill” at 32lb. 21ft zigs with black foam did the damage for Barry and to say he was buzzing would be a massive understatement! Perseverance paid off for you mate, well chuffed!


James “Turtle” Attrell was up next in Pole Position and he managed to land a couple of fish off the bottom before the temperatures sky rocketed. “Lloyds” at 19lb 8oz and “Twin Moon” at 23lb were James’ prize and he was over the moon! Fishing at 28 wraps towards the Stink James baited with 5kg a day of Gigantica particle mix and Mainline Fyber boilies, dropping down to 3kg a day when the bites dried up. James kept the rigs simple using Spinner rigs with White Krill pop ups at the business end.


Fishing in Alcatraz for the week was Paul Clements, he also managed to nick a couple of bites off the bottom, landing a 27lb mirror and a 20lb common, also landing a 17lb 4oz common on a 21ft zig. Pauls bites off the bottom came from the 27.5 spot to the wonky tree left of the Stink, baiting with Baitworks Royal Marine and Gigantica particle mix he fished slip d rigs over the top with matching Royal Marine hookbaits


Ben Moore was in The Alamo and managed to land an 18lb common from his right hand margin at 10 wraps, fishing fake corn on a d-rig slipped this one up, baiting by hand with crumbed boilie and Gigantica particle mix.


Kierren Waters who is out spending time with us as a volunteer Bailiff helping out for the summer dropped into Big Girls on the Friday night. He fished two spots along the far margin, one rod at 21 wraps and two rods at 23 wraps aiming to the point. After the rods being out for a few hours, he was into his first fish off the 21 wrap spot. This was soon followed up by two more fish within 20 minutes! Throughout the night 2 more fish were landed. With the biggest being Josie at 27lb. Kierren fished IQD rigs on a size 4 curve shank with a single grain of pop-up corn, baiting heavy with 10kg chopped and crumbed Mainline Link with maize mixed through the mix as well.


The rest of the boys that didn’t catch all made it a seriously fun week despite the conditions and certainly have a score to settle on their return and I really look forward to it! With a break in the weather forecast for the weekend its looking bright for next week, let’s hope it seriously kicks off!


Until then,


Tight lines,