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  • Andy Day, 65lb 4oz, Co's Point, 27/07/19
  • Andy Day, 44lb 4oz, Co's Point, 27/07/19
  • P.B smashed!!
  • Enjoying the final moments
  • Rich Day, 30lb 4oz, Co's Point, 27/07/19
  • The killer mix for Rich and Andy!
  • A brotherly brace!
  • Ready for a photoshoot !
  • Andy Day, 64lb, Co's Point, 27/07/19
  • Hiding his "Big Bollox"
  • Simple yet effective!
  • A strong release!
  • Sam Prue, 34lb, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Sam Prue, 58lb, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Nothing super technical...simple but effective!
  • Sam Prue, 35lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Sam Prue, 47lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Sam Prue, 46lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Sam's bait mix
  • Sam Prue, 25lb, Bob's Beach, 27.07.19
  • Russ Greenhalgh, 38lb, Alcatraz, 27.07.19
  • Russ Greenhalgh, 28lb, Alcatraz, 27.07.19
  • Russ Greenhalgh, 37lb, Alcatraz, 27.07.19
  • Russ opted for the Heli set up.
  • Russ Greenhalgh, 22lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 27.07.19
  • Fish kiting left in front of Alcatraz
  • Ant Mulrine, 29lb, Pole Position, 27.07.19
  • Ant Mulrine, 38lb 8oz, Pole Position, 27.07.19
  • Ant went with a boilie only approach.
  • Check out the scales on this one....stunning
  • Ant Mulrine, 34lb 12oz, Pole Position, 27.07.19
  • Longer hook links can be worth experimenting with.
  • Sam Smith, 21lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 27.07.19
  • See you next time when you're a superbeast!
  • Sam Smith, 17lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 27.07.19
  • Ant Henley, 50lb 4oz, Treeline, 27.07.19
  • A New PB for Ant....simply lovely!
  • Chris Jackson, 27lb, Oblivion, 27.07.19
  • Michael Fleischman, 25lb, The Alamo, 27.07.19
  • Pat Smith, 17lb, Big Girls, 27.07.19
  • The social is always a good one at Gigantica
  • Great bunch of lads and lasses.
  • Happy Birthday Jay!
  • Lee Horwood, 21lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 27.07.19
  • We are always on hand to help out with your captures.

Andy Day, 65lb 4oz, Co's Point, 27/07/19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/07/2019

Week commencing 20thJuly 2019


Well we have been asking for a break in the weather for what seems like an eternity and finally our calls for rain were answered on Friday night. The heavens opened and a biblical storm passed through the complex which could only spell good things for the new group turning up Saturday afternoon. The rain held off for the walk around and the lads were absolutely buzzing to get started.


Starting things off are brothers Rich and Andy Day who decided to share the rods in Co’s Point. Deciding to fish at 27.5 wraps towards the “boobs” the lads had to wait until the early hours of Monday morning for their first bit of action, resulting in “Pawprint” at 44lb 4oz. Almost 24 hours later Andy was latched onto what seemed a very powerful fish, after a crazy battle “Pips” went over the net cord at a healthy spawned out weight of 65lb 4oz, what a result! Rich followed up the next day landing “The Kreature” at 30lb 4oz and then it was Andys turn again the following day when he landed his 2nd60+ fish of the week which turned out to be the easiliy recognisable “Big Bollox Common” at a massive 64lb! Crazy stuff occurring for Andy who was absolutely made up. These fish were backed up by a few of the newly stocked fish and all fell to the same tactics. Feeding 9kg a day of Royal Marine and Gigantica maize with the spomb at 26 ¾ wraps to allow for the swing back of the lead, with IQD rigs incorporating a Royal Marine hard hooker tipped with plastic maize. Absolutely superb week lads and was a pleasure having you here!


Next up we have Sam Prue and his girlfriend Irina who plotted up in Bob’s Beach for the week. Sam had a great trip to Gigantica last year and was hoping for more of the same this time around. Fishing 1 rod at 15 wraps towards the spit that separates Stock Pond and Big Girls and 2 rods at 25 wraps towards the Alamo, Sam introduced 7kg of CC Moore Live System boilies and our Gigantica particle mix over both spots for the first portion of the week and doubling up to 15kg over the two spots towards the back half of the week, more bait = more takes for Sam. He waited patiently until Tuesday for his first bite, a 34lb common called ‘Aviiator’ this was followed shortly after by “Galican” a lovely scaley mirror bang on the 30lb mark. Wednesday was when things started hotting up as he slipped the net under a thick set beast of a mirror, “Clarkeys” at 58lb was the culprit and what a mega mega carp this is! Sam wasn’t quite finished there, he went on to land “Woodcarving” at 35lb 12oz on Thursday and as you can see from the pictures this is an unbelievable scaley banger that would take pride of place in anyone’s photo album! The extra bait at the end of the week helped Sam land 4 fish on his last night! The pick of the bunch being “Soft Focus” at a massive 47lb 12oz, which was last caught at 39lb in August last year. This was backed up by “Golden eye’ at 46lb 12, “Long Spot” at 29lb and another lovely scaley 25lb mirror! All fish fell to Tuna Wafters fished on German Rigs, with both spots producing well! The bigger fish seemed to prefer the 15 wrap spot with Clarkeys, Soft Focus and Goldeneye all coming from there! Another excellent week of angling Sam and you truly reaped the rewards.


Alcatraz went high in the draw this week and Russ Greenhalgh was the occupant! Russ fished here when it was still called St Christophe and couldn’t believe how much the lake had changed! Hoping to get into some fish he took advice from the walk around and decided to fish 1 rod at 27.5 wraps to the left of Stink and 2 Rods fished towards Scotties Corner at 24 wraps.  Baiting up with 2kg of CC Moore Pacific Tuna and maize over each spot on the first night he nicked a quick bite off the longer spot which turned out to be a 24lb common, great start! Fishing D-rigs with Pacific Tuna and plastic corn did the business for Russ. After the quick bite on Sunday he decided to up the bait to 4kg a day over each spot, this resulted in another small common named “Dark Destroyer” (named by Fishery Manager Andy after it wiped all of his rods out during an epic battle in the middle of a cold night in March) on Monday, from the longer spot again. Tuesday was the day of the 24 spot as Russ landed another 2 commons a 2018 stockie at 14lb and “The Chinese” at 28lb. The Chinese hasn’t seen the bank since it was stocked in October 2017 at 11lb! Wednesday saw Russ land 2 fish from each spot with the pick of the bunch being “Maddy” at 38lb, another absolute pearler which Russ was absolutely made up about. So many mega carp graced the bank this week, they really don’t need to be massive when they look like this! Thurday produced another 2 fish from the 24 spot with the biggest being “Two Faces” at 37lb followed by 2 smaller mirrors on Friday night from the 27.5 spot. Russ had both spots absolutely rocking throughout the week and caught consistently, well angled that man!!


Anthony Mulrine fancied Pole Position for this week and had an early bite on Sunday morning to settle the nerves and kick start the action, “Happy Daze” at 29lb was the prize and Ant couldn’t be happier with that start! Fishing 2 rods at 27.5 straight at the Stink and his left hand rod at 14 wraps towards Big Southerly, baiting up with 5kg of Sticky Manilla over each spot per day fishing D-Rigs and Spinners over the top with yellow Manilla hookbaits he went on to land 2 fish from the 14 spot and 1 more from the long spot with the pick of the bunch being “Little Plated” at 38lb 8oz, WHAT A CARP!!!!!! The week started off well for Ant but as the days progressed the bites seemed to slow down, still a great result mate!


Sam Smith and girlfriend Leah set up shop for the week in Stock Pond(much to Leah’s relief) and also had an early bite on Sunday landing a 21lb common from the 23.5 wrap spot on the plateau in Stock Ponds right margin. Baiting up 3 spots along the margin, one at 9.25 wraps in the corner of Stock Pond, 23.5 wraps to the plateau and 27 wraps to the reeds with 10kg of mixed maize and Mainline Link per day and fishing D-Rigs with plastic corn over the top, he landed 2 more 2018 stockies on the Friday and then let his mate Leewho was fishing Baxters drop into his swim for the night and he also managed to save a blank landing a 21lb 2018 stockie! 


In Treeline for the week was Ant Henley and his week didn’t start off to plan when he and Pat broke down at Dover on the way out, arriving late on Saturday night the guys were happy to finally be here and start their weeks. Ant concentrated fishing the Treeline margin and was baiting throughout the week in a big line with CC Moore Pacific Tuna and Gigantica particle mix, after a few days it was clear that the fish were not getting right into the edges and with the carp still showing in the area Ant found a lovely clear spot at 14 wraps towards Stink, baiting this with 5kg of boilies and fishing blowback rigs fished snowman style with ‘match the hatch’ bottom baits and wafters. Ant waited patiently until Friday for a slow steady take at 6am that fought like an absolute demon, after 15 minutes the “Long Common” was in the net!!! At a top weight of 50lb 4oz Anthony was a very very happy man!! Well-deserved mate. 


Chris “Cracker” Jackson went into Oblivion and managed a 20lber on the first night fishing at 25 wraps towards the big tree left of Beach, a single white scent from hell hookbait on a ‘Spinner’ fished over last week’s spot  did the damage for cracker. Chris stuck to his spots all week but it stayed quiet until Friday when he landed ‘The French Common” at 27lb on the same rig and hook bait as the first fish but throughout the week Chris put 25kg of Baitworks Royal Marine on the spot. 


The German duo of Michel Fleischman and Chris Pleischl, doubled up in The Alamo, concentrating 2 rods each straight out at 27.5 wraps and a rod each down the margin the guys baited heavily with straight boilie from the throwing stick and the spomb. Michel managed to land one of the stockies mid-week but the action was quiet apart from that! Definitely a score to settle next time..


Last and by no means least is Pat ‘Smudger’ Smith who had an absolute nightmare journey out with pal Ant, dropped into Big Girls for the week and he waited until Tuesday evening for his first bite which was one of the 2018 stockies that he has aptly named ‘Smudger’. Pat went on to land 2 more stockies for the week with “Beau” at 16lb and “L’imppecable” at 17lb. All fish were landed from the 21 wrap spot to the stock pond pipes, fishing IQD rigs with pop up maize and feeding 7kg of maize and Mainline Link. Pats banter throughout the week had everyone in stitches and I look forward to his return! Really brightened up the week


It was due a mega week and we are well on the way to something amazing happening soon, with over 50 bites and 45 fish landed these are the numbers we are wanting to build on, the weather break really helped matters and I hope for some more stormy weather to keep the fish well on the much heading into the back end of the summer. Everybody enjoyed themselves this week and all had a laugh, it absolutely flew by! Looking forward to you all returning…


Until then,


Tight lines,