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  • Anthony Lloyd with The Target at 69lb from The Alamo 03/08/2019
  • boom!!!!
  • TinTin getting a soaking!!!
  • Deacon Olley with Wood Carving at 35lb 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with The Teacher at 27lb 8oz 03.08.2019
  • Garry Pallen with The Grenadier at 21lb 03.08.2019
  • Josh Cook with Reuben at 20lb from Co's 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Mammut at 47lb 8oz 03.08.2019
  • Steve Daynes with Mercer's at 31lb 8oz from Bobs Beach 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Marcels at 59lb 4oz from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Lashes at 33lb 12oz from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • Josh Cook with a lovely Dark Mirror at 28lb from Co's 03.08.2019
  • John Neal with Slaphead at 24lb from Alcatraz 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Fat boy at 28lb 8oz from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Cobbler at 15lb 4oz from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Clover at 15lb from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Carlos at 26lb from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with Beau at 15lb from Big Southerly 03.08.2019
  • James Jones with Ab's at 24lb Alcatraz 03.08.2019
  • Barry Edmands with Last Orders at 29lb 03.08.2019
  • Steve Daynes with Short Drosal  at 37lb from Bobs Beach 03.08.2019
  • John Neal with Red Belly at 29lb from Alcatraz 03.08.2019
  • Barry yeoman with Welton's at 24lb from Stock Pond 03.08.2019
  • Deacon Olley with James at 29lb from Big Southerly 03.08.2019

Anthony Lloyd with The Target at 69lb from The Alamo 03/08/2019


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/08/2019

With a Group of regular visitors to the main lake this week and the temperature’s dropping to a more comfortable 27c it was looking good for a few bites. The weather has become much more settled over the last two weeks and the pressure has been around 1015 for some time. The fish have been very active during the hours of darkness with most of the bites coming between 9pm and 11am most days.


First up is Deacon Olly fishing Big Southerly no stranger to this swim after having great success fishing the same swim last year he decided to approach it with the same tactics his first two rods fished out at 25 wraps towards Alcatras and his third was fished towards the left-hand marker at 14 wraps all three rods were fished with a multi rig tipped with a pacific Tuna pop-up on a size 4 Kammakuru after a little trouble with getting his bait out on the spots during the first half of the week things finally started to come together with his first fish in the net on the Monday morning in the shape of The Teacher at 27lb one the new stockies piling on the pounds. Tuesday passed by with little activity in the swim but with a change in wind direction the odd’s were in his favour and sure enough Wednesday morning on the breakfast run I walked into the swim and the retainers were stacked up waiting for pictures the first a 15lb stockie at15lb called Clover and the second Lashes at 33lb but the icing on the cake was Mammut a stunning common at 47lb 8oz. with his spot rocking deacon increased the bait quantity to 6kg over the long spot and 3kg on the short range spot and sure enough the following morning he had another three slings lined up ready for pictures this time he had managed to bag himself three of the new stockies up to 29lb Friday morning passed with little activity except a 15lb mirror in the early hours he definitely finished the week with a bang Saturday morning with the Wood Carving at 35lb an absolute scaly banger and topped it of with Marcels at 59lb 4oz what better way to wrap things up.


Next up is Anthony Lloyd and Barry Edwards fishing The Alamo Ant was fishing the left-hand side with all three rods at 28 wraps towards the beach and Bazza was on the Right also fishing at 28 wraps to the right of beach their baiting strategy was to bait a large strip between them with a mix of maize and  Mainline Link boilies they had put out around 10kg of mix over the first two days resulting in an early morning run for Ant on the Monday morning and the way it was hanging and slowly plodding its way towards the swim it was sure to be one of the big girls and when it slipped over the net Baz confirmed it was over 50lb possibly bigger and it certainly was in fact it was The Target at 69lb a new pb and a new top weight this was Ant’s only fish for the week but what a fish he definitely wasn’t disappointed. Baz managed one too a little smaller in comparison a mint condition 29lb mirror defiantly one to look out for in the future.


Stephen Daynes fished Bob’s Beach and with the 15 wrap spot fishing well at the moment Steve opted to fish two rods on this spot and one at 22 wraps towards the Alamo and kept things simple using a pacific Tuna bottom bait on a knotless knot rig this was fished over a bed of whole boilie and maize resulting in two fish for Steve with the first coming on Sunday morning in the shape of Mercer’s at 31lb 8oz and the second Short Dorsal at 37lb on Friday morning both coming from the 15 wrap spot.


Josh Cook fished Co’s Point with all three rods fished at 27.5 wraps towards the tit’s using DNA baits S7 he baited an area the size of a large dinner table with around 6-7kg per day with his first bite coming early on the Sunday morning with Reuben at 20lb the bites dried up after that and his next action didn’t happen until Thursday landing himself a stunning dark 28lb mirror.


John Neal fished Alcatraz with his first two rods fished at 27.5 wraps to the left-hand side of stink and the third fished to the hump at 24 wraps just to the right of Scotties corner his baiting strategies was to fish a 18mm sticky krill topped with a hi-visual yellow pop-up over a bed of mixed Link and maize introducing 6kg per day topped up after each bite. John managed 6 fish over the week but struggled to get amongst the bigger fish with the largest being Red Belly at 29lb from the long spot.


Barry Yeomans fished Stock pond and with fish showing over the open water spot at 22 wraps this was his starting point with his first two rods the third was fished at the same distance in to the margin and baited this spot by hand using mainly maize to avoid any attention from the crayfish the open water spot was baited with a mix of maize and boilie Barry managed four fish over the week with three of them coming from the margin spot and the biggest was Welton’s at 24lb. 


Garry Pallen was in Pole Position despite the fish showing in the area most of the week he struggled to get amongst them only landing two fish from 28 wraps towards stink the biggest being The Grenadier at 21lb falling to a pop-up fished on a stiff hinge rig.


Although the big girls are starting to show they are yet to have a really good feed it can only be a matter of time. Who knows it could be your week!!!

Until next time tight lines