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  • Dunner Dunn, 66lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 24.08.19
  • Treat yourself to a bucket!! Another PB smashed.
  • Dunner Dunn, 67lb 4oz, Bob's Beach, 24.08.19
  • Back you go my girl. Thanks for the memories.
  • The team at Gigantica are always on hand to help you out.
  • Dunner Dunn, 51lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 24.08.19
  • They smell good enough to eat!
  • The Double O' Dunner Rig!
  • Scott Hankin, 38lb, Pole Position, 24.8.19
  • Scott Hankin, 30lb, Pole Position, 24.8.19
  • Scott Hankin, 19lb 8oz, Pole Position, 24.8.19
  • Luke Holmes, 42lb, Alcatraz, 24.8.19
  • Danny Harrington, 22lb, Stock Pond, 24.8.19
  • The Spomb definitely rules at Gigantica. Leave the throwing stick at home.
  • Danny Harrington, 21lb 12oz, Stock Pond, 24.8.19
  • Danny used a pellet and boil 'soup' to get the fish grubbing around.
  • Gavin Greenwood, 27lb, Big Southerly, 24.8.19
  • Ben Ford, 21lb, Treeline, 24.8.19
  • Sam Deighton, 23lb, Oblivion, 24.8.19
  • James Hunt, 28lb, Big Girls, 24.8.19
  • James Hunt, 24lb, Big Girls, 24.8.19
  • The camaraderie when someone gets a superbeast....great times.

Dunner Dunn, 66lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 24.08.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 24/08/2019

Duna Duna Duna Duna, Duna Duna Duna Duna.........Batman! Was it going to be a week where the carp were heroes or villains for the group of twelve anglers. We had a 50/50 split of lads who had been before, and first timers. With the lake throwing out forty five fish the week before, optimism was high… the forecasted temperatures unfortunately. The weatherman was telling us that it would be 32 degrees every day and only dropping to seventeen at night. This was sure to have an impact on the fishes behaviour.


First time visitor, Dunner “Double O” Dunne picked ball one at the draw and went straight into the Beach. Which considering the results from the previous week made sense. He followed in the footsteps of the previous week, fishing all three rods out towards The Alamo at 22 wraps. Bait for the week was Sticky Krill and MT Baits chopped and whole, which Dunner put out around 5-7kg per day with the Spomb. There were a ridiculous amount of fish in the area, but it took a couple of days before the first bite came; but when it did, it was certainly worth the wait. Being the king of the understatement, Dunner told Martin who was fishing next door in Baxter’s, that it looked like a “good Stockie” turned out to be “Pip’s” at 67lb 4oz!! He followed this up a couple of hours later with what he thought at the time was a mid thirty.....yep you’ve guessed it; it was Ziggy Stardust at 66lb 8oz! The next morning, he landed the “Snags Linear” at 51lb 8oz, making it three amazing fish, all of which were PB’s. All the fish fell for double 20mm bottom baits, fished on running rigs.


Scott Hankin went back into old territory in Pole Position. Having fished the swim before, he checked the old spots at 25 wraps and set about putting in a decent blob of bait. Bait for the week was Mainline Link which he chopped and left whole, mixed with maize. Averaging between 5-7kg each day, it took a frustrating five days before the fish turned up on him. Credit to Scott, he stuck with the spots and on Thursday night landed a twenty pound Common and followed it up with a brace of thirties on Friday morning. The biggest being a belting 38lb Mirror known as Colin.


Luke “Holmesy” Holmes was set up in Alcatraz for the week and decided he would split the rods. He fished one on the hump at 24 wraps towards Scottie’s Corner, and two out at 27 wraps towards the Wonky Tree. He initially went in with 5kg of Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp mixed with maize over each spot and fished White matching Pop-Ups over the top on Spinner Rigs. In the early hours of Sunday morning he received a fast take from the hump rod, and in short order landed himself a 22lb Mirror. A good start to the week. He then endured some frustrating days where the fish showed; but appeared not to be feeding on the bottom. In true Gigantica style, he stuck to the spots and managed to land a banging 42lb Mirror known as Sammy a few hours before he had to bring the rods in on Saturday.


Danny Harrington went into the super consistent Stock Pond swim. It’s been doing bites every week since Spring, so hopefully the form would continue. Danny interrogated the swim, to make sure he was fishing on something he was happy to present a hookbait on. He settled on fishing two rods at 23 wraps and one at 24 across to the far corner. As is fairly standard practice for the swim; he baited by hand each day with 5kg of Sticky Krill with maize and pellet. During the week he landed three fish to mid twenties, but the hot weather appeared to have taken its toll. Most evenings the fish are drifting into Stock Pond, but they can destroy a massive amount of bait fairly quickly. On this occasion, 5kg was probably not enough to get multiple bites, which is the norm, when baiting heavier.


Gav Greenwood came out late in the draw but still managed to snare Big Southerly for the week. He chose to fish three different spots, one at the left marker at 13.5 wraps, one out front at 25 wraps and one at 23 wraps towards the weed bed in Co’s (as Scottie’s Corner wasn’t being fished). Using Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp and Pro 9 mixed with maize he put out 2-3Kg over each spot. The fish didn’t show massively in the area during the week, but out of the blue on Monday afternoon his recently recast White cork ball Pop-Up to the weed bed did a bite. “Young Albert” at 27lb was a good result in difficult conditions. 


Ben Ford started the week doubled up in The Alamo. With little in the way of fish activity, he couldn’t resist a move to Treeline after a few hundred fish had been seen camped out in there. Making the move on Tuesday, it proved to be a wise decision, as he had a bite from the rarely caught Baby Orange Scaley that evening at 9pm. He baited with Sterling Baits Caviar Cream mixed with maize, and caught the fish at 21 wraps towards the old fallen tree area. 


Sam Deighton was in Oblivion for the week and settled on fishing 26 wraps with all three rods towards the big tree left of Beach. He used a mixture of Sticky Krill and Trent Baits Freshwater Shrimp which he introduced whole, chopped and crumbed at a rate of 5-7kg per day. Things looked promising for the week when he received a bite on Sunday morning, but unfortunately the fish slipped the hook during the fight. Undeterred, he stuck with the plan and despite fish showing in and around the area, it took until Thursday before his snowman hookbait presented on a Combi Rig was snaffled by The Brown Fish at 23lb. Sam fished well and certainly deserved better results, but with the hot weather, he had his work cut out.


James Hunt was in the banker bite swim Big Girls. If the swim is fished well, it is almost impossible to spend a week in there without action at the moment. The oxygenated water pipe running into the swim at 21 wraps makes it a big draw for the fish. James struggled initially to get to grips with the swim and lost three fish early on by fishing with slack lines and light bobbins. He simply wasn’t getting effective bite registration, and the fish were running towards him and ditching the rig in the mariginal tree roots. He baited from the headland with chopped Sticky Krill and Royal Mainline mixed with maize to try and hold the fish in the swim for a longer period of time. Presenting Pop-Up corn on a Spinner Rig finally got him a couple of fish during the week, the best being a pretty 28lb Common.


Les Rudin set up in Co’s for the week and not being an accomplished long range angler, dropped back to the 25 wrap area where he fished a couple of rods, and then put another one at 16 wraps. Using a mixture of Mainline Link and Sticky Krill he presented double 20mm bottom baits on Combi Rigs. Les stuck at it through the week, and tried a few different spots, before eventually slipping the net under one of the smaller residents on Friday from the shorter ranger spot.


The weather certainly played a part in the reduction of fish caught this week, but unlike the lake;  you can’t book the weather conditions. The lads all remained upbeat during the week, which made the time pass by quickly and it turned into a really enjoyable week. Hopefully the weather and fish gods will be kinder to them on their next trip.


Until Next Time......Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica