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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

With improving weather I had high hopes that this week would see the first spring captures of 2010.

With rising air and water temps I had expected a few bites and even betted a beer for the first fish. With capable anglers covering the right area's and actually seeing and hearing fish move through the night it was only a matter of time the fish fed hard enough to slip up.

The weather remained variable, with warm days then light frosts in the early hours.

Finally, with the fish moving and expending energy, they had to replenish and feed, so the first proper Spring carp of 2010 was finally banked. A lovely 29 common caught on a Essential baits B5 snowman offering fished from 'the Pink' at 70 yds range. Coming at 2 am it caused quite some fun and games but was the only fish of the week. Well done Dave.

After the last couple of weeks expectation, poor weather conditions and hospital trips with me 'the doctor' saving lives I was just glad to see a fish on the bank. With the rising amount of shows its only time until a few more come to the bank and hopefully, a few of the big girls as well !

be safe, be lucky.