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  • Horseshoe...46lb, one of the best in the lake!
  • Deni "The Rig" Di Rosa, 34lb, Alcatraz
  • Deni "The Rig" Di Rosa
  • Friends Reunited
  • Super Lovely
  • Steve French, Drop Scale Linear
  • Andy Reynolds, 21lb 12oz, Co's Point, 6.10.18
  • Andy Reynolds, 21lb 12oz, Co's Point, 6.10.18
  • Andy's 28lb fighting machine...
  • Is that cheese? That'll do me right up!
  • Billy's Zip!
  • Freddy with Madame'
  • Peace Man!
  • Horseshoe at 46lb. Chuffed to bits.
  • Returning the 48lb bar of gold...
  • Hero!!
  • Mammut, 48lb...Yee Ha!
  • Chris "Evo" Evans, 38lb, Big Southerly
  • There's no E in Team....oh yes there is!

Horseshoe...46lb, one of the best in the lake!


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/10/2018

DF’s mates trip rolls around again, Evo secures place in TEAM KORDA. 


Denni ‘The Jolly Italian’ Di Rosa chose Alcatraz and fished all three rods at Stink at 27.5 wraps. He introduced a mix of maize, hemp and Mainline Link fishing white Banoffee wafters over the top and landed The Runt looking in no way Runty at 34lbs along with a new stocky. 4oz leads on heli safes to safe zone leaders and IQ D rigs tied expertly by Denni maintained his unbroken record on the Big G, two trips zero blanks! 


Steve ‘Weed Boat’ French chose Bobs Beach and ended a very frustrating week with an uncaught stocky at 25lbs and what a corker it was too. The Drop Scale Linear has a great shape and is set to be a big fish in the future. Steve introduced large quantities of whole and crumbed Krill boilie fishing Solid PVA bags of pellet and Krill powder over the top with Krill Wafters (only cos they’re harder, he won’t fish a pop up, ever, it’s cheating apparently) on short braided hooklinks and size 4 Kamakura Wide Gape B’s. Steve is a terminator of an angler and in hindsight was decoyed by yours truly into putting in too much bait and after 4 days of heavy baiting stopped and had the take the last morning after no baiting for the last 3 days. 


Andy Reynolds came out first to break his run of appalling draws and went in Co’s, obvs.....

He fished out at 27 wraps and introduced his usual combo of 20mm Sticky Krill and Manilla fishing Manilla 20mm waters over the top on his favourite D Rig made from 20lb Brown N Trap Soft and a size 4 Wide Gape B. He took three fish for the week with a couple of lovely scaly 20’s and an 28lb fighting machine. 


Billy ‘The Golfer’ Hodkin drew Alamo a favourite swim of his and went out to 25 wraps fishing pink Signature Wafters on 7” Spinner Rigs and helicopters over his favourite Krill Boilie with some Gigantica maize added. He also had a frustrating week wishing he had gone loooonnnnnggggg and managed an stunning upper double mirror on the last morning. 


Frederico travelled all the way from Italy to satisfy a life long dream of coming to Gigantica. Denni’s fishing mate of old made a great reunion for the life long friends. He fished in Oblivion out at 28 wraps to the new best spot and had a totally original new fish for the lake a stunning 38lb leather he has called ‘Madame’ after his favourite set of fishing rods. He followed this up with a stocky helping him to negotiate the long drive back to the land of Pasta and Pizza, well done Freddy, ambitions achieved and richly deserved. 


The star of the week was Chris ‘Evo’ Evans who after coming out very late in the draw picked the unfancied Big Southerly and promptly ripped it apart. He had 13 fish from 16 bites, taking the first few of them at only 10 wraps just to the right of the marker pole dead ahead in the swim spraying boilie over the top to reduce commotion as so many fish were showing close. He baited a spot on the same line at 20 wraps for three days before moving out there and immediately got bites. Evo expertly fished 3.5oz running Inlines ‘shocker’ style on safe zone leaders with IQ D Rigs and a variety of hookbaits over up to 10kg of maize and Krill per night towards the end building the bait slowly as he went. He had some lovely stockies with the highlights being a 35lb common, Mammut the common at 49lbs and the amazing Horseshoe also at 46lbs, a fitting end to a week of hard work for the ever persistent newest member of Team Korda. 


I got a good draw coming out 4th, picked the wrong swim (Pole) and fished it badly putting in too much bait at 29 wraps right of stink. When the fish did arrive there was too much out there to get a bite and I blanked, lessons learnt for us all, as they say ‘every dog has his day’ and Evo certainly made the most of his, good angling and see you next year......