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  • Mat Heighway, 71lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 14.9.19
  • James Williams, 58lb, Alcatraz, 14.9.19
  • Ben Ewers, 51lb 8oz, Co's Point 14.9.19
  • James Williams, 49lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 14.9.19
  • Well Done Lad's Mega Week
  • Shotgun
  • Mat highway getting a PB soaking
  • Result!!!!!!!
  • PB Soaking For Ben Dyson
  • James Williams, 42lb, Alcatraz, 14.9.19
  • Dean Manser, 30lb, Bobs' Beach, 14.9.19
  • Ben Dyson, 48lb, Baxter's, 14.9.19
  • Steven Browns, 34lb, The Alamo, 14.9.19

Mat Heighway, 71lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 14.9.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/09/2019

The Essex boy’s took over the Main Lake this week, with still no sign of a break in the weather and the pressure up in the 1030’s, it wasn’t going to be an easy week. We could definitely do with some rain over the next few weeks to get things moving. However, the guys wasted no time finding their spots and getting some bait out early on the Saturday evening and sticking to the baited spots throughout the week produced the results, landing twenty nine fish for the week, with some absolute beauty’s and a couple of the big girls slipped up too. 


Ben (Ben Ewers) Ewers fished Co’s Point and with all three rods out at 28.5 wraps towards the Tit’s with 6kg of maize and boilie going out on the first night the first. Forty eight hours past with very little action, but Ben continued to top up his spot with 3-4kg of mix each day with the fish moving in on the bait on the Tuesday night. He landed two fish in quick succession with the first being Snags Linear at 51lb 8oz and the second, one of the new commons at 32lb; both falling to a white pop-up fished on a Spinner Rig. The fish moved off as fast as they had turned up with a change in wind direction ending the week with three fish, the final bite coming on the Friday morning in the shape of a pristine 28lb mirror.     


Rob Hughes fished Big Girls this swim has fished well of late consistently doing bites throughout the past weeks with the 21 wrap spot on the far margin doing the majority of the bites. This was the spot Rob opted to fish with his first two rods and his third was placed a little further down the shelf at 23 wraps towards the life ring. The action also started on the Monday night for Rob with two fish in the net by sunrise on Tuesday morning. The first a 28lb common and the second "Lloyds" at 18lb both falling to Korda Slow Sinking IB Maize fished on a Slip-D rig over an 8kg bed of maize and boilies. With his tactics working he stuck to the same approach throughout the week, producing seven fish in total, although he struggled to get amongst the bigger stamp of fish he did manage the most bites.  


James Williams fishing in Alcatraz with all three rods out at 27.5 he fished a multi rig tipped with an 15mm Pop-up over a bed of mixed hemp, maize and Mainline Hybrid boilies. His first bit of action came on the Tuesday evening just before dark with a lovely 28lb mirror which was followed up the next morning with another bite on the same rod. This time a very welcome mirror at 27lb 8oz and with the spot starting to produce, James increased the bait quantity to 8kg per day which resulted in another two fish in the net before sunrise both mid 20s. It was only a matter of time before the bigger fish started showing up on the spot and boy did they Friday was a red letter day for James starting at 1am with a screaming run resulting in a stunning scaly mirror known as "Cookies & Cream" sliding over the net at 42lb on the nose. This was then topped very soon after with another scaly banger the "Slate Grey" at 49lb 12oz (could the day get any better well of course it can, this is Gigantica after all) with his rod screaming off just minutes before dinner and with everyone else already reeled in the masses gathered in the swim. The pressure was on to get this fish over the net and when it did it was definitely one of the bigger Residents of the lake tipping the scales to 58lb, "The Weld" what a result!        


Steven Browns fished The Alamo with all three rods fished out tight towards Beach the fish were definitely showing in the area in numbers but they just didn’t want to play ball. Steve managed to land one fish during the week a lovely common called "Cookie Monster" at 34lb, falling to a Dumbell tipped with plastic corn fished on a Knotless knot rig.


Dean Manser also had a hard week fishing in Bobs' Beach with the rods out on the 22 wrap spot towards Alamo his approach was to fish over a bed of maize and chopped and whole boilie. With a pop-up on a Blow back style rig, his only action of the week came on the Wednesday morning in the early hours with "Baby Choco" gracing the net at 30lb on the button.


Mat Carter fished in Oblivion and managed to bag himself three of the new stockies throughout the week from the 26-wrap spot towards the big tree left of beach. The biggest of the three was "The Grenadier" at 22lb, all three falling to a wafter hook bait fished on a Slip-D rig.


Ben Dyson fishing Baxter’s managed to land himself one of the Main Lakes gem’s with "Apple Slices" tipping the scales to 48lb falling to a Royal Marine wafter fished on an Amnesia D-rig over a bed of boilies at 22 wraps towards Alamo. 


Mark Williams set himself a challenge this week fishing out of his comfort zone having not fished at range a lot in the past, he opted to jump into Pole Position with a couple of pointers in the right direction and a couple of tweaks on his casting, Mark was soon hitting the clip at 27.5 wraps. He was rewarded with one of the new stockies at 21lb 8oz called "The Jewel". It might not of been one of the big girls, but it was definitely well earned.    


Matt Heighway last but definitely not least by any means was fishing Stock Pond and although he had had very little action in the early part of the week, he listened to the advice on the walk around and stuck to his spots and choose a swim that he could fish to his strengths. This paid off in style for Matt on the Thursday evening just after he had finished spombing out over his 22 wrap spot, no sooner had he put the spod rod down his left-hand rod had started to go with a slow steady run after an epic fight that seemed to last an eternity it was what we had been waiting for all week, one of the A-Team smashing his PB out of the park. "Ziggy Stardust" tipped the scales to 71lb 8oz just proving the point it only takes one bite to turn a week on it’s head. Ziggy fell to a Hybrid Wafter tipped with a Korda IB Maize fished on a Spinner Rig over a bed of maize and Mainline Hybrid boilies.


Another fantastic week with some great guys that will be definitely be returning to the Main Lake. Perseverance and patience are without a doubt part of the code to unlocking the Gigantica the rest is anyone’s guess. So with the bookings opening soon for 2021 its time to start planning your next trip and have a go at cracking the code fopr yourself…….


Until next time tight lines…