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  • Jack with Broady's Mirror at 48lb 28.9.2019 Alamo
  • Colin Hayes With Horseshoe at 48lb Big Southerly 28.9.2019
  • Pb soaking for Colin with Horseshoe
  • Jack with Chop Dorsal at 50lb 8oz 28.9.2019 Alamo
  • Lee Hayes with 'H' at 22lb 28.9.2019 Co,s
  • Colin Hayes With Baby Chocco at 31lb 14oz Big Southerly 28.9.2019
  • Cheers for a great week guys

Jack with Broady's Mirror at 48lb 28.9.2019 Alamo


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/09/2019

Week commencing 28/9/2019


This week we had a group of regular anglers on the main lake Steff Rodowicz and his group have visited the Gigantica complex on a number of occasions however since their last visit they had sadly lost one of their group due to illness and to mark his memory after the draw Steff handed out a pink spom with the initial H printed on each one and the group had decided that if any of the carp that were caught during the week needed naming it would be named after their absent friend H. so with the fish putting on their normal Saturday afternoon show as we did the walk around it was time to get cracking….


Kicking off with Lee Hayes in Co,s Point after casting about with a marker lead Lee found himself a nice clear spot at 27 wraps towards the Tit’s big enough to fish all three rods on he baited the spot with a mix of chopped and whole Sticky Krill boilies mixed with hemp and maize with 5kg going out on the first day to get the spot started. The first 24h passed with very little action on the rods but the fish were definatly in the area and feeding with the spot slicking up and the odd liner it was only a matter of time before the action started. With his first bite coming on Monday morning just after breakfast not one of the biggest but welcome all the same it was one of the 2018 stocked fish at 22lb and hadn’t been caught since being stocked so needed naming so as agreed the first fish of the week is now known as H. Lee went on to land another 8 fish from the same spot keeping the fish in the area by introducing 5kg of free offerings each day the largest of his haul being a 32lb 8oz mirror all of them falling to a krill snowman fished on a blowback rig.


Next up is Jack Hierons fishing The Alamo left-hand side with all three rods out at 27.5 wraps fishing over a bed of Xcelbait’s VNF and maize his first fish also coming on the Monday this time just before last light landing Chop Dorsal at 50lb 8oz he then followed this up with Haribo at 29lb 12oz on Tuesday around the same time and with just enough light left to get the rod back on the spot and top-up the bait it wasn’t long before the rod was back in action and he was slipping the net under another deep mirror this time it was Broady’s Mirror at 48lb on the nose Jack finished his week with a mid-twenty all coming from the same spot and falling to a Xcelbaits bottom bait fished on a D-Rig.


Next is Colin Heyes fishing Big Southerly Colin fished the small hump at 25.5 Wraps towards Alcatraz with two of his rods then the third rod was fished at 14.5 wraps towards the left-hand marker pole both spots were baited with Sticky Krill and maize. His week started off slow with not enough bait over the spot so he upped the quantity to 5kg a day on the Monday and by Thursday the fish had moved in on the bait with his first bite coming at 2am in the shape of a mirror called Horseshoe at 48lb and with fish showing over his spot things were looking good for another and sure enough the following morning at 6am the same rod on the 25.5 wrap spot was off again this time landing baby Chocco at 31lb 14oz both fish fell to a krill snowman fished on a D-rig.


Last but not least is Steff Rodowicz fishing Alcatraz fishing all three rods at the 27.5 spot Steff fished a mix of Link and Cell boilies as freebies and presented a link wafter on a D-rig he struggled to get amongst them in the early part of the week only managing one fish for the week a very welcome 33lb 14oz mirror.


Another great week with these guys and some cracking fish out.

We will see you again next year when you return for another go at some of these Gigantica mega beasts.

Tight lines James Gigantica bailiff.