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  • Anders Frenk, 67lb, Alamo, 23.10.19
  • Back she goes to fight another day.
  • Nikolas Olesen, 67lb 8oz, The Stink, 26.10.19
  • Nikolas Olesen, 51lb, The Stink, 26.10.19
  • Celebrating a new PB Gigantica style!
  • Kenneth Oppermann, 52lb, Big Southerly, 26.10.19
  • Everyone wants to see a biggun'
  • Martin Skov, 42lb, Bob's Beach, 26.10.19
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 48lb, The Alamo, 26.10.19
  • Checking the hook-hold
  • Apply the Propolis just before returning the fish.
  • Releasing the Punisher back to the depths.
  • Mike was busy gathering food for tea!
  • Andy cooking up a storm in the kitchen
  • Crayfish Mariniere......"Suits You Sir"
  • He can throw a Spomb 45 wraps, but two yards with a dart is a different matter! #pantsatdarts

Anders Frenk, 67lb, Alamo, 23.10.19


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/10/2019

WC 19th October 2019


Frank the Tank certainly has some nice lips!


It was the annual Danish trip once again, which is always a great week. Over the years, the lads have shown an uncanny knack of landing fish which haven’t seen the bank for some time. They always fish with just boilie, usually 18-22mm DT Baits N-Blend and don’t normally fish the regular areas. What would the week have in stall for them.....


Anders “Frank the Tank” Frenk fished the left-hand side of Alamo. He has always preferred to fish at long range, so the Alamo suits his style perfectly. After a lead around he chose to fish three different distances, namely, 25 wraps, 31 wraps and 37 wraps. He baited with N-Blend over each spot and fished with matching Wafter’s on Combi-Rigs. At 1am on Sunday morning he got a bite off the 37 wrap spot and got underway with a 27lb Common, which gave him confidence that the new area could do a few fish. Monday night and his next chance came from the 25 wrap spot, but this time the result was far more spectacular. When he netted the massive Common, Andy the Bailiff was duly summoned and he had no idea what fish it was. Certainly not one of the known 50’s or 60’s. The needle on the scales flew round to a whopping 67lb and there was much rejoicing from the assembled crowd. The fish was finally IDd as the being the “Lippy Common” which hadnt been caught for over three years......what an amazing capture! Things went a bit quiet for a few days before Anders had a 28lb Mirror on Friday evening. 


Nikolas Olesen was next door in The Stink and fished at 27 wraps towards Baxter’s, which has been doing the business lately. The first 24hrs were quiet, before he got underway with one of the new fish from 2018 on Sunday night. He baited up with frozen N-Blend boilies to a marker with the throwing stick. He introduced 5kg per day and on Tuesday had a brilliant result when he landed a new PB in the shape of “Pip’s” at 67lb 8oz, and backed it up with the “Slate Grey” at a top weight of 51lb. Nikolas finished the week with a creditable four fish. He fished standard N-Blend bottom baits on Combi-Rigs.


Kenneth “The Chef” Oppermann chose Big Southerly, a swim which suited his style of fishing. He split the rods up, fishing two out at 25 wraps and one to the left hand marker pole. He baited up with 5kg of Vital Baits Nutty Crunch and fished matching Wafter’s over the top. After two quiet nights, a few fish moved into the area on Monday morning and the close in rod to the marker pole bust off. Kenneth was on it quickly to keep the fish from the snag and in fairly short order landed himself a cracking 52lb Mirror known as “3 Scales”. The fish had been missing for two and a half years and was last caught in May 2017 at 41lb. It’s good to see the old originals still growing on well. 


Martin Skov was in Bob’s Beach for the week and decided to fish the productive area at 25 wraps towards Alamo which had been doing the fish recently. Like nearly all the other lads, he was on DT Baits N-Blend, mixing 18mm and 22mm baits, which he introduced with the Spomb. Martin got underway on Monday with a mid-twenty and then another rarely caught mirror known as “Two Scales” at 42lb. Just as it looked like he was going to smack ‘em, the fish appeared to drift off the spot, and he experienced a few quiet days, before picking up a couple of thirties towards the end of the week. Martin used the German Rig and Hybrid Lead Clips to land all of his four fish catch. 


Peder Lichtenberg came out last in the draw and instead of fishing one of the available corner swims, (the Danish boys don’t like being put in a corner!) he doubled up with Anders in the Alamo.  Peder fished on the right and initially started out at 32 wraps. After getting attention from some crays from the nearby weed bed, he dropped back to 29. He introduced 10kg of DT N-Blend for the first three days, then cut back as the bites weren’t happening for him. Out of the blue on Tuesday afternoon he picked up a mid twenty mirror. The reduction in bait definitely worked and on Friday he chose not to put out any bait at all. Just after 8pm he received a steady take and landed himself a cracking mirror known as “The Punisher” at 48lb. Both the bites came to N-Blend Wafters fished on German Rigs.


Lasse Christiansen had the chance to fish in Co’s Point and was keen as mustard to break his Gigantica duck. He went out to the 27.5 wrap spot towards the “Tits” and baited up with 5kg of Vital Baits Nutty Crunch. On Saturday evening he was straight into his first fish and in fairly short order had a pretty original known as “Minus Seven” at 27lb 12oz. He then got settled and was fishing well and confident. He fished Nutty Crunch Wafters on KD Rigs over the top and during the week landed another two twenties.


Thomas O’Malley Moller was in Baxter’s for the week and chose to fish at 23 wraps towards the Stink. He baited with 5 kg of DT Baits N-Blend every day and fished Combi-Rigs with matching Wafters over the top. Thomas was hearing fish most evenings, but they appeared to showing more between him and the Beach next door. It took until Thursday night before they finally turned up on the bait, but when they did, he managed to land himself a lovely thirty pound Mirror. 


The Danish trip is always one of the highlights of the year for the Gigantica staff. They are such a great bunch of lads who all get on, and fish collectively as a team. On Thursday we had the annual Cheese Wine and Crayfish evening. Andy the Bailiff knocked up a nice Crayfish Mariniere with plenty of crusty bread, which went down a treat. Mike Isted (of Booking Office fame) was out for the week, and the boys took great delight in getting him to sample some of the liqueurs they had brought. Safe to say, Mike is rubbish and stuck to his Kronenborg! They plan to get him properly next out Mike.


The week ended with eighteen fish caught to 67lb 8oz, including the highly impressive capture of the “Lippy Common”. What a bruiser of a fish that one is.


Until Next Time


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche 




Team Gigantica