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  • Polish Angler, Maciej Ciarkowski 42lb
  • Maciej, 42lb frpm 'Big Southerly'

Polish Angler, Maciej Ciarkowski 42lb


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Angler Comments

Good morning Gents,

Well another weeks angling has come and gone. Better weather and better catches are now becoming the norm ! As the sun stays higher in the sky and air and water temps slowly rise, the fish are really active. Showing through the night and when the suns been on the water, finally beginning their Spring time ritual of turning up in the margins.

Though its all looking really positive, the fishing has still been difficult. Bottom temps finally hitting the double figures, it was Polish Angler, Maciej Ciarkowski who banked the first fish of the week. All 42lb of it. A fantastic mirror which looked fantastic in its Spring colours.

Caught in the early hours, from the 'Big Southerly' Maciej used the ever consistent Mainline Cell and Mean Green topped snowman bait.......still working and to be honest, I cant see anything else out fishing this awesome combination this summer !

Some good angling by Maiej  who had been constantly in touch with me prior to his arrival, checking on conditions and what had been caught from where. He knew before hand that conditions were good for the swim he choose and with some determined angling, his one and only fish of the week, well done !

A strange, late in the day capture next........I say strange as the fish recently have been coming out regulary early mornings, around 2a.m. being a spring time favorite for those scaly beasts.

However, Mac managed a take late morning in the Oblivion swim, resulting in a well proportioned 35lb mirror. The sun had been shining quite hard that day, with the air temps well on the rise, this obviously played a huge part in the timing of Mac's fish.

As the Spring progress' and the temps rise, more importantly, the watr temps rise, the fish are becoming more and more active. This movement obviously expells energy which they have to replace, however, right at this moment in time, big beds of bait are not catching the fish. Actually, I think its actually holding back captures due to to much bait being in the lake. With this in mind, the lads have slowed their baiting plans and this has improved the catch rate slightly.

If your coming in the next couple of weeks, keep checking here for the weekly updates or even better mail me for up to the minute advise on conditions and captures. I can advise on the latest changes and, as and when the fish really begin to feed due too the water reaching decent bottom temps, you can come armed with sufficent bait to suit.

We have freezers here should you want to bring your freezer bait and what you dont use, you can take home with you, still frozen and ready to use on your next trip. Or more simply, as we always have sufficent stock of the going Mainline bait, why not pre order with me and have it here, frozen and ready to use on your arrival.

So, 2 fish this week, improving weather, rising water temps and a lake exclusive next week with the DT baits, sponsored anglers from Denmark, I hope I'll have even more big fish photo's for you to check out.

Be safe, be lucky.

The Grand Fromage.