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  • Gigantica Work Party "Massive"
  • Barry Edwards, 32lb, Stock Pond, 07.12.19
  • Superhero Poncho Boy to the rescue!
  • Ionut Stamate, 24lb, Alamo, 07.12.19
  • Ionut Stamate, 23lb 4oz, Alamo, 07.12.19
  • Ionut Stamate, 20lb, Alamo, 07.12.19
  • Smile......
  • Radu Mitrea, 22lb 4oz, Alamo, 07.12.19
  • Seb Dickinson, 30lb, The Stink, 07.12.19
  • The amount of wood we cleared was exceptional.
  • Looking from Big Southerly up to Stink.
  • Looking from Beach down to Treeline
  • Looking from Beach up to Baxter's
  • Rescaped Co's Point
  • Rescaped Baxters with steps.
  • Cheese and Wine.....Suits You Sir!

Gigantica Work Party "Massive"


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/12/2019

Gigantica Work Party 2019


The second week of December is always Work Party week. We have a willing group of volunteers who give up their time to come and help us complete the jobs which we can't do throughout the year, as we are fully booked with customers. Consequently, the fishing takes a little bit of a backseat, with a full week of graft ahead. This year we planned to remove the dead trees and snags between Baxter's and Treeline, then from Big Southerly round to Alamo; a monumental task, as the trees have not been managed for years. Also on the agenda was the rescaping of Co's Point and Baxter's and the contruction of steps down the side of the swims to make it easier to land and return fish when the water levels drop.The boys worked like absolute trojans all week and we completed the work that we hoped for.


The boys obviously had the opportunity to fish the nights and Barry (Superhero) Edwards made a "tactical" decision to fish Stock Pond. Baz claims he saw a couple of fish, but we think it's because it is the nearest swim to the fridge with all the beer in! He chose to fish two rods out at 23 wraps toward the gap left of Oblivion and one to the last tall tree on the stock pond bank. Baz used chopped and crumbed Cell boilie which he mixed with hemp and maize and fished a solid bag over the top.The hookbait was a cut down Cell Wafter infused with Pineapple Goo on a Size 4 Wide Gape B. He started off with 20 Spombs out to the spot and topped up everyother day. In the early hours of Tuesday morning he had a steady take which resulted in a lovely Mirror known as "Stargazer" which weighed in at 32lb. As the weather turned a bit wet, Baz unveiled his secret weapon. Must of us donned our gortex jackets, but he had purchased the shittest "superhero" poncho you have ever seen. He looked like some kind of geriatric, camouflage superman!  and he wore that for the week, watching him continually getting caught up in tree branches and brambles was hilarious.


Ionut (Jonny Mendonkca) Stamate fancied having a go in The Alamo. He opted to fish all three rods on Solid Bags at 20 wraps towards Pole Position, with inline leads, short 3" braided hooklinks and a wafter hookbait. He put out twenty Spombs of Gigantica pellet soaked in betaine each day to keep the fish grubbing around. He wasted no time getting off the mark, landing himself two twenties on the first night. He had another one during the week giving him a three fish catch. Unfortuantley none of the big girls paid him a visit on his first trip to the Main Lake. Doubled up in The Alamo was Radu (Whats he say?) Mitrea. Rad's fished at the same range and with the same tacics as Jonny Radu also helped himself to a couple of twenties during the week.


Seb Dickinson was fishing next door in The Stink. He went with two rods fished out at 27 wraps towards Baxter's, with his third fished short towards the corner of Treeline at 15 wraps. All three rods were fished over a bed of maize and pellet which he introduced at a rate of 20 Spombs per day. Seb presented a Spinner Rig tipped with a Pink Pop-up over the top and managed to winkle one out on Sunday morning in the shape of "Ashes to Ashes" at 30lb. Seb is a tidy angler, but due to working all through the day, it proves difficult to apply yourself to the fishing.


As always, the boys worked hard and played even harder. Wednesday evening on Work Party week has now become legendary with our Cheese and Wine night going down a storm. We have some real charachters amongst the group and Anthony (Steptoe) Lloyd kept us entertained with plenty of top tunes and probably the longest game of Killer Darts in history! There were a few shouts of "man down" during the night and it would be fair to say, a few sore heads being nursed the next moning!


We really appreciate everything you do for us, so a bit of cheese and wine is our absolute pleasure. Just remember boys..........whatever happens at Gigantica...... stays at Gigantica “Right boys”!



Until then,


Tight lines,


The "Management"