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  • Colin Reed, 75lb, Co's Point, 29.02.20
  • Simon Irons, 48lb 8oz, Co's Point, 22.02.20
  • Absolutely bloody freezing...but it's a new PB!
  • Simon Irons, 26lb, Co's Point, 22.02.20
  • Simon Irons, 22lb, Co's Point, 22.02.20
  • Simon Irons, 21lb, Co's Point, 22.02.20
  • Danny Armitage, 33lb 8oz, Alamo, 22.02.20
  • Danny Armitage, 32lb 8oz, Alamo, 22.02.20
  • Danny Armitage, 32lb, Alamo, 22.02.20
  • Danny Armitage, 30lb 4oz, Alamo, 22.02.20
  • Danny Armitage, 22lb 4oz, Alamo, 22.02.20
  • What a mega, mega capture!
  • The business end of  seventy pounder.
  • Oh comes the water!
  • Good shot Stu!
  • The technology that Colin used. Nothing revolutionary, but efficient.
  • Combi-Rigs and running leads.....nuff said.
  • Plenty of sweetcorn......and beer used during the week!
  • Jamie Wilson, 38lb 4oz, The Stink, 22.02.20
  • 12mm Fyber Dumbell Wafters...only available at Gigantica.
  • Solid Bags did the business for Jamie

Colin Reed, 75lb, Co's Point, 29.02.20


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/02/2020

Week Commencing - 22nd February 2020


The moderate weather was set to continue. Traditionally February has been the slowest month of the year at Gigantica. Due to the deep water, it usually reaches it lowest temperature and the fishing slows down. With the extra fish, constant angling pressure and application of bait, the fish have continued to feed with merry abandon. In short, the fishing is not the same anymore.


Simon Irons had the good/exceptional fortune to get into Co’s Point for the second time in two trips (how’s tour luck)! He decided that he wanted to fish beyond the productive 28 wrap spot and chose to go out to 31 wraps. Bait for the week was CC Moore Live System, sweetcorn with crushed hemp and Simon put out 20 Spombs morning and night. A pattern emerged quickly and on Sunday morning at 9am Simon landed a double and a twenty to get the ball rolling. The hardware he chose to use was a Helisafe System with an IQ D-Rig made from 20lb IQ2 and a Size 4 Krank hook. He went on to land a fish every morning until Thursday, when he had a nice brace and then capped off the week in style when he landed the “Godfather of Soul” at 48lb 8oz. That took his tally to nine fish for the week. Well done Simon.


Long time visitor Danny Armitage was out for his first trip of the year and went into one of his favourite swims, The Alamo. He chose to fish two rods at 20 wraps towards the big tree left of Alcatraz and one at 16 wraps towards the clubhouse. Bait for the week was crumbed Mainline Fyber and Essential Cell mixed with sweetcorn and a scoop of hemp. A couple of little extras in the form of Cell Smart liquid and IB liquid pimped the mix up nicely. Both spots got 20 Spombs of bait to get the ball rolling and it only took until Sunday before he was off the mark with one of the new fish and repeated the result the next day with the “Drop Scale Linear” at 33lb 8oz. On Tuesday he had a great result, landing three fish, with the best being “Little Kicker” at 32lb 8oz. There appeared to be two distinct feeding windows, between 6-8 in the morning or 6:30-7:30 in the evening so Danny adjusted his feeding accordingly. On Wednesday, Danny’s friend Andrew Parker moved next door into Oblivion and unfortunately that seemed to have an adverse effect and no more bites came for the remainder of the week. Even so, seven fish for the week was a great result for the time of year. 


Week Commencing - 29th February 2020


Colin Reed was on his third trip to Gigantica and managed to get himself into Co’s Point for the week. It was the swim he really wanted and being a hard working angler, we expected him to catch a few fish. Colin had been closely following the social media feed over the winter and was well aware of the best tactics to employ. He came armed with plenty of sweetcorn, which he mixed with hemp and micronised maize. The nights are quiet in Co’s at the moment, so Colin was up before first light every day and put out 20 large Spombs of bait at 28 wraps. The fish came consistently, with bites every day. They were all falling to two grains of Slow Sinking IB maize on a Combi rig comprising of 5” of Korda Boom material, a short Armacord hooklink with a Size 4 Kaptor Kurv hook. A lot of the bites were from the new stock fish, but that all changed towards the end of the week. 


On Friday morning Colin had a steady take and he instantly felt that he’d hooked something a bit better. After a heavy fight he slipped the net under a big Common which turned out to be the “Lippy Common” at 63lb. What a result. That fish on its own made it a brilliant trip for Colin, but he didn’t know what was in store for Saturday morning. We have been waiting for three fish in particular to make a well overdue appearance. They are Danish Bacon”, Two Time and Spences. We hoped that they would have continued to put the weight on, but only time would tell.


While he started packing the gear away, he hadn’t received his usual morning bite which was strange, but then at 7.30 it happened. A big heavy weight came reluctantly towards the bank, hugging the bottom all the way in. Colin managed to slip the net under a massive Mirror carp. Calling Andy the Bailiff round, the fish was ID’d as was of the missing trio. Spence’s looked in great condition and a fair size bigger than on its last capture. On the scales the needle showed an incredible 75lb!! What a mega, mega result. Well done Colin. 



Jamie (F**king) Wilson was on the second week of his trip, having fished in Alcatraz the week prior. He fancied having a change of scenery, so chose to go into “The Stink” instead of going back on his spots in Traz. That was the start of a really frustrating week for Jamie, as on Sunday morning the fish started to slick on his spot in Traz from the previous week. Unfortunately, Mike who was fishing in Traz couldn’t hit the distance to get to them, so we all watched as the slick stayed on all day. What a nightmare! 


Over in Stink, Jamie chose to fish two rods out the front at 20 wraps and one down the right at 12 wraps. He went with a solid PVA bag approach, with a 12mm Fyber Dumbell (only to be found at Gigantica) as the hookbait. Bait wise, Jamie used crumbed Mainline Fyber mixed with hemp and sweetcorn and put out 20 Spombs to each spot every day. On Thursday morning at first light, he finally got the chance he had been waiting for and the 12 wrap rod bust off. He made no mistakes and soon had a nice original mirror in the net. Known as “Jason’s Fish”, the scales showed 34lb 4oz, just short of a new PB for Jamie. 


The week was really enjoyable, spent in good company with loads of laughs. The capture of Spence’s just topped off the week. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon boys. That’s all for now......until next time


Tight Lines and Bonne Peche




Team Gigantica